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   Chapter 17 Men Are Not To Be Trusted!

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 13910

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Noon had just struck, and so had the peak time for delivering takeaways arrived.

Ever since ordering takeaways became a popular method of getting lunch for office workers, the likelihood of people ordering meals through their mobile phones for convenience had increased. That was the main reason why Carla started being so busy and rarely had any time to take a break around this hour.

Running out of the building, Carla saw that there was such a heavy downpour of rain. After leaving home in such a hurry, she wasn't able to bring a raincoat with her. If she tried to proceed with her deliveries now, she'd definitely get soaked from head to toe.

At first, she felt troubled and was worried that the rain would prevent her from doing her job. But after pondering about it for a while, she eased herself and decided to take a break instead.

Contemplating about it, she thought it would be better to wait till the rain stopped rather than be too anxious about it. She then noticed some stores inside the mall building, so she walked towards it in order to kill some time, not knowing when the rainfall would cease.

As she entered the shopping mall, all she did was browse around idly.

Suddenly, something went through her mind, Sean's birthday was just around the bend. This could be a good opportunity to check if she could find a suitable present for him.

Passing by a children's goods store, the schoolbags displayed behind the window caught her eye, so she wanted to check and see if she could pick one for her brother. A high-pitched female voice suddenly came from behind her. "Carla, is that you? Why are you loitering about in here?" Carla turned her head around to see who was calling out to her. The woman added, "I heard that you've got yourself a fat cat boyfriend, but how come you are here now? Are you still working as a delivery girl? I couldn't recognize you in your work overalls when I saw you from a distance. Have you been dumped by your boyfriend again?"

There was a mocking laugh after the playful remark. It was Nina who was sneering and jeering at her.

She was doing some shopping in the mall with her friend. Carla wasn't really expecting to bump into her.

Nina's eyes peered over Carla from head to toe again, paying special attention to the takeaway icon on the overalls. Chuckling, she walked over close to her, "Before you go in, are you aware what the brand of that store is? Just a simple reminder, that children's store is Amani's. Do you even have enough money to pay for the goods? If not, I recommend for you not to go in just to get insulted and soil the store."

Carla did not notice the facade of the store until Nina had stated the fact. It was indeed Amani.

Then she let out a chuckle and ridiculed Nina, "I was just wondering where the foul stench of money was coming from. It turns out it was just you. Could you stay a bit further away from me? It seems that jar of water wasn't enough to wash you clean at all the other day. Do you perhaps need another one to cleanse you?"

At this time, Evan was not by Nina's side. There was no need for Carla to take into account his dignity and so, she countered back.

"What are you saying?" Nina felt offended.

Surprised that Carla had such a sharp tongue, Nina was pissed off by the sarcasm, her face turning red. After a short while, she looked at Carla and said, "That day, your boyfriend treated us to a Michelin-starred restaurant for lunch. How generous of him! Where is he now? I want to thank him if he is here."

When Nina mentioned Terence, Carla was left dumbfounded for a moment, desperately trying to find a way to respond.

"What's the matter? You really got dumped, huh? Or was he actually just casually playing around with you and wasn't interested in you at all?" Nina, whispering this to her ear, snickered.

Seeing that Carla made no attempt to respond, she thought she guessed right, and went behind her back, feeling quite amused.

"Carla, don't think so highly of yourself. Look at you, even your boyfriend has deserted you. I can't begin to fathom how you could even have the nerve to compete with me over Evan. Have

ated, "You're not mad about me. That's really great. You know what? I am now dwelling in your place and depending on you. I have to be careful everyday to make sure I don't do anything to displease you. Do you see how hard this is for me? Because I'm afraid once you're not happy with me and decide to throw me out, I will have to sleep out on the streets. Isn't that tragic? How pathetic it would be on my end if I had nowhere to stay."

As he was telling her this, Terence swiftly put the hot drink in Carla's hand.

She accepted the drink and took a sip. Looking up, she said, "The news you talked of about Evan, was that real? Or did you just make all that up?"

In Carla's eyes, Evan had always been the perfect man, upright, handsome, and thoughtful. How could he be the kind of playboy who was a two-timer cheating on girls? There was no way she'd believe something like that.

"I made it up? Do you really think so?" Terence asked disappointedly.

Raising his eyebrows, he cast a look upon her, sneered and stretched out his hand in front of her, "Hand me your mobile phone and I'll show you."

Taking over Carla's phone, he pulled up a website, and then handed it back to her.

"Carla, see for yourself. This is the man you've had a crush on for three years. Evan looks quite gentle and mild-mannered; there's no denying that. But still, he's a man, so it's only natural for him to be caught off track. If a charming woman throws herself on him, would he be able to resist the temptation? I don't really think so. But I am absolutely different from him.

What's more, Nina is not someone appealing and captivating enough to be able to keep him for herself. It's no wonder that Evan would cheat on her."

As Terence was explaining all of that, Carla watched the news, her eyebrows raising in surprise. The familiar figure on the screen of the mobile phone might not have been very clear, but it was easily recognizable at a glance. It was Evan, definitely.

In the video, Evan was holding a woman of excellent stature in his arms, while her hands were wrapped around his waist. They hugged tightly and kissed passionately, reluctant to part with each other. Anyone watching this scene would be able to sense that they must have had spent a wonderful night together.

Carla originally thought it was just a trick played by Terence, but it turned out that it was the shocking truth. It was way beyond her expectations. In astonishment, she couldn't help but exclaim, "How could that be!

Mm-hmm, men are not to be trusted. I shouldn't have trusted that man, and nor will I ever trust any other man from now on!"

Switching off her phone, she glanced at Terence sitting by her side, still flustered and disappointed about the way Evan had behaved.

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