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   Chapter 26 I'll Dress You Myself

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Being upset, Carla had forgotten that her underwear was inside that bundle of clothes she had thrown at Terence. Feeling embarrassed she blushed, as she watched Terence pulling her bra out in front of her.

He folded her clothes neatly and stacked them on her bed according to wearing sequence, just like a good housemaid.

Carla felt her cheeks burning with anger when she saw that he had laid her underwear on top of the stack of clothes. She breathed in deeply to calm herself down and said, "If someone is going to put my clothes on for me, it will be my future husband! Who do you think you are to touch my clothes?"

She never expected that he would be irritated by what she said.

Terence stopped what he was doing and straightened up, glaring at her angrily.

"I beg your pardon?"

Carla put her hands on her hips. "I said it will only be my future husband who has the right to dress me and you are not him!" She ignored his angry expression and took the clothes from the bed turning to go into the bathroom to change.

But before she had the chance, she was grabbed by two strong hands.

"According to what you just said, then it's my job to dress you. Just enjoy it, sweetheart." Terence held the sides of her white pajama top and was about to pull it over her head.

Realizing that he wasn't just joking, Carla suddenly felt nervous. She tried to grasp the top with her hands, but he was more powerful.

"Terence, stop! I'll call the police and tell them that you're harassing me. Just stop!" she said in a loud desperate voice. Carla scowled at him. They had flirted, caressed and kissed, but they had never made love. She was afraid of what was going to happen.

If this scenario had happened before she found out who he really was, she would probably have indulged herself and allowed him to dress her or have even been intimate with him. Because at that time, she thought they were from the same world.

But now things were different. They would most likely break up sooner or later, so she didn't want to cross that line with him and make things more complicated.

"Harass, huh? That's a minor charge. I want to make it a bit more severe if you know what I mean." Terence smiled wickedly. The thin material of the pajamas was nothing for his strong hands.

With one tug, the pajama was torn off.

It happened so fast that Carla hadn't even realized until her skin felt cooler.

She looked down and saw that her pajama lay in tatters around her waist. Her bar was unhooked the next second, and then he put the new one on her and hooked it carefully.

Then the scent of freshly washed clothes dropped over her head. She was being dressed as a baby would be. One of her arms was lifted and inser

to eat. Help yourself," Terence explained.

Sean was satisfied with Terence's explanation. He then glanced at Carla and then back at him and asked, "Terence, did you and my sister have a row?

I was scared because I thought you weren't going to come back anymore. I am so glad that you are with us now."

Terence paused for a moment to wipe his hands on a napkin. "That's not going to happen. But you have reminded me of something. Sean, how would you like to come to my city and study there?

There are many schools where I come from. Some of which have a very good reputation. If you study at one of these schools, you will have a much better education. What do you say?"

Sean was Carla's weak spot and Terence was taking advantage of that. He knew that if Sean were to attend a school there, she would follow to be with him.

However, he wasn't expecting her reaction. Before Sean had a chance to say anything, Carla spoke up, "Definitely not!" Carla flatly refused on behalf of her little brother. "Sean has lived here for many years. He has made a lot of friends and gets along well with his classmates. It's not a good idea for him to separate from them."

With a mouth full of shrimp, Sean looked at Carla's angry face and said, "That sounds good to me. When you two get married someday, I will surely be living with you, so it's not a bad idea if I move there."

Just like some of the kids from his class, when their parents moved to another city they naturally went with them. It was very common.

Family was much more important to him than his classmates, so he didn't have a problem with accepting Terence's suggestion.


Carla cleared her throat in shock. She turned to Sean and frowned. She felt like kicking him under the table. 'What an unreliable sibling he turns out to be!'

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