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   Chapter 19 A Man Of Mystery

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"... Terence, you're too heavy! Get the hell off me!"

Carla cried out loud. She kicked aimlessly, trying to free herself from Terence's control.

Looking at the woman under him who was struggling hard, Terence frowned and gave her a bitter smile. All he did was grab her lightly on the shoulders. He barely had to use his strength. "You, my lady, are no fun at all. It's no wonder why no man has ever fallen for you."

Women would usually be shy at such a moment. That would be if they had any affection for the man at all. Yet this woman, who Terence was sure did not have a crush on him but at least liked him in some ways, was acting very differently.

Hearing Terence's antics, Carla glared at him. Terence continued to taunt her and before he could realize anything, Carla kicked him on the belly.


The intense pain forced Terence to get off Carla. He lay on the bed with his back facing the ceiling. 'That was quite a kick, ' he thought.

In a flash, he seized Carla. She tried to escape but he was faster. He turned her around roughly and held her tight in his arms. Carla could barely breathe with her face buried in Terence's shoulder. He was too strong.

"Carla, you may as well be careful next time. What if you kicked me on the wrong part and ruined my manhood? That would be bad news for you."

Terence cornered Carla with his strong legs to stop her from struggling. He then pinched her chin to make her look at him in the eyes.

"Bah! I couldn't care less about it! Whether your manhood is ruined or not is none of my concern and it certainly won't be. I shall leave that problem to your future wife to worry about." Carla glimpsed at the pair of long legs around her body and sneered.

"Women always conceal what they really think. Stubborn."

Terence grinned at Carla, his head resting on his palm. Then, he fondled her hair.

"Anyway, I won't leave for now. I promised to teach Sean how to play basketball, remember? Besides, I..." Terrence leaned in closer, leaving no space between Carla and him.

"Sis? Terence?"

While Terence was whispering in Carla's ear, someone happened to break in.

The door opened, revealing Sean standing outside with his hand still on the doorknob.

Sean was about to step in when he saw Terence and Carla clinging to each other. He blushed immediately and looked away.

"Terence, can you help me with my homework? There's one problem I can't figure out..." Sean awkwardly said.

Carla had already jumped from the bed as fast as she could. She straightened her clothes first and then rolled up the sleeves to clear the leftover on her tray.

On the contrary, Terence got up slowly. Walking towards Sean, he put on a smile as he saw Carla's cheek flushing scarlet. "Sure, Sean. Tell me about the problem."

After Terence and Sean left, Carla released a sigh of relief. She picked up the bowls and left the bedroom.

In Sean's room, Terence worked out the problem quickly. After he explained it to Sean, he received a worshiping gaze from the kid. However, Sean's expressions quickly changed into something that Terence couldn't figure out. "Terence, are you... are you going to marry my sister?"

Terence burst into laughter. He placed his hand on Sean's head and ruffled his hair.

"You are such a rash little kid, aren't you? Remember, haste makes waste. When you meet someone you like, you gotta take things slow. Win her heart step by step.

Only when her heart is all yours can the two of you overcome all difficulties together. And trust me, after all the hardships and dangers you've been through together, the girl will never be able to live without you,"

Terence explained confidently. To further prove his point, he extended his bare hands in Sean's direction and closed them slowly. He clenched his fists, as if he was reaching something.

On the other side of the door, Carla couldn't help but scoff.

"Sean, don't listen to his nonsense! You're still young. Don't let this man misguide you!"

Carla walked in and pulled her brother by the ear. "Bear in mind little one! Don't you dare forget about your sister when you find yourself a girlfriend. Always listen to your sister! Is that clear? !"

Sean was frightened. All he could do was nod acutely, begging his sister for mercy. "On the score of my Math exam, I swear, I won't have a girlfriend wit

hout my sister's permission! God, just let me go, please."

"That's my boy."

Carla patted Sean on the shoulder and grinned warmly at him.

Terence shook his head and smiled at them.

After a while, Carla noticed that Terence was still in the room. She realized that it was getting a little bit late for Sean. Without hesitation, Carla dragged Terence out of Sean's room so her brother could finally rest. Then, she went to take a shower.


Carla sneezed as she walked out of the bathroom. She rubbed her nose.

"You better take a pill in case you have a cold."

Terence was in the living room doing some work on his laptop. He turned to Carla upon hearing her sneeze.

Despite the raincoat, Carla failed to avoid getting wet under such heavy rain.

"There's no need for that. A glass of hot water should be enough." Carla didn't like taking medicine. She took a glass of hot water and made a beeline for her room.

She thought it wasn't a big deal and fell asleep soon enough.

However, she began to feel terrible at midnight. She was thirsty and her whole body ached. She reached for the glass of water on the nightstand, only to find that it had turned ice-cold.

She decided to get up from her warm bed to fetch some hot water.

The only problem was that as soon as she stood up, dizziness hit her.

Looking for something to hold on to, her hand landed on the nightstand. She accidentally knocked over the glass of water and the glass broke into pieces on the ground.

Shortly afterwards, the door of her room was opened.

"What's wrong?"

Terence walked in. He turned on the light and found Carla leaning on the nightstand, staring blankly at the broken glass on the floor. But the first thing he noticed was that she looked really pale.

One of the pieces of the broken glass had cut a wound on her bare foot. It was already bleeding.

"What happened to you?"

Terence strode towards her, ignoring the glass fragments all over the floor. He squatted down and cleared up the mess around her. Then, he lifted her foot and took a closer look at the wound. "Fortunately, it's not a deep cut. I'll get the first aid kit."

Carla was still dizzy, lying back on the bed. Whenever she had a cold, she could neither fall asleep nor keep her eyes open. Her mind would always be in a mess.

Terence returned in no time with the kit and a thermometer on his hands. He stretched her arm and put in the thermometer.

"Eww! It feels cold..."

Carla frowned and pouted as she looked down on the thermometer.

Terence blamed Carla softly as he squatted down to deal with the wound, "Can't you feel that you're burning up? Just call my name if you need anything. I'm right outside in the living room. Why bother yourself?"

Carla replied a soft groan. Her vision was blurred, but she could still recognize the man who was taking care of her.

She wasn't used to this, but somehow, she felt warm and cozy.

Before she met Terence, she didn't have anyone to turn to whenever she was sick. Naturally, she got used to taking care of herself. Every single time, she would fetch the water by herself and would go to the hospital on her own. But at that moment, she found it really great to have someone beside her.



Carla repeated his name.

"I'm here. I'm here," Terence tried to reassure her. As soon as he finished cleaning and covering her wound, he stood up and sat beside Carla. "Lift your head a little. Let me put the pillow right. That's it. Now wait a moment. I'm going to get you some pills. Then you can go back to sleep."

"Terence... I know nothing about you except for your name..."

Carla lifted her head on Terence's urging. All the while, she looked at him with her blurry eyes. She had never asked about his life because during their first encounter, she had thought that they would be no more than casual acquaintances.

When it was clear that Terence was staying for quite some time, she had tried to ask him but couldn't find a way to start the topic. She always hoped that he would tell her without being asked.

Now, she was eager to know more about him.

It was true that she didn't know anything about this man, except for his name.

Terence was in the middle of pulling up the quilt to Carla's neck. When he heard what Carla said, he suddenly stopped.

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