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   Chapter 23 Go Out For Wool And Come Home Shorn.

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"You! You back off! Back! Off! If you come any closer, I... I, I will jump!"

Carla panicked. Although she was so afraid of heights, she pointed to the security guard and screamed aloud. Thirty minutes earlier, she was extremely annoyed by the guard at the front gate because he wouldn't let her inside the hotel. On the verge of giving up, as she was walking outside, she found a group of janitors entering the hotel. After brainstorming a little bit and using them as a disguise, she sneaked in alongside them. But who would have thought that the floor Terence was on needed a special ID card to get in from the elevator? She certainly did not.

There was no other way but to get off the elevator a floor lower and use the staircase to get to the intended floor she ought to reach.

Having absolutely no idea that the security system was not something to be trifled with, Carla was found trespassing by the security just moments after entering the restricted floor. There was no other way to escape apart from the window so she immediately ran straight toward it without even thinking twice. Squeezing herself on the ledge, she moved slowly toward the next window, trying to find another exit.

"I suggest you not to come any closer, sir! Or else, the big news entitled 'Young Lady Forced To Jump Out Of The Most Luxurious Hotel Of The City And Killed' will be published tomorrow. Neither you nor you could bear the responsibility!" she tried to have them threatened by abruptly pointing to one of the guards and then to the other one right next to him as she moved slowly into the other window.

She was immensely agitated about the tightness of the security and complaining within that little head of hers. 'This is way out of control! How come a hotel would have guards this many? How the hell were they able to find me?' she roared in her mind.

Beforehand, she pictured how she could use the outdoor unit of the air conditioners as steps and get to the other window. But there was nothing. 'Of course, they'd be using central air!' Carla sarcastically laughed at herself for being so naive about the situation and continued thinking, 'This is absolutely nothing like what TV dramas were suggesting!'

Hearing the uproar, Terence turned his head toward the window instantly. He furrowed his brows, and his heart tightened when he recognized the woman standing outside of the window. She was trembling while arguing with the security personnel as there were three groups of guards surrounding her. One team was on the same floor with him, the second team was on the ground floor, and the last group was equipped and climbing up the building. All of them were trying to catch this bold woman who dared to intrude.

"Carla?" he murmured hastily, then hurriedly rushed toward the window.

Sliding the window open, he stepped on the edge of the window. "Carla! Oh, my God! Give me your hand now!" Terence reached out his left hand towards the trembling woman and frightenedly shouted, stretching out his arms to reach her.

Carla almost burst into tears when she heard that familiar voice. She couldn't move after a few steps as her legs had grown sore after treading carefully on the edge of the building. Eight floors might not seem to be too high, but it was more than enough to kill her if she fell straight down.

"Carla, I need you to concentrate and give me your hand! Trust me! Just a few more inches!" he softened his voice so as not to startle her.

Terence noticed that she was constantly looking down at the security guards, so he went a little bit crazy toward them, "For all of you who are trying to seize her! Listen carefully! Catch this woman if she ever falls! If anything happens to her, I will make sure this would be your last day living in this world!"

It was only a few more inches till the security guards could get to the so-called intruder. However, when they heard the stern voice screaming from afar, they paused briefly and then quickly returned to the ground, following Terrence's order.

After the well-trained guards went down from the building, they positioned in a net shape and got ready to catch the woman in case she fell from where she was standing.

Seeing the security already in their position, Terence put his heart inside his gut and took a deep breath within. He then turned his head toward the "trouble-maker" and tenderly called, "Carla, slowly and carefully give me your hand. Don't look down. There's no need to be afraid. Just trust me. I will come get you."

Stepping onto the edge of the window, he reached out his hand the furthest he could. Knowing that he needed to hurry because she had probably ran out of strength from her quivering legs, he locked his eyes on hers and repeated calmly, "Carla, just give me your hand. I'm here for you. Those people won't be going after you anymore. Give me your hand. Everything's going to be alright."

Standing on the thin edge, Carla had finally calmed down, even if just a little, by his soothing voice. Coming back to her senses, she reached out her hand toward the worried man.

This was when she regretted everything, all including following him, finding out about the exclusive limousine, and especially, ascending up the most luxurious building from the 7th to the 8th floor. 'This is so embarrassing. I should've just gone to the party with Sean instead of hanging here, LITERALLY.' Frustration was written all over her face as she extended out her arm for Terence.

If her curiosity hadn't been piqued by his puzzling background, there was no way she would have ever had to be in this position.

While her hand was held firmly by Terence, she had another dilemma. If it were just a straight edge, she could've easily but slowly moved toward him. This side of the building was somehow curved though, so the more she stepped toward Terence, the thinner the ledge became. The design of the building had made it exceedingly difficult for her to move any further and try to get closer to Terence.

"Te-Terence, I'm scared."

The unfortunate predicament had caused Carla's voice to shake. She couldn't bear her fear of falling any longer, and tears started streaming down her eyes while they were locked on to Terence's.

Terence's heart ached tremendously after seeing this helpless woman weeping. With zero hesitations, and without any care for his own safety whatsoever, he took another step on the ledge of the window and got closer to Carla. Now, his whole body was exposed outside of the window.

Without him even realizing, he had put himself in a position that was just as dangerous as Carla's.

"Terence! What are you doing?!"

Nicholas bellowed out as he watched as the whole scene was taking place, in fear for his dear grandson due to his sudden risky move. Though deeply frightened, at the same time, he became interested in the woman whom his grandson was trying to save.

