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   Chapter 14 You Told Her You're My Boyfriend!

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"Hey, come on!" Carla whined, her eyebrows furrowed. "Stop treating me like a fool. You know I'll definitely feel something if you really did that to me!"

She lifted the blanket to see that she was still in her pajamas. She managed to sigh in relief then got up to get dressed. She threw a glare at Terence who just grinned at her.

He looked so comfortable on her bed. He stretched and place his arms behind his head. He watched Carla pick an outfit from her wardrobe. "Karen called for you. I asked her if you could have a half day off and she agreed.

So there's no need to rush. You won't need to go to work until after lunchtime."

Carla exclaimed with her favorite red dress on hand,"Wait what? Karen called? And you're the one who took it!?"

Terence sat up and gave a teasing smile,"Yes. I took the call for you."

That was it. Carla had enough. Out of annoyance, she threw a hanger at Terence.

She sighed, trying to calm herself. She clutched her fingers onto her hair,"Well, what else did you tell her and what did she say?"

"Take a wild guess!"

Terence laughed, certainly enjoying how anxious Carla was getting. "H-Hey! That wasn't nice!" he cried as Carla threw another hanger at his direction.

"Just tell me what you said and what she said, you fucker! Did she even asked who you are? Did you tell her what kind of a chump are you?" Her eyes were wide in anxiety. If murder wasn't illegal, the smug man on her bed wouldn't be so smug as he was right now.

Terence looked disappointed. He clutched his heart dramatically,"That's so rude. You hurt my feelings! A good lady shouldn't be acting like that. Cursing is something ladies shouldn't do. A good lady won't curse if she is anxious to know something."

Carla crossed her arms and spoke sarcastically,"I am so sorry. I am not a good person to start. You must have been a saint because you are so good. You do have a lot of good deeds! Blackmailing the person who saved your life, barging into her house and being a freeloader. Wow. That's something a good person would do."

Carla was so done. After all she was no celebrity who needed to watch her every move. She was just an ordinary woman and she would say whatever she would like to say.

Terence laughed,"Well thank your parents. You were born privileged!"

"Oh thank you, good sir! I know exactly what you're talking about. You are trying to tell me that I don't deserve a rich husband because I'm so RUDE. Well, news flash. I don't give a fuck."

Carla raised her middle finger at him.

"Now stop the bullshit and just tell what did Karen say? Did she get mad? If she is, she's going to scold me!"

Terence shook his head, smiling. He said,"Ah, well, I told her you were still sleeping and asked her if you could take a day off. She said okay and didn't made any more comments."

"I see," Carla replied. She had a hunch that something was off so she pressed further.

"You told her I was still sleeping, right? Didn't she asked who you were? I mean, Karen loves gossip. What else did she ask? What did you answer her?"

Terence coughed. It looked like this woman wasn't easy to fool her. "Well, I told her I am your boyfriend. Besides, she won't believe me if I told her I was just a friend." He put both hands up, shrugging.

Carla glared him with anger burning inside her eyes. Just her luck. Couldn't things get even worse?

"You know what? Fuck you. Go rot in hell. You're screwing things up for me!"

She took a deep breath, preparing herself for the storm that was coming.

Karen could be scary sometimes when she scold people but she cared about Carla and Sean. She wanted someone who could take care of Sean

and her so she would repeatedly arrange dates for her.

And she made great efforts in it.

That was why Carla chose to stay with Karen even she could have had better jobs.

But then, there went a saying:

"If anything can go wrong, it will."

All of a sudden, someone rang the doorbell. It caused Terence and Carla to turn their heads at the door with shocked faces. "Who's it this time?" Carla muttered in irritation.

"Carla? Carla? Is anybody home? Are you there?

It's me, Karen! Please open the door!"

Carla felt a large lump inside her throat. She felt all the hair around her arms rise up and chills down her spine. "Oh my God..." She covered her face with her hands.

"Karen? Oh dear, why did she choose to visit at such a bad time? Ugh, I'm going to get creamed!"

Carla grabbed any clothes she could wear. Then she hissed at Terence,"Stay here!" and slammed the door.

"Hi, Karen! Such a surprise! What brings you here?"

Carla smiled as she opened the door with no intention of letting Karen inside.

Karen was Carla's boss. Karen looked younger than her age despite being in her early 40s. She had short curly hair and wore a pair of glasses. She pretended to look disappointed as she showed a bag of fruit to Carla.

"What? Aren't you going to let me in? I'm hurt!"

Carla coughed. She reluctantly open the door wider,"S-Sorry, Karen, I was feeling a bit under the weather but come on, help yourself!"

"Oh you! Don't worry. It's okay. I understand why you needed a half day off. When you're in a romantic relationship, you just want to lie down with the one you love,"

said Karen, walking inside the room. Then she lowered her glasses,"I wasn't born yesterday, you know." Then she kept peering at the doors as if looking for someone.

Karen opened Sean's room. She saw him listening to his headphones while doing homework. "Oh, hello!" Sean took off his headphones for a while. "Hi, Sean! I am just visiting your sister. Just do what you're doing!" Karen smiled.

When she closed Sean's door, Karen walked towards Carla's room. Before she could turn the doorknob, she was interrupted.

"Karen, take a seat in the living room first! I'll go get you some drinks and snack!"

Carla smiled, dragging her to the side.

Karen smiled back. She sat down the sofa and shrugged.

"Alright. You're the boss. Come on. Why won't you show me your boyfriend?"

Carla froze immediately, causing her eyes to widen,"What? What boyfriend, Karen? Stop teasing me!"

"Stop playing dumb with me, dearie. I know he's living with you! Poor you! Your parents passed away when you were so young! As an elder, I had this feeling that I should watch over you!"

Karen waved at Carla. "Come on! Bring him out. I won't trust him if I don't see him today. Let me meet him!"

"Karen, you must have taken it wrong. I don't have a boyfriend."

Carla mustered the words to explain.

"You know what usually happens. Those people you have introduced to me don't want anything to do with me because I live with Sean."

This was exactly why Karen poured a lot of effort to find someone special for Carla.

"But dearie, I heard a man's voice in the phone call a while ago. Don't you take me as family and trust me? Why not let me see him? There is nothing to be ashamed of!"

Karen was someone hard to fool. She stood up and walked again to Carla's room.

Carla was also followed her in order to stop even though it was impossible to hide it anymore.

Karen was too nice for her and she didn't want to hide anything from her.

Suddenly, Carla's jaws dropped.

Because at that moment, the door at Carla's room just opened from the inside.

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