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   Chapter 16 Mr. Terence

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After all of that, Carla ignored Terence for a whole day.

No matter what Terence tried to say to her, Carla didn't pay him any attention as if her ears had been plugged with wads of cotton.

On that day, as soon as Sean came back from school, Terence immediately asked him to have a talk so he could ask for some advice.

"Sean, what's wrong with your sister? I have been trying to have some casual talk with her for a couple of times today, but all she ever did was ignore me!" Feeling so confused and upset, all Terence could do was complain to Sean when he reached home.

Sean put his schoolbag aside, sighed, and said, "Terence, actually, I heard what you told her yesterday. Is it really impossible for you to fall in love with my sister?"

Sean was only ten years old. But he lost both his parents at such an early age that he became more mentally mature a bit earlier than his peers. Therefore, he was able to comprehend what happened between Carla and Terence.


Terence didn't know how to appropriately answer this question at the moment.

Sean continued to say, "Terence, my sister might always seem easy-going, not caring about the things that may upset her. However, she's actually very sensitive and delicate. Yesterday, everyone sensible could feel how much you like my sister after hearing you say those words to Karen. But later, you…"

The day before, they made somewhat of a racket in the living room that Sean couldn't help but stop doing his homework and eavesdrop behind the door.

Terence scratched his head, his face turning a bit reddish. At this moment, he heard some noise at the door, so he quickly fixed his posture.

Soon enough, the door flung open. It was Carla who just got home from grocery shopping.

"Sean, go back to your room and finish your homework first. I'll just call you when dinner is ready."

After sending Sean to his room, Carla immediately put on the apron and walked toward the kitchen.

A few minutes later, Carla inadvertently turned around, noticing that Terence was standing by the entrance of the kitchen.


Carla disregarded his presence and went about washing the vegetables. Terence sighed, walked over to her, and grabbed her hand. "Carla, don't ignore me, please. Let's talk about this, okay?"

Carla drew her hand from Terence's and turned around to wash vegetables.

"There is no need for us to talk. I understand what you mean. When you've fully recovered, you can go anywhere and do whatever you like to do."

Seeing Carla so indifferent to him, Terence let out a gentle groan. "I'm sorry that I was too impulsive. I have to apologize for saying those words to you."

Not saying anything, Carla just continued washing the vegetables, turned on the gas stove, and began to fry them.

Watching all of this, Terence could only turn around and walk out of the kitchen.

After dinner, Carla took Sean out for a walk.

Terence was left sitting in the living room. Only when they came back did he turn off the laptop.

Sean wisely went back to his room, leaving the two to themselves.


Terence stopped Carla, who was about to walk back to her room. He stood up from the sofa, pulled her by her hand, and walked towards the balcony.

"Please stop ignoring me. During these two days, I have been feeling worse than a condemned man!"

Terence dragged Carla into the balcony, closed the door, and stated.

Recognizing that Terence was guilty, Carla unfurled her lips and said, "Terence, can I ask you a few questions?"

"Okay," he replied without any hesitation.

Carla looked at his bright eyes and asked the first question, "Why did you kiss me at the gate of the hospital that day?"

Terence was in deep thought for a few seconds, and grinned, turning his e

yes away from Carla. "Oh, was that your first kiss? Why are you asking me this now?"

"Answer me."

"Because… at that day, I found someone following me outside the hospital. It was an emergency. I had no time to explain it to you. So, I could only use that way to make you help me at that moment,"

Terence looked at her again and answered truthfully.

"Then, what about that day, in front of Evan and Nina?"

Carla took a deep breath and asked again.

"You have asked me to act in accordance with you. Certainly, I had to play the part well."

Terence answered honestly again, but Carla's face was turning pale upon hearing his response.

Although there were still several questions, Carla lost her interest to continue.

She tried her best to fake a smile, concealing her frustration.

'Perhaps my parents passed away too soon and I grew up without much love from others, so when a man appears in my life and acts good to me, I may misconstrue it as him showing interest in me.

Carla, you are such a fool!

You've helped him before, that's the only reason why he cares about you. He said that he would be responsible for you because he wanted to pay you back.

It's ridiculous for you to think that he likes you.

Oh! What a shame!'

"I see. You don't need to think too much. Maybe I was just a little moved by the words you've said. But it doesn't matter now. Everything has been made clear. It's getting late. It's time to sleep now. I still have to go to work tomorrow!"

As she was saying that, Carla walked past Terence, swung the door of the balcony open, and was ready to leave.


Terence tried to stop her. But she just ignored him and strode out of the balcony.

He turned around, looked at the vastly beautiful night sky through the window, and heaved a heavy sigh.

On the following day, Carla had gone to work while Sean had gone to school.

Only Terence was left at home.

"It's me."

"Mr. Terence? My God! Finally, you decided to contact us! Do you know that the An family has been looking everywhere for you? They have been making every effort to find you. Mr. Terence, where are you now? I will come pick you up right away!"

"Race, calm down and speak in a lower voice. I only called you because I didn't want to worry grandfather too much." Terence stood in the balcony with the silhouette of his back seeming so elegant and proud.

"You can tell my grandfather what I told you. But make sure that no one else knows about this. And you don't need to send anyone to pick me up. I will call you when I have finished handling everything well."

Race had taken care of Terence since he was a child. He was the only one whom Terence could trust besides his grandfather.

"Oh, Mr. Terence, why are you doing this? How are you going to adapt living alone outside? I have been the one taking care of you since you were a child. Your grandfather is so worried about you that he has suffered a heart attack for a number of times now. Doctors had to be at home every day, staying in so they could be around him at all times!"

Race worriedly informed him. When Mr. Terence disappeared, some people in the An family were actually delighted while others were worried.

People who were so concerned had lost their appetite and had been losing sleep. Whereas, the group of people who were ecstatic about it almost wanted to beat gongs and drums and set off firecrackers to celebrate.

"Please rest assured. Tell my grandfather that I am doing fine. I think he will understand and respect my decision."

Hanging up the phone, Terence deleted the number he had dialed.

Outside the window, dark clouds were gathering in the gray sky. It seemed that the rain could pour at any minute.

'Has Carla…

taken a raincoat with her?'

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