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   Chapter 28 No Match For You Two

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"Hey, Sean, it's getting dark. Let's go home!"

Carla said smiling at her little brother as their eyes met.

Terence stopped playing basketball when he saw Carla. He picked up the water bottle from the ground and took a swig. He then picked up his T-shirt from the basketball stand and walked towards her.

When Carla saw that both Terence and Sean was looking at her, she felt as if she became the focus of everyone's attention.

Everyone's eyes were all on her!

"Are you finished with your work already?"

Terence said when he reached her.

"Yeah. My god! You two superstars, look at what you've done. Are you guys really playing basketball? Or are you holding a concert? You two made quite a stir in the area! Sean, how many times have I told you? You should always keep a low profile to avoid trouble. Please tell me you do understand that,"

said Carla as she put her hand over Sean's shoulder and turned him around. They decided to go home. There were fans all over the area and they all stepped aside immediately when they passed.

Terence smiled and caught up with them. He positioned his hand over Carla's shoulder and said to her knowingly, "Well, how did it feel to be in the limelight?

It must have been a little embarrassing at first, but I am betting that it made you a little bit giddy with happiness."

Carla looked back at their fans. Some of them stared at her enviously, while others gossiped. There was no denying that for the first time in her life, she attracted so much attention.

"Damn you! Are you taking me for a fool? There were so many people around. You surely knew that you caused quite a stir because you enjoyed exposing yourself in public so much. I've seen through your trick. You did that on purpose. I bet you really enjoyed being adored and ogled by those girls, didn't you?"

Carla said it so straightforwardly that it embarrassed him.

Terence didn't want to admit defeat. He lifted his eyebrows and gave her a playful punch on the shoulder. "Well, I saw that you pushed your way through the crowd just to reach us. I bet it took you so much effort. It seemed as if you were so eager to see me, huh? You are one of my adoring fans, aren't you?"

Carla's face went pale. 'How can he possibly know that? Wasn't he too busy playing basketball? I can't believe he noticed that!' she thought.

"Come on! Are you comparing me to them? I'm not one of your crazy fans. I'm a rational and mature woman. Unlike them, I will never be obsessed with you. There are a lot of handsome men in this world. Who do you think you are?"

Her ears burned with shame. Terence smile

ewed it and swallowed it.

Ever since Terence appeared, she felt that her dear brother was now a lot more closer to him. Terence and Sean became the closest friends. Moreover, Sean defied her just to support Terence. She felt as if Sean preferred Terence more than her.

'Well, I admit defeat. I'm no match to those two. It does not matter how much he try, I will not live with Terence. My brother will not, either. He needs to stop daydreaming, the tricky bastard, ' she thought.

After dinner, Carla left all the chores to Terence.

She was hoping that it would give him a lot of difficulties. However, she didn't expect that Sean would help Terence. The two worked happily together, and neither of them complained. They quickly washed the bowls and chopsticks, and then wiped the table.

"Terence, can you please take a walk with me? I bet that my sister had a long day. We better let her take some rest," Sean said to Terence after they finished up with the chores.

Because of the two-day holiday, there was no need for him to do his homework immediately. He wanted to play with Terence more.

Terence did not turn him down. He smiled and said, "OK. Well then, please wait for me downstairs. Let me have a few words with your sister before we leave. I'll be there in a flash."

Carla was busy making rose tea. She was surprised to hear Terence's words.

She spilled rose tea all over the table because she couldn't stop her hands from trembling.

Sean closed the door and went downstairs happily.

With butterflies in her stomach, Carla stared at the rose tea scattered all over the table. She sighed and started to clean it immediately.

Suddenly, she felt Terence's presence looming behind her.

She froze immediately.

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