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   Chapter 13 Have You Fallen In Love With Me

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"So why did you come to find me?"

Terence asked Carla in a low baritone voice.

Facing a bit of a dilemma, Carla herself was also wondering. Didn't she use to hate it when other people got her into trouble? That was the sole reason why she never bothered others for any form of help.

But this time was a little different. It was him who had distracted those thugs for her and Sean. And she was so moved after hearing Terence tell them to run home first and ask Sean to take good care of her.

"Nothing. I just came back to check if you were okay because you still owe me some money. If you died, how would I get my money back? Come on. I can't just leave you alone here,"

Carla stated while helping Terence to slowly get up.

Terence let out a soft chuckle as he saw that Carla was obviously desperately trying to mask her anxiety.

"Really? Are you sure it's not because you've already fallen in love with me?

That's the reason you came back to find me, right? You were worried about me, weren't you? Ow, ow, ow,"

Terence suddenly cried out in pain before he could even finish his words.

It was due to Carla deliberately pinching his injured leg. "Don't flatter yourself. Other than having good looks, what else do you have? You neither have any money nor a high social status. And to top it all off, you are such a troublemaker. Why would I fall for you?" Carla retorted.

'If he were in a higher status, how could those thugs dare to hurt him?'

Carla thought as she helped Terence get on to her scooter. "Hold on to me tight. Be careful, and try not to fall off. Tell me if you feel uncomfortable," she added.

Wrapping his arms tightly around Carla's waist, Terence replied delightedly,"Don't worry. With a beauty like you in my arms, there's no way I'm ever letting go."

Soon they arrived at a small clinic around the neighborhood.

Carla knew a clinic where her friend Harrow worked in, so she had driven Terence there directly. And as soon as they got off the scooter, she started calling Harrow.

A few minutes later, Harrow welcomed them at the door and let them in.

In the clinic.

Terence was given a preliminary examination by Harrow. He then proceeded to dress his wounds, and give him an injection.

"I'll give him three days' worth of prescription medicaction. Make sure he takes them on time, and he should rest in bed for at least three days as well. If the pain doesn't subside after taking the medicine, you should have him checked immediately at the hospital,"

Harrow advised Carla as he prepared the medicine for Terence.

"Carla, now tell me the truth. Who is that man? What's the relationship between you two?" he inquired.

"Oh, he's just a friend. I just happened to pass him by on the street. He was hurt and I couldn't leave him alone there," Carla answered, batting her eyes.

"Great! It's better if he's just a friend of yours. There is something unusual about the wounds on his body because I found some traces of a bullet grazing him. If he hadn't been so responsive, he could have died.

So, his identity is certainly suspicious, and I think you'd better distance yourself from him," Harrow stared at Carla and suggested sternly.

Hearing Harrow's advise, Carla was in deep thought for a moment. When she looked up, she met Terence's eyes as he was walking out of the examination room.

Carla thanked Harrow and left the clinic with Terence after they were done.

And then they arrived home together at last.

With both of his legs bandaged up, Terence seriously needed to get some rest.

The space in the couch wasn't wide enough for Terence to be able to rest well. And in fact, it was actually a bit too narrow.

Besides, Harrow had mentioned that he had to rest in bed for at least three days. Lying on the couch wouldn't help him get a speedy recovery.

After struggling for a while to make a decision, Carla finally decided to move Terence into her room so he could rest on her bed, at least, until he had fully recovered.

Sean's room was too small, and his small bed wouldn