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   Chapter 31 Girl, Don't Chicken Out.

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 10745

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'What is she doing over there?' Terence wondered. Carla was acting a little weird, so Terence went straight up to her and found a gift box hidden in the grass. Confused, he decided to ask her, "Why did you hide it?" "Carla, is this what you've got for Sean's birthday? Why don't you give it to him then? Sean would be sad if he received this as a belated present."

Terrence ripped the wrapping paper carelessly as he spoke.

'What did she get for Sean? Why was she hiding it?' Terence's curiosity was piqued.

But when he saw what was inside, he was a bit surprised. Well, it turned out to be another drone. That was typical of her.

Terence was amused, "Correct me if I am wrong, Carla. You little fool. You thought that I've already given Sean a drone in front of everyone, a better drone, in fact, so you decided that you couldn't show him this one. Is that right?" Terence asked as he opened the packaging. A faint smile could be seen from his lips as he was handling the drone like a curious boy.

Carla rolled her eyes at him and snatched the drone out of his hands. After she shoved the gift back to where it belonged, she turned to him and started to play dumb after pausing for a moment, "You fool. But you know what? I am not gonna give this to him. I'm gonna return it and get a refund! I'm not made of money. A penny saved is a penny earned!"

Carla kept blabbering on and on and on, but she stopped all of a sudden, blushing because Terence had grasped her delicate hand with his sturdy one.

But the pink aura around her vanished quicker than expected because that dumb Terence reached out his arm and put his hands on the drone again. "Carla, how about giving it to me?" Terence focused on the drone and asked, "You don't have to return it. You can just give it to me."

Carla opened her mouth, but she was at a loss for words. Looking right at him, she thought, "Are you really an idiot? You could afford a much better and much more expensive drone. Why would you ask for this cheap one I bought at a discount?"

"So what do you think? If you don't say anything, I'll take it as a yes. You know, you've never bought me any gift yet," he tried putting on a pitiful look, "so I won't decline this silly little gift of yours." Terence tried to act as if he didn't value this children's toy that much, but he could barely fake a careless attitude, because he even started to wipe the dust off the packaging with his sleeves.

Carla was relieved, watching him put away his new toy. As a matter of fact, she didn't really know what to do with this big drone anyway.

It would be bad to just put it away and let it go unused, but she couldn't return it either. The store had emphasized to her that discounted drones were non-refundable when she bought it.

Carla just didn't want to lose face in front of Terence, so she tricked him.

On their way back home, little Sean was over the moon! He kept telling Carla and Terence that this was the coolest and the most memorable birthday he had ever had!

When they got back together, Sean dashed into his room and threw himself onto the bed. Tomorrow was Monday, and a good schoolboy like him had classes to attend to.

Carla also wanted

ally want me out of your life?"

Furious and anxious at the same time, Terence grabbed both of her delicate hands. His eyes were pleading her to keep quiet and just listen.

But she refused to do so, "Rich and powerful? You can't even protect yourself! Don't forget your life is still under threat, or else, why would you hide in my lowly and humble home?" Carla sneered back at him, desperately wanting to wound his pride just like he did to her.

"If I say if I choose to go with you, I'll risk living in constant fear, so tell me why on earth would I choose such dangerous a life?"

Terence frowned and looked straight in her eyes. Carla thought he would say something much worse, but he didn't lose control. Instead, she heard his gentle voice, "Is that what you're worried about? You shouldn't worry about it. Just leave it to me. You are my girl and I'll protect you. Carla, I won't let you get hurt."

She was still fuming with anger, "You can't promise that. You can't even protect yourself. And you know what? I'm safe as long as you stay away from me!" Carla knew she didn't mean it, but she said that on purpose.

"I know, but can you please trust me? I won't let it happen again. Won't you trust me? Please trust me." Terence was almost begging and pleading.

But Carla wouldn't budge on this. "Mr. An, I've already broken up with you. I think you'd better take care of yourself for now,"

she paused, "I'm not saying that it's impossible between us. But either way, it takes time, so how about we separate for now and let time do its job. Maybe, just maybe, one day I'd find myself still in love with you and start chasing you around. Isn't that what you want?"

Terence gazed at her, "So, you won't stick your neck out for us? And you're not going to go back with me, right?"

Carla didn't respond, but her reaction told him it was a relief for her.

Terence knew that all he needed was a little more patience, so he replied by reaching out his hand and caressing her cheek. Her delicate face was even more charming under the moonlight.

"Carla, darling. Just remember, no matter what, you belong to me..."

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