Terence didn't plan to get down from the ledge even after hearing his grandfather shouting at him because he had to save this troublesome

woman. Sticking out his leg toward Carla's direction, he asked, "Carla, you can use my leg to step on. It will be alright. There are more than enough people to catch you if ever you do fall. Now, just try to move closer slowly and step onto my leg."

Carla desperately tried her best not to picture herself falling down from the building. And although much too afraid to look down, she somehow managed to take a deep breath and follow Terence's suggestion. Slowly, she pulled off a difficult step onto Terence's leg.

Feeling the weight on his leg, the pain sent a chill down his spine. This was the leg that got injured during the chase on the first time they met. He furrowed his brows but remained calm in order not to worry Carla.

As she was slowly approaching him, Terence sought this chance to grab her by the waist and pull her swiftly. The outburst of adrenaline heaved Carla toward him. When they came close, they lost balance and fell on the soft carpet inside the hotel room. Just moments before they were about to fall, Terence flipped his position and made sure his back was the first to touch the ground, holding Carla tightly up on his chest and making certain she was unscathed.

The security team had been waiting in standby inside the room for a while now. They immediately helped them up and started to run a check-up on them.

"Are you okay? Were you hurt anywhere?" After the two of them got up, Terence pulled her inside his arms and thoroughly scanned through her body, wondering if she had been injured.

Carla smothered a cough to disguise her embarrassment and paced herself back a bit to keep a short distance from Terence.

"Um, I am fine,"

she replied briefly. Meanwhile, a thousand excuses had been going through her head on how she'd come up with a proper explanation when she was asked the "what, why, and how".

"Didn't I tell you to wait for me outside for a moment? Carla, I don't know what else to do about your curiosity anymore. I told you I would take you to my grandfather someday. Well, I guess today is the day. Since you came here uninvited, come and meet my grandfather. You've already gotten his attention anyway, just like what you've done to me when we first met."

Knowing full well that she was busy thinking of an excuse, he came to her rescue for the commotion she had caused. Again, he tugged her close and rolled his arm around her shoulders. As they turned around, Terence introduced, "Grandfather, this is Carla. This is the very woman that had saved my life. I wouldn't be here safe and sound if it wasn't for her."

Nicholas felt his grandson's tension as he was precariously trying to save the girl, and also, the tenderness in the way he was talking to Carla a moment ago. Therefore, it was so apparent that this girl must surely be the one who had gotten a hold of his heart. Scanning Carla from head to toe, he thought to himself, 'Hmm, she is definitely very attractive, but her outfit doesn't give justice to her beauty. But why should all this matter? There must be something about her that had my Terence captivated."

"Carla, that's your name, right? I am Terence's grandfather, Nicholas. Please accept my thanks for saving Terry's life. You don't have any idea how much I appreciated what you did. I will ask Race to escort you home later. Name anything that you wish for and he will make sure it comes true."

Nicholas smiled at her wholeheartedly and nodded with appreciation after finding out that she was the very woman who had saved his beloved grandson's life.

"H-Hi, Nicholas. It's a pleasure meeting you. Actually, I need to leave now since I still have some unfinished business to take care of. Would you please excuse me? Why don't you guys talk? I'll be fine on my own."

Thinking about how she had caused a scene just now, Carla was extremely embarrassed to hear Nicholas's appraisal, wishing she could leave the room as soon as possible.

"Hey, would you wait for me outside? I will wrap up our conversation shortly after," Terence closely whispered to her ear and let go of her. He turned to the door and requested, "Race, please take her outside and let her have some water. And do treat her as our guest."

Pausing briefly, as he had never met a single person who got treated this well by Terence, Race nodded instantly and replied, "You have my word, Mr. Terence."

Carla then waved goodbye to them, following Race outside to the hallway. Soon after stepping out of the room, she was somewhat put at ease. Heaving out a deep sigh, she uttered to Race, "Hey Race, would you please pass a message to Terence for me? Tell him that I have to leave immediately."

"Hey, Miss Carla. Wait,"

Race turned around and stopped Carla from her tracks and politely addressed, "Mr. Terence had requested me to accompany you until he finishes his conversation with Mr. Nicholas. I am in no place to disobey. So would you please be patient and wait for a minute? I believe he will be coming shortly."

"I am not lying. I really need to go! My little brother was left at home alone. He is only 10 years old. A long time has passed since I left, but I told him that I would be back very soon! I am so worried,"

Carla finished her words and made it seem like she was extremely anxious about his safety.

However, she clearly knew that with herself always being busy with work and their parents passing away at such a young age, Sean had already learned to take care of himself. She used it as an excuse anyways because it worked every single time she was trying to get out of a situation.


After hearing there was a child that had been left unattended, Race hesitated. 'It is indeed unsafe for a little kid to be on his own, ' he thought.

"Race, please, I have to go now. Thank you! And please don't forget to tell Terence that I am sorry for not waiting for him. Bye!"

Carla took advantage of his moment of hesitation and grasped her chance to get away. Turning around and dashing toward the elevator as she waved to Race, she made sure that no one would be able to catch up to her.

Even though she entered the elevator, she couldn't calm herself down as the image of what had just happened kept flashing in her head. A surge of profound feelings flowed through her veins like diving atop a cliff down to the deep ocean.

For her, it was best to flee from the scene right away to avoid more questioning.

On second thought, she had finally unmasked him. From the first time that they had met, she always had the impression that Terence was a member of some gangster group since he had been chased and injured. Or, much worse, he might've been a criminal who had just come out of prison, trying to get away from someone planning their revenge. Never had she ever thought that he was actually a young master of a wealthy family! It turned out he was also a reputable man.

He had been hiding in so deep that

when she managed to eventually connect all the dots, a chill went down her spine.

"Where are you planning to escape? Huh?"

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