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   Chapter 25 A Young Master Experiencing A Different Life

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The overbearing kisses did not give Carla the opportunity to hide. The strange but familiar atmosphere calmed all of her senses, letting her involuntarily give up resisting and immerse in Terence's breath instead.

Carla realized that exhaustion had drained her strength. She wanted to push Terence away but her weak arms failed her.

Terence took this chance to take advantage of the situation.

Holding her at the back of her head, Terence pinned her against the wall while hugging and kissing her. The possessive kisses overwhelmed Carla, leaving her no chance to breathe.

They looked like vines wrapped around a tree, entangling and extending endlessly until they could no longer be separated from each other.

Carla knew that she was surrendering to Terence's kisses little by little, without any resistance. If this continued, she was afraid that she would not be able to control herself anymore.


Terence cried out in pain as he touched his bitten lip. He frowned, looked at Carla and said in a husky voice, "Dear, be nice to me, please."

Carla did not hesitate to bite him so she could stop him. Soon enough, both of them tasted the blood in their mouth.

However, Terence did not intend to let her go and he leaned over again. Instead of being overbearing and tough, he gently sucked the blood from her lips. He parted from her lips right after and then rested his forehead on hers. He whispered, "Carla, I'll give you some time to calm down and think it over.

Since it can't be changed, please learn to accept it. You love me, don't you? Are you going to stop loving me just because of my family?"


Carla wanted to say no but she didn't have a chance to do so because Terence went for another kiss on her lips, preventing her from speaking any further.

"Don't tell me that you don't love me. With an excuse like that, do you really think I'll believe you?" Terence parted from her lips and softly asked.

"Also, I promised you that I would leave after Sean's birthday. I promised him that I would teach him how to play basketball. With that, can you promise me not to tell Sean about what kind of family that I come from? At the very least, let his birthday party pass first. Can you do that?"

Terence pleaded a little.

Even though Sean was still a young boy, he was quite articulate and could decide for himself already. Terence would like to spend more days with little Sean.

Without any external interruption, he really just wanted to accompany Carla and Sean as a brother for a few more days.

Terence's incessant chain of kisses calmed down Carla's already blazed mind little by little.

Trying to get back

there was nothing she could do to stop him even if she wanted to.

She would let him continue as long as he wanted. Everything was up to him.

Carla grabbed her clothes from her closet and was about to change. At that moment, the door was opened. Terence leaned on the door with one hand in his pocket and stared at her.

"What are you doing? Get out of here," Carla exclaimed.

Terence stayed right where he was and smiled beguilingly, "When I was changing my clothes, you watched me without blinking your eyes. Why couldn't I?"

"Shame on you! It's different! I'm a lady!" Carla cursed. As a man, a pair of pants could cover him while he was changing his top. Moreover, she was already used to seeing him bare from the waist up whenever he was sleeping on the sofa these days. But she's a woman, and it was impossible for her to change clothes in front of him.

"Yes, surely it's different. I know that. You just possess two more things than me," Terence replied casually. Since she called him shameless, he would like to show her how shameless he could be.

Carla flushed in anger. On impulse, she grabbed the clothes on the bed and threw them on his face.

Prepared to catch the clothes, Terence grasped them with his hands and then proceeded to inspect them. His smile became deeper, "Hey, why did you give me your clothes? Does this mean you want me to put them on for you?

I know you're playing a game. In reality, you don't want me to leave. You want me to stay, right? Otherwise, you wouldn't have given me your clothes," Terence said with a smirk.

"Oh, what a lovely game. It's really... difficult to refuse."

He added as he picked up the pink bra with white lace and three rows of invisible buckles out of the pile of clothes she had thrown over.

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