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   Chapter 32 Terence, Don't Leave Us!

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 8909

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As the morning sun of the next day began to shine lazily, Carla was still sleeping, as she had burned the midnight oil last night. The noise of someone thudding the door and the doorbell woke her up abruptly.

"Who's there?"

After a rather unusual yawn, Carla wore her slippers and proceeded to open the door. The moment she stepped out of her bedroom, she saw Terence getting up from the sofa and answering the door.

"Terence? Is that really you? I've finally found you!"

A cute girl who seemed fashionable dressed in a purple dress appeared in front of the door. The girl hugged Terence tightly, as if she wanted to be embedded inside his body. Carla was surprised.

Terence didn't push her away immediately. Instead, he tapped her shoulder slightly and asked, "Why are you here, Megan?"

"Why? You tell me why. You are so cold-hearted. Don't you realize that I've been worried about you ever since you disappeared? Had I not begged before Grandpa to tell me where you were, I still wouldn't have seen you by now,"

Megan blamed Terence, with teardrops rolling down her cheeks, her hands encircling his waist, delicate and charming all the while.

"Okay, please stop crying. See, I'm right here, in front of you," Terence wiped her tears, and comforted her in a soft voice.

"Terence, you've no idea what I've been through during the days when you were not beside me. l was afraid that something terrible had happened to you. My eyes went dry after having rendered far too many teardrops for you. Furthermore, I asked my father to use his connections to look for you, but all the efforts went in vain...

I was worried to my very life!"

The longer she spoke, the more her voice began to crack. She ended up sobbing miserably. Megan buried her face in his chest, and continued crying.

Standing behind them, Carla coughed a little as if she were desperate for attention.

"Ahem, don't just stand there. Come in and have a seat!" she said.

Hearing her voice, Terence loosened his grip and let Megan go. Turning to Carla, he said, "Carla, have you woken up already? Let me introduce my friend, Megan Luo who grew up with me in the same neighborhood."

Dissatisfied with Terence's introduction when she heard his words, Megan poked him impatiently and asked, "Terence, do you plan to introduce me as your childhood playmate forever? The last time your father came to my house, he had promised that we would get married as soon as you return. Hence, when you introduce me, you should address me as your fiancée."

"What nonsense! Megan, this is..."

Before Terence could finish, Megan cruised towards Carla and held her hands zealously

mmed the door instantaneously.

He didn't bother to bid goodbye or anything else.

The moment the door closed, he bent over and began to kiss her. Enjoying her scent on the lips greedily, he wanted to occupy every inch inside her. His tongue swept everywhere in hers, mercilessly. They had waited for far too long for this promised moment.

Carla was out of breath by his fierce kisses, blushing in surprise, but she couldn't do anything.

A few minutes later, he pressed her against the wall, his hands stroking her thin waist gently, and then he loosened his hands, panting.

"To be honest, I am starting to feel maybe I was treating you too well. I respect you, so I connived your wilful behavior. You didn't agree to have sex and you don't want to come with me, so I obliged.

If I had slept with you, you would have come with me. Why should I wait? I shouldn't have offered the chance for you to refuse me. I'm such an idiot!"

Terence gasped for breath, and rubbed her red and swollen lips.

Carla panted too. Feeling his erection, she tried her best to move her lower body away, and begged, "Terence, please calm down..."

She knew he was going to out of control. Hence, she was frightened out of her wits.

"Yes, I was so calm that I lament about it now," he whispered.

After staring at her with his dark eyes for a while, Terence let her go.

"I'll give you some time to reconsider my offer, but don't let me wait for too long,"

he then left without rendering her a glance.

Terence opened the door and left.

Carla stood against the wall, watching him leave in agony.

What he didn't see was her tears, shining like dazzling diamonds, falling down from her cheeks, which indeed made up a remorseful scene filled with irony and pain.

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