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   Chapter 34 A Sudden Classmate Reunion

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But where was Terence?



Sean facepalmed and felt chagrined. Not knowing their time of arrival, he told Terence that he would come with Carla without telling him when they would arrive.

'How could Terence figure out when we'll arrive, and when to pick us up? How stupid of me!' he began to blame himself.

"Sean, what's wrong with you? Why did you slap yourself?"

Noticing his unusual behavior, Carla stroked his unruly hair and asked, worrying about her little brother who seemed to have been caught in a daze.

'Is there something he's hiding from me?' Carla doubted him for a second.

"Eh, it's nothing. I was just a little lightheaded after getting off the train. Carla, do you know where we'd be staying tonight?" Sean tried shifting the subject immediately, for he couldn't let Carla find out about his secret for the time being.

Otherwise, with her short temper, things could get really nasty.

If she ever found out her little brother secretly contacting Terence, she would definitely turn around and go back to BH City at once.

"I've booked a hotel. We'll ride a taxi and head straight there." Carla gave him a suspicious look and then walked to the side of the road to hail a taxi.

In the light of her search on the Internet, she learned that JA City was very large, much larger than BH City, and she wasn't familiar with the area at all. So, she had to stoop so low to contact her former classmate, Violet. They went to the same senior high school. However, they hadn't been in touch for quite a long time ever since graduation.

When they were still in high school, they got along very well. But when Violet's father transferred his job to JA City, their family—who were richer than Carla's—moved here and never returned to BH City.

Actually, Carla didn't really want to bother Violet because of her pride, but she would be bringing along her ten-year-old little brother with her this time.

Therefore, just to be on the safer side, Carla had to ask for help from Violet who was a friend, at least.

"Hello, is this Violet? This is Carla speaking I've arrived in JA City, but it's too late now, so I'll be staying in a hotel nearby. I'll just come and visit you tomorrow. How's that?"

Speaking on the phone, Carla asked Sean to get in the taxi. She then followed him soon after.

"Have you arrived yet, Carla? Great. We'll be having a class reunion tonight, and all of our classmates who are living in JA City will join in. I thought you wouldn't catch up with us. I'm glad you're here now. Please make sure to come to the party,"

Violet said excitedly on the phone.

"... What? A class reunion? I don't think I can join you guys because my little brother is with me. Besides, we're still tired after traveling for a whole day," Carla declined, sitting in the taxi.

These classmates who were in JA City now were far more successful than she was. Although they used to get along very well, they hadn't seen each other for years, so Carla opted not to go to the party only to embarrass herself.

"Come on, Carla. It's a rare opportunity for you to come to JA City, and it just so happens that we also have a class reunion tonight. This is a good chance for all of us

hunk to change. So, what? Have you turned over a new leaf and become an upright person..."

Carla covered her mouth before she could say anything further and quipped, "Don't rake up the old stories. How embarrassing!"

Thinking of the time in high school, Violet tried to hold back her laughter. It was truly very interesting. No one dared to bully Carla back then, because she was fearless, and the school hunk almost even became her boyfriend if only he didn't have to transfer to another school.

Carla sighed.

'Back in old days, I was young and had nothing to fear. I thought the simple but happy life at that moment was everything I could wish for.

However, everything had changed since dad and mum died.

If they had been alive now, I might still have been that carefree girl, ' she thought deeply.

"By the way, I should inform you in advance. Ruth will come too. You know, that girl who was our school queen and your enemy? They say that she's pretty successful now.

As far as I've been told, Ruth hooked up with Rhys, the second son of the An family. Have you heard of the Ans? They are the omnipotent family in JA City who connects with political circles, military circles, and business circles. A single call from them is able to rally multitudes of people.

Simply speaking, they are the Gods in JA City. Therefore, can you imagine how aggressive Ruth is now?! We should be more careful,"

Violet did her best to explain the situation here so that Carla could avoid some troubles which might be caused by her lack of necessary information about the current situation.

Carla understood Violet's worries and appreciated it. After all, Ruth didn't get along with her in high school at all. They had been young and naive then, but she wasn't sure whether Ruth could turn over a new leaf as well.

"I see. Violet, thank you. Just relax, I know what to do," Carla reassured her.

When they were about to enter the room, a handsome man and a pretty woman walked toward them.

"What bad luck?! Speak of the devil and she will appear," Violet cursed in secret. Tapping Carla's shoulder, she mumbled, "See, Ruth is coming."

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