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   Chapter 30 I Admit I Have A Crush On You

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It soon came to Sean's birthday.

Suddenly, Carla was a little regretful because she wasn't sure whether it was right or not to indulge Terence with the arrangements of Sean's birthday party, for it was much too luxurious.

'Did he promise to rent a simple comfortable place with a reasonable price?' she began to doubt herself.

But looking around, she felt as if she was in a park. So, did he actually rent the whole park to hold the party?

It seemed like the ground had been covered with a green carpet, with flowers embellished. The orderly plants were trimmed into cartoon patterns with different forms, which were Sean's favorite—the supermen.

"Are you satisfied?"

Walking behind her, Terence asked Carla. The park wasn't too big, but it was filled with childishness and playfulness. It seemed fun, so he was contented.

Carla turned around in silence and stared at him, implying that she wasn't pleased.

"Didn't we agree to keep it low-key? I thought you'd just book a booth in a restaurant, and then make some simple decorations. But look at this place, it looks just like a wedding venue. Is this what you call 'low-key'?"

she walked forward and questioned him, frowning.

"Does it? I don't think it can be more low-key, because it doesn't even have any lush decoration. Besides, Sean and his classmates are kids who like running back and forth. This large park with fresh air would be just perfect for them. And it's not expensive,"

Terence followed her and explained.

Suddenly, Carla stopped in front of a lawn that had been trimmed deliberately. Pointing at what was in front of her, she asked the man following him, "What's this?"

Without waiting for his answer, she walked toward it, full of curiosity in her eyes.

But Terence immediately grabbed her hand when he realized that she was about to uncover his secret.

"It's for Sean. I promised to give him a surprise. So, it'll be fun to ask him to find it."

"Oh," Carla said. Terence knew what kids liked, which was unexpected. Wandering in the park, she let out a soft sigh.

That poverty would limit a person's imagination was so true. If she hadn't met Terence, she never would have thought that a birthday party could be held outdoors, let alone in a park.

"What's the matter? Is there something wrong? Why did you sigh?" he worriedly asked. Standing behind her, Terence wrapped his arms around her waist and said, "I've been already very economical. The party would have been much better with more decorations, if only I wasn't afraid of upseting you..."

Carla was going to agree with him, but then she felt his touch, so she blushed. Looking around, she noticed that cleaners were near them, which made her more bashful.

"Terence, please stop. People can see us,"

she sheepishly said, trying to pry his hands from her waist.

But Terence wouldn't let her go and he held her even more tightly. His lips lingered closer to her ear, and with a cunning smile, he whispered, "I just want to hold you like this. Is there something wrong with that?

You're single and I am, too. We are seeing each other, so it's very normal to hug you. What are you so worried about?"

With a snort, Carla extended her hand back to pinch his waist, "Normal, huh? Did I say yes to being your girlfriend? Don't you think you look like such a lady-killer who frequently hugs me without my permission? Shame on you!"

"Keep scolding. Don't stop. Anyway I'm already a bad guy in your eyes. Lady-killer, playboy, whatever, there's no difference," Terence laughed, hiding his frown a little. 'How could a tiny girl like her be so strong. It really hurts.

She always thinks that she's opening the door to a dangerous enemy. Obviously, I'm the enemy, ' Terence helplessly thought to himself.

With efforts going in vain, Carla got angry. She lifted her foot and was ready to stomp his, but unfortunately, he managed to escape swiftly.

"Carla, to be honest, I don't think it's necessary for me to let my feelings spill out. I thought you know me, and you know I..."

With his eyes closed, Terence buried his head in her neck and muttered slowly. The special scent from her body was like a drug to him.

Carla was touched for a moment upon hearing this.

A wealthy young man of noble birth was willing to sleep on her sofa, cook meals for her, and take care of her little brother, and he never even complained. What was his purpose?

If the reason was to avoid danger for the first time, what about the following times after that? Yes, she somewha

t understood his feelings.

"I admit I have a crush on you. And as a man, I will be responsible for what I've done. What about you? Are you brave enough to love?" Terence asked with a defiant tone, tucking her hair behind her ear and stroking it gently.

Upon hearing this, her heart started racing again. She had already lost herself in his caress, but then she got perplexed, not knowing how to reply.

"Or am I making a mistake, because you're actually just a total coward who only tries to act fearless? Do you admit that you're a coward?"

Terence continued questioning the woman in his arms after not getting any reply.

Carla closed her eyes to avoid his query, for she knew he wanted to get a positive answer from her. However, she was not a simple impulsive girl anymore after so many years of experience. There was no way she'd promise anything to anyone so casually.

Depending on each other—Carla and her brother—for survival for many years had made her capable of bearing anything. Restraint was the most important lesson she had learnt so far.

As for the result of impulsiveness, it had been much more than she could handle.

"Yes, you're right. I'm a coward and you misunderstood me. Terence, after tonight, let's never see each other again," Carla said.

Shaking him off, she ran out of the thicket as quickly as she could, fearing he would catch up to her.

All of a sudden, there was no one in his arms for him to hold. Terence only smiled bitterly.

'Carla, is it safe to say that you're not brave enough to fall in love with me because you don't love me enough?

If it were me, I will try even harder, ' watching her back, Terence asserted himself.

The party began at nightfall because Sean was actually born at dusk.

He was shocked by the scene as soon as he arrived on site. Hugging Terence in excitement, he shouted, "Terence, you're my hero!

It's so huge and beautiful. How did you make all of this?"

Jumping up excitedly, Sean let go of Terence and ran back and forth.

Terence also invited his best friends at school who were surprised to see the extravagant party.

"Sean, I have a present for you. Go and find it in this park. Have fun, young one!" Terence said when the dinner almost finished.

"Really? Is there still a surprise aside from all of this? Hooray! Terence, I love you!" Sean thought the birthday party was already such an amazing gift, so he wasn't expecting anything more. But hearing there was another present, he rushed to search for it with his friends.

Taking a glance at the wrapped gift box on her feet, Carla was a little upset. She was just about to give it to Sean, but Terence stole her thunder.

On the other hand, she was a bit curious about what kind of present Terence would give to Sean.

In the park, Sean and his friends were spread out and looking for the present separately. They found some clues in no time.

"Wow, you're so cool, Terence! I've been looking forward to this UAV for such a long time," Sean remarked, expressing his gratitude.

His cheerful voice attracted Carla, urging Carla to stand up and check the situation.

The UAV was very popular among his group of friends.

So, when Sean opened the package, Carla recognized immediately that it was actually the latest UAV she had seen in the store. Of course, its price was creepily high, much more expensive than hers.

Terence smiled with satisfaction and walked toward him. With the remote controller in his hands, He responded, "You betcha. Come on. I'll teach you how to control the UAV."

Sean's friends gave them looks of admiration. They were so eager to fly a UAV.

Unfortunately, none of them had an elder brother who was as cool and generous as Terence.

Carla who was standing behind them turned around in silence.

She transferred the gift, which was wrapped carefully, from the table to the back of the lawn, trying to hide it away in secret.

Compared to Terence's expensive present, hers just seemed worthless.

So, she didn't want to embarrass herself by showing it to people.

"What are you hiding?"

Terence asked her after teaching Sean how to control the UAV. Sean was such a smart boy that he quickly got the hang of it, so Terence passed the remote controller to him straight away. The moment he turned back, he noticed Carla hiding something.

Carla was in a state of panic when she heard him. Hastily throwing the box into the lawn, she stood up.

'Damn it! Why does this annoying man follow me all the time?' Carla thought.

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