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   Chapter 22 Are You Following Me

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"Um... Hey, Karen just called. She said there'd be a party tonight and asked me to take you and Sean along with me,"

Carla explained herself before Terence could say anything. Actually, she didn't even catch a single word from the call because he hung up right before Carla could come closer.

"You know what? I actually have some errands to run tonight. Why don't you go ahead and bring Sean with you?"

Terence told Carla with his eyes locked onto hers. Stepping toward the groceries, he picked them up from the table and walked directly toward the kitchen.

"Something's not right," Carla mumbled to herself as she walked over into her own room.

The night had fallen.

"Sean, there's somewhere I need to go to later. Behave yourself and have all your homework done. I'll be back soon!" Immediately after Terence left the house, she tossed those words to Sean and went outside in a hurry.

"Hey, Carla. Are you going on a date with Terrence? Hurry up and go quickly! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!" Sean grinned from ear to ear and teasingly yelled at her, throwing her an I-know-everything face.

"What the hell are you talking about?! A date? I ain't got time for that! I have something way more important to attend to. Remember this, if Terence somehow asks you about where we were earlier tonight when he returns, tell him that we went to Karen's party. Is that clear?!"

Carla opened her eyes wide and round, and tried to threaten her little brother.

As soon as she was done talking to Sean, she walked toward the door swiftly to catch up to him.

In Carla's mind, this man had been living in her place for a while now. However, nothing about his background had ever slipped out of his mouth. It was as if an invisible barrier had been placed around him, guarding the secret of his mysterious identity. Finally, her "Sherlock" intuition had detected a few hints earlier that day and caught the opportunity.

How could she just let the trace slip away so easily?

Why would she?

Of course, she wouldn't miss this perfect opportunity!

Carla was extremely eager to know who he really was and what he was hiding exactly.

After hailing a taxi, she followed him to the first spot, a shopping mall. She then asked the driver to wait with her in the car as she peered directly toward the gate through the window. When Terence finally came out from the mall, Carla almost choked up.

Terence changed his style drastically, much too different from what he had been wearing at home. Switching his T-shirt with a light cream polo shirt, it appeared as if it had been tailored to fit his body perfectly. The obviously pricey pants that he was wearing were simple but elegant. And last but not the least, he was wearing a pair of classy shoes designed by a well-known brand, which surely might've cost a fortune.

Carla paused for a moment, and her heartbeat nearly stopped. The window of the taxi was like a wall that had separated two completely different worlds. Staring blankly ahead through the window, her jaw dropped. Even if she could step outside, she wouldn't dare to say hello.

Following his steps, Carla saw him get on a Lincoln limousine lengthened edition and leave right afterward.

"Miss, do you still want me to follow that car?"

The taxi driver had no idea who that man was, yet he had been astonished by the luxury limo and the person that went into it. He seemed a little lost and asked Carla.

"... Of course! Follow them, please!"

With her heart pounding intensely, Carla insisted. She tried to process the scene outside of the mall and piece together the whole story.

'I have gone this far for his secrets. Why would I choose to back out when I am almost there?!' she thought viciously. She was so determined to follow through till the end and so eager to find out the truth.

After a couple miles of driving, the limousine stopped at the main gate of the most luxurious hotel in BH City.

Carla's taxi followed the limo to the hotel and watched from afar silently.

She paid the driver and got off the taxi, put on a pair of sunglasses, and then walked toward the main gate of the hotel.

"Mr. Terence? You finally came!"

Race trotted all the way to Terence as he welcomed him. They then walked inside the hotel together with a small crowd of people following them.

In the meantime, Carla had also arrived at the gate. She peeked at the gate through her sunglasses, only to find out that a lot of people were standing there and giving him a warm welcome. Some of those among the crowd were obviously from the top management team.

Carla took a deep breath because she could hear her own heart beating in an abnormal pace.

'Who the hell is this Terence guy?! Why would the management bother sending people to greet him at the entrance?!' a series of questions were raised quickly in her mind.

"Sorry miss, the hotel isn't opened to the public today. Please come back at a l

ater date!"

