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   Chapter 21 Nicholas Pops Up

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"Carla? Carla? Are you...?" Terence asked and knocked on the door.

Before he could finish what he was saying, the door suddenly flung open.

Carla looked at him, with bubbles from the detergent foaming in her hands.

"Sorry, I was doing the laundry, so I couldn't hear you," she told him.

Terence walked in with a bag of vegetables in his hands. Putting them on the table, he stopped Carla who was about to go to the bathroom to continue washing the clothes. "You just got a fever yesterday, so you shouldn't be doing any housework today. When are you going to start taking care of yourself?" he remarked.

"Stop doing the laundry. Wash your hands and go to bed to take a break."

Hearing this, Carla blew the white bubbles in her hands away and answered, "I'm not as helpless as you make me out to be. I'm feeling much better, which means I can do the housework. Just relax, will you?"

After sweating all over the quilt last night and drenching it, she wanted to clean them.

"No, you still can't be doing the laundry. You not feeling ill doesn't necessarily mean you've fully recovered. In fact, you're still very weak. How could even bear to touch cold water and hang clothes out with the cool breeze blowing outside? Listen to me and be a good girl. Now go to your room and take some much-needed rest."

Terence instantly grabbed her arm and dragged her into the bathroom without waiting for her response.

Standing close together in the small bathroom, Terence held Carla's hands and helped her wash them. Inevitably, Carla got a whiff his light scent. It was the same scent from her very own bath gel.

"Terence, why do you always treat me so well?" she asked.

Grabbing a towel, Terence wiped her hands and saw her bright eyes staring straight at his face. He replied, "Help me with a drop of water, I will return with the whole spring, let alone the fact that you saved my life.

You're sick now, so this time, it's my turn to look after you. Otherwise, who else can you count on?"

Taking in a deep breath she pried, "Is that true? Is this only about me saving your life? If so, is there really a need to take care of everything about me?

Terence, to be frank, I don't like having this vague relationship with you.

If you're interested me, just tell it straight to my face. Don't do anything on the pretext of me saving your life. You know that's not true."

She thought she had misunderstood him, but now after all he had done for her, could she still consider his gesture as him being grateful?

In that cramped bathroom filled with the smell of detergent powder, watching the bright eyes reflecting himself, Terence sighed and said, "Carla, you're the only person I've ever wanted to treat well without strings. I mean it."

Indeed, she was the only one.

After witnessing too much fame and fortune, shrewdness, and subtlety in his world, he took those things for granted. ·

However, the moment fate brought them together, he began to realize that such a cute and pure girl existed in the world. The girl, who seemed so strong and brave, took on the responsibility of taking care of her family and protecting her little brother from such an early age.

But what about herself?

You wouldn't be able to find any fancy clothes in her closet. Also, she only had simple gym shoes, all of which were cheap and comfortable. And even when she was sick, she never depended on anyone but herself because she didn't want to trouble others.

She was like a bright light that came down from the sky, illuminating his heart.

He couldn't just ignore it. There was no way for him to even if he tried.

"So, your silence is telling me you don't have any feelings for me whatsoever?"

Carla raised her eyebrows asking further.

No one could blame her if she misunderstood, for the things that had taken place between the two of them was beyond the normal relationship of a man and a woman, causing her to have her illusions.

Being a frank girl, she had to raise the question to make everything clear.

But each and every time she directly posed the question, she couldn't get a proper response.

"Are you that anxious to have an affair with me?" Terence retorted teasingly, touching her nose. After that, he added, "Carla, to be honest, I..."

Knocks on t

he door untimely interrupted him all of a sudden.

"Terence, Carla? Are you home?

I have brought you some meatballs. Please open the door."

Carla immediately ran toward the door to welcome the unexpected visitor, leaving Terence to watch her back, letting out a heavy sigh.

He actually kind of had a crush on her, but some of his misgivings were so beyond her wildest dreams.

All those things made him unable to follow his own inclinations to fall in love with a girl.

However, he couldn't control himself from trying to get closer to this woman.

"Carla, these are fresh meatballs made by my mom. Eh? Is Terence not around?" Tracy asked when she saw only Carla, scanning over the house.

"He's inside," Carla said as she took the plate from Tracy's hands without refusing.

Catching a glimpse of Terence exiting the bathroom, Tracy walked toward him and smiled, "Terence, come with me and taste the meatballs. They're tasty and very delicious!"

"Thank you," he replied. Although Terence smiled back, he didn't bother coming over next to her.

Tracy was having a conversation with Carla, but she was obviously absent-minded, because all she could prattle about was Terence.

As soon as Tracy left, Carla sat on the sofa, crossing her legs and enjoying the meatballs, which were indeed flavorful. At a glance, she asked Terence in front of the desk, "Why not come and savor some meatballs? They had been made especially for you.

You helped her carry fruits while you were chatting and chuckling downstairs. I saw how delighted you were then. Why is it that you seem so poker-faced now?"

Hearing her condescending tone, Terence stood up and walked toward her. Sitting considerably closer, he put his arm behind her on the sofa.

He explained, "I just happened to bump into her carrying a lot of stuff, so I helped a little along the way. I think it could be quite helpful for you guys to have a good relationship. Wait. Are you perhaps jealous?"

Staring at him, Carla didn't humor him with a response and just went about eating the meatballs.

"Carla, am I that much of an untrustworthy person in your eyes?" Terence earnestly asked.

Carla put down the plate when she heard this and answered without so much as a hint of hesitation in her voice, "Of course, you are."

Her immediate reply caught Terence by surprise and left him at a loss for words for a while. He grabbed her hand as she was about to stand up.

"Carla, I think we should take this chance to talk about it," he suggested.

Carla pulled her hand back and shrugged, "I don't think that would be necessary. Aren't you leaving? We won't be interacting with each other anymore then. It's not that important for me to know too much."

Promptly, Carla stood up and headed for the bathroom. She wanted to finish doing her laundry, but it turned out Terence had already put all the clothes into the washing machine and cleaned the floor.

Since he had already taken care of everything, she had nothing else to do but take a break in her room.

In the living room, Terence felt the phone vibrate, so he picked it up and went out to the balcony.

"Mr. Terence, this is Race," the man on the phone specified.

"What happened? Is there something wrong with my grandpa?" Terence worriedly asked.

"Mr. Terence, here's the thing. As soon as Mr. Nicholas heard that you were in BH City, he arranged a private plane in secret, and so, he'll be arriving there by tonight."


Terence sulked after hearing the news. Looking around, he lowered his voice, "Didn't I ask you to just give me some more time. Why does grandpa have to come here?"

"I'm sorry, Mr. Terence. It's Mr. Nicholas's idea, and you know there's no way for me to stop him. Your grandpa said the only way he'll ever be relieved is if he can see you safe in person." Race informed him helplessly.

Thinking for a while, Terence got a bit depressed and all he could do was respond with a sigh, "Fine, I know. Send me the address of the hotel where my grandpa will be staying."

He immediately hung up.

Closing his eyes, Terence dwelt on it for a moment and then proceeded to head for the living room.

The instant he turned his back, he found a woman standing by the door, probably trying to eavesdrop on the conversation.

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