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   Chapter 20 A Temperature Of 39°

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Terence calmed down. He looked at the alarm clock on the table to see if enough time had passed since he placed the thermometer under Carla's armpit. Seeing that it was time he carefully removed the thermometer.

"It's 39℃. You have to take some medicine immediately."

Terence went into the living room and came back with a glass of water and antipyretics for Carla's fever.

Carla held his hand as he helped her take the medicine. She was delirious with fever and asked him, "Please tell me who you are. Why were those people trying to kill you? And how about your family?"

Carla rambled as she dropped in and out of consciousness. Terence's dark eyes narrowed at her questions. He put the pills in her mouth.

"It's okay. Take your medicine first."

The pills were very bitter and Carla gulped the water down to wash the taste out.

When the pills were finally swallowed, Carla got relieved. She heaved a deep sigh.

"Terence, I know, in your eyes, I am just a passer-by.

She propped herself up leaning against the bed head and said quietly, "You haven't told us any information about yourself because you don't expect to stay with us for very long. So you don't want us to know much about you. Is that right?"

Carla looked up at Terence who remained silent with misty eyes.

"Fine. Just take it that I am talking nonsense because of the fever. I will never ask you this again. After my brother's birthday, you can leave whenever you want. I won't try and persuade you to stay."

Carla lay down and tucked herself into the quilt.

"I'm okay now. I have taken the medicine and you don't need to stay. Just go back to sleep now and I'll be fine," she mumbled.

Even though Carla, was delirious from the temperature, she knew clearly

that Terence did have many secrets.

He seemed so indifferent to a lot of things, making it difficult for her to read him and distinguish from when he was joking and when he was serious.

This made Carla feel like she was in a dream

and when she woke up, he would no longer be there, leaving her life to be the sa

and cleaned around the house.

Sean's birthday was coming up soon and she had planned to decorate the house a little.

Carla opened the window to air the house and noticed

two familiar figures walking towards the building outside.

One of them was Tracy. She was aunt Li's nineteen-year-old daughter who lived in the next building and the other was tall handsome Terence. She was speaking with him about something.

"Thank you so much." Tracy took the bag of fruit from Terence and bowed shyly to express her gratitude.

"You're welcome. It was nothing." Terence smiled as he pressed the elevator button.

"Oh. Terence. My mum steamed meatballs for lunch. It's very delicious. Would you like some?" Tracy looked up at him with sparkling eyes.

Terence thought for a moment and tried to politely refuse, "No, that's okay. I don't want to trouble you."

"It won't be a problem at all. I'll pack some for you and Carla to have later. I'll only be a moment."

Tracy smiled, carrying the fruit and went to the next building where her apartment was.

Terence walked upstairs

and held the grocery bag in one hand, while knocking on the door with the other. He didn't take the key with him because he knew that Carla was at home.

But, no one opened the door after a few knocks.

Terence frowned. 'What happened?'

"Carla?" He knocked again. "Carla! Are you home?"

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