As half of her foot was about to step into the lobby, the security guard stopped her and informed her abruptly.

"Dear sir, the person who had just entered the hotel is one of my friends. Would you please be so kind and let me in?" Carla faked a smile as bright as she could to the security guard and cooed to him.

"Miss, don't try to flirt with me. It is not funny. I've clearly told you that the hotel isn't open to the public today. It would be best for you to leave now or I will have no choice but to send you away by force," the security guard raised his chin and treated her indifferently. He body-checked Carla with his eyes from head to toe, only to notice her mismatching outfit not befitting of the grand hotel.

Carla couldn't do anything but sprint hastily away from the gate.

Suddenly, a flash of intuition came across her mind. 'It is impossible for a hotel this grand to have only one entrance! Sir, you have underestimated me, I would say.

Let's wait and see!' Carla clenched her jaw and suppressed her vengeful thought, 'Today, I won't be leaving this hotel until I figure out who this man really is!' she swore aloud in her mind.

Meanwhile, in the excessively decorated deluxe penthouse, a man in his seventies stood motionless by the huge French window. His hair had grown white, yet his spirit was still young and powerful. The Italian-tailored ash gray suit that he was wearing gave him a sense of sharpness. The whole scene was like a painting with him being the "royalty" in it.

"Grandfather, what brings you here?"

After the voice dropped, the calmness on the old man's face was swept away immediately. Clearly, he was not immune to the owner of this voice. His brows moved slightly and turned toward the young man who was about to approach him.

"Oh, Terence. It really is you..."

Terence ran towards the old man and held his wrinkled hand with both of his, uttering with tenderness, "Grandfather, it's me. Don't worry! I am fine!"

This old man, Nicholas, was the head of the An family. Nicholas shifted his eyes up and down to check on Terrence. Subsequently, he finally put his nerves at ease after making sure that his dear grandson was in perfect shape.

"That bastard Marcus. If only I had seen today coming. I wouldn't have agreed with your father to allow him to return to our family. How dare he stab his own brother from behind?! That cold-hearted brute only brings shame to our family!"

Nicholas's shaky voice spoke for his rage. After sacrificing his whole life for the country and building a strong reputation with numerous contributions, right now, as he's aging, should be the time for him to start enjoying his success and spend his late years with the family in peace.

However, he didn't know such things would take place on his own family that would bring him deep shame and sorrow.

"Grandfather, calm down. Nothing's more important than your health. Marcus had been prejudiced against me for so long. There was a time when I still wished for him to recognize my efforts, but his actions spoke for him. Not being able to let go of the past, he couldn't move on even after all these years."

Terrence sighed as he held Nicholas's hands and helped him sit down on the sofa.

"Terence, you can rest assured that I won't be tolerating such misbehavior. Something has to be done so that he won't dare to touch you again. I've already informed your father earlier to transfer Marcus's work to the NF City. Since that bastard and his men are gone, let's go back together!"

Nicholas stated with a firm tone and gently patted on his shoulder.

Terence knew that Marcus would never leave his plan half done. Putting a bitter smile on his face, he responded, "Grandfather, you might think that Marcus has left for NF City. However, those men who are loyal to him haven't moved an inch. Even if I go back with your protection, I would still have a target on my back. They won't give up easily. They just won't.

Also, to be honest, I have some unfinished business to take care of here in BH City. Grandfather, won't you please give me some time to settle things down?"

Staring at the face of his favorite grandson, Nicholas's smile grew tender. He asked, "Terence, tell me. Is it because of your resentment towards your father? Or has your heart been stolen by some woman in this city?"

Terence just grinned, not humoring him with a response.

"Terry, bring that child home if you really think that she is the one! Don't worry. As long as you've made up your mind, I will be there for you no matter who she is. Nothing will stand in your way under my surveillance!"

Nicholas laughed out loud as he didn't get a reply from his beloved grandson. His silence had sold him out.

Meanwhile, as they were chit-chatting merrily, a loud noise emanating from outside of the window caught both of their attention.

Immediately, they turned their heads toward the window all at once...

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