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   Chapter 33 Visiting JA City

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Time had passed so quickly and

it seemed like it was such a long time ago.

It was easier for them to get used to having one more person living in their home. But it was very hard to swallow the fact that Terence was gone.

A whole month had passed, since Terence had left. But neither of them had adapted to life without him.

Every night, Sean would refuse to have his dinner, until one more place was set for Terence at the table.

At first, Carla was against this. But in the end, she gave up because of his constant persistence in doing so.

When the summer holidays finally came, all that Sean could talk about was JA City.

When Carla arrived home from work one day, Sean continued with his nagging about JA City. He wouldn't stop, until he got Carla to promise him that she would take him there.

"Carla! My dearest sister!" Sean exclaimed in a soft and sweet tone.

Carla hurried into her room when she heard his voice.

Sean rushed after her. Quickly slipping into her room before she had time to close the door and lock him out. He gripped onto her arm and said, "Come on, sis! It's summer vacation now. I have two whole months to spend. Why don't you take me there just for fun?"

Sean didn't usually talk this way, but he really wanted to go to JA City to see Terence because he missed him so much. He was too young to travel alone, so he had to beg Carla to take him there, instead.

"Forget it. I don't have the time. You know how busy I am. If you don't know what to do in your free time, why don't you go to cram school? I've applied it for you." After Carla removed her arm from his grip, she took her coat off and hung it up.

"Come on, sis! I ranked among the top five in every exam. It's not necessary for me to go to a cram school. Plus, it's just a waste of your money," Sean answered proudly, as he held his head high.

Terence had spent a lot of time helping Sean with his homework and the results showed, especially in English. There were no more C's in his school report.

"Oh, yeah? It's the top five in third grade. Big deal!"

Carla gave him no praise or recognition for the vast improvement in his school work. Ignoring his pleas, she went into the kitchen. She put an apron on and began to cook.

"Oh, come on, sis! You're the best, aren't you? I've been begging you for so many days now. Why can't you take your little brother to JA City? Just for a few days, please! Please!"

Sean looked at Carla with his sincere puppy eyes, but Carla didn't answer.

Carla took a bowl and filled it with vegetables. She then sat at the table and began to peel them ready for cooking. "Sean, my job occupies all of my time. You know that. Besides, JA

und. Everywhere you went, you could see visitors taking scenic pictures.

Terence was right about the fact that JA City was a safe one. Almost every five minutes they would see a police patrol car circulating around. Carla remembered hearing on the news that JA City had the lowest traffic accident rates in the whole country even though it was a popular tourist destination, that attracted heavy traffic. Everything was just so well organized and tidy.

"Carla, it's so beautiful here!" Sean exclaimed. He held Carla's hand and said, "I wish I could stay here forever. I don't want to go back to BH City now."

Sean was infatuated with this attractive city. Plus, Terence lived here as well. Sean fell in love with the city at once.

"You little rascal! You've forgotten about your home as soon as we got off the train, haven't you? I shouldn't have agreed to this in the first place," Carla sneered at him. She gave her little brother a scowling look, who was so quick to forget and disregard their own home.

"No! No! I didn't mean it like that! Of course, I love our home," Sean answered quickly in his soft voice, to win Carla's sympathy. But secretly, he glanced around admiring his surroundings.

Before they set off for their trip to JA City, even though Carla specifically told him not to contact Terence, Sean disobeyed her and had sent an email to Terence, letting him know that they would be coming.

The main reason why Sean wanted to be there was to see Terence again. So it was only natural that he would inform Terence that both he and his sister were coming to JA City.

'Terence would be happy to see us and pick us up after he read my email, ' Sean wondered.

Sean was sure of the answer. He had no doubt that Terence would come to meet him at the railway station.

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