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   Chapter 35 Don't Bully My Sister!

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Violet Bai watched Ruth and her date as they walked towards them, 'That doesn't look like one of An's son and he doesn't look like the kind of guy that would associate himself with someone like Ruth.'

Carla pulled Sean who was on the side and patted his shoulder, "Sean, whatever it is that will happen later, just keep eating and don't say a word."

'Now that we are here, there is no going back.

We are staying and we will face this bravely.'

"Ruth, it's been a long time since I last saw you!" Violet Bai greeted and held out her hand.

Ruth was wearing a pinkish white Chanel one-piece dress which worked pretty nice with her fair skin. The smile on her face was elegant and stunning, "You are... Violet Bai?"

Though Ruth replied, she ignored the hand that Violet held out.

"Well, yes, I thought you have already forgotten about me, my old classmate." Violet pulled back her hand and pointed at the door, "Come in, please!"

Ruth raised her head, responded silently with a smile and walked towards the room. But before she entered, she looked at Carla, "Who is this? Why is she here at our class reunion party now that her kid is at this age? Isn't she ashamed of herself?"

The tip of Carla's lips twitched.

'Damn, is she blind? Has she forgotten all the maths she had learned in high school?!

Sean is almost ten this year and how could he possibly be my son? Besides, everyone from our class knew that I have a little brother, ' Carla thought to herself.

"Take it easy!" Violet knew Carla's temper and patted her on the shoulder, comforting, "Don't let her get her way."

The atmosphere got heated when some of their classmates entered the room.

Most of them were talking to Ruth, kissing up to her and gossiping with her.

"Ruth, you are getting prettier, after all, you are born a beauty. With some makeup you certainly are gorgeous. No wonder the second son of the An family is deeply attracted to you!"

"Well, Ruth, are you really in love with the second son of the An family? Why did someone tell me that it's only a rumor?"

There were people kissing up to her, and there were also people who doubted whether or not the rumor about Ruth was true or if she was only making a fuss.

Ruth looked at her two old classmates who were surrounding her, took out her phone and made a phone call slowly, "You will know if it is true in no time."

"Hi, Rhys, it's me, Ruth. I'm at the Rose Club

siness trips or work too late because she had to look after her younger brother, therefore many companies did not want to hire her.

"Ha, look at this little kid! He is pretty protective of his sister and the way he clenches his fists, it seems he wants to have a fight with us..."

The two women sitting across Carla pointed at Sean and laughed.

"I heard that their parents were long gone. Do you think this kid was breast fed by his sister?"

"What? What are you two talking about? How old do you think Carla is? Don't be ridiculous! She didn't give birth to this kid, so how could she be able to breast feed him?"

"Who knows. Maybe they found a way? After all, milk powder is too expensive for them to afford."

Beneath the table, Carla's fists were already clenched and she pursed her lips tightly.

"Enough! Do you really need to be so cruel to an old classmate?"

Violet couldn't stand it any more and stood up, "Sean was already seven when his parents died. Were you still being breast fed when you were in elementary school? Do you guys know what on earth you are talking about?"

Ruth sat there, legs crossed as she looked at Violet who was defending Carla and said, "Violet, I know you were in good terms with Carla in high school, but time has changed. We are just having fun. What? Do you have a problem with that?

Think this through. Do you really want to offend us just to protect your old playmate?"

Ruth didn't even see Carla as a person. She didn't care to hide her intention that tonight she was deliberately picking on Carla.

Those who helped Carla were surely enemies of hers!

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