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   Chapter 29 You Are Living In My House And Eating My Food

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 11503

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Carla tensed up when she felt Terence hug her from behind. He rested his head against her shoulder. She looked down and saw two strong hands appear from under hers as he helped her pick up the tea leaves.

"Relax. Don't get yourself all worked up. I just want to talk to you for a moment. I promise I won't eat you,"

Terence teased. He continued to pick up the tea leaves and put them into the jar with her. When they finished he screwed the lid shut. "Carla, shall we take a walk outside?"

"What did you want to talk to me about? We don't need to go anywhere." Carla pushed him out of the way and took a cup from the cupboard and dropped some tea leaves in.

Every time he got close to her, she would lose her mind.

"Carla, please think about my suggestion carefully. Come with me and give me a chance to take care of you and Sean, okay?" Terence implored her.

It was only a matter of time before Terence would have to leave BH City. They both knew that JA City, where Terence lived, was far away from them. He worried if something were to happen to them, he wouldn't be able to get to them in time to help.

So, he thought the best way to deal with that problem, was to ask Carla and Sean to come and live with him in JA City where he could watch over them.

Carla filled her cup with hot water and turned to face him. "Go with you? And what shall I go as? The heroine that saved your life? I'm afraid that several months later you would become sick of us and we would end up hating each other. Then my brother and I would end up in a much worse situation than we are in now."

'In JA City, only dignitaries and very wealthy people lived there. People who were accustomed to living a life of luxury. It is the most prosperous city in our country.

What could I possibly do in that city?' Carla thought bitterly.

"Carla, Don't reject my suggestion on a whim. Think it through first. JA City really isn't as terrible as you might think. I know that you are fearful about your future there. It's true, there are many wealthy people that reside there. But, there are middle-class people that live there as well. But most importantly, JA City is much safer for you than it is here. If you were living there, Sean would be able to have a much better education. It's what you want, isn't it?"

Terence said with his hands on her shoulders.

"You still haven't answered my question. What are you going to introduce me as to your family and friends? When they ask you who I am, what will you say to them?" asked Carla as she looked up into his deep eyes.

Terence took the cup from her hand and put it aside. He then took both of her hands in his and placed them on his heart and gazed down into her eyes.

"Well, you tell me," he murmured.

Carla lowered her head and smiled bitterly.

"Will you tell them I am your girlfriend? Your lover? Or the other woman? I know so very little about you. I don't know whether you have a girlfriend or even if you are already married in JA City,"

she said after pulling away from his grip. She took the cup in her hands and blew on the tea to cool it down, took a sip and then placed it on the table behind her.

'Women shouldn't just blindly accept everything that a man says, ' thought Carla.

Terence frowned and replied, "No, I have neither a girlfriend nor a wife. I am the youngest son in my family. My older brothers haven't married yet. How can I marry before th

It is very important to him. We should make it fun and special for him. Don't you think so?"

He knew how she was and if he wanted to carry out what he was secretly planning then he would have to get Carla to agree on some things first.

Otherwise, the surprise he had planned would backfire on him.

He was planning to, hire out the whole amusement park for the day, invite all of Sean's classmates for a big birthday party and then get a table at the best restaurant.

But if he did all of that without Carla agreeing, it would only make her think about the enormous difference between them. What was worse, she might even think that she was absolutely out of his league.

Thus, he had no choice but to put a lot of effort to persuade her.

Carla stopped what she was doing and turned around to face him, "What exactly is it that you want to say?"

Terence took the rag from her hand and tossed it aside. He put his arm around her waist and drew her closer to him.

"I'd just like to spoil you and Sean a little bit. Otherwise, your man can't get any sense of fulfillment even if he does earn a lot of money," he said as a little joke. "Besides, I'm just suggesting having a meal at a nice restaurant with a comfortable atmosphere and affordable price. I would like to invite a few of Sean's friends. But the house isn't big enough to fit so many people. So what you think?"

Terence smiled, for he saw a hint of hope in her eyes.

Carla stared at him for a moment while thinking it through in her head. She removed his hand from her waist. 'It will probably be a good idea, ' she thought.

"Let's do it, okay? I am going to make a reservation right away." Terence was so excited to finally be able to make them both feel special that he read her silence wrongly. He thought her silence was an acceptance to his plan, but he didn't read the other emotions in her eyes. Terence leaned over and kissed her on the forehead with a big smile on his face.

Then he turned and left the house.

Carla lowered her eyes and watched as Terence left. She stared at the door for a while and thought to herself, 'Well, let him.

Anyway, this birthday party will also be Terence's farewell dinner.

After Sean's birthday, there will be no reason for him to stay with us anymore.'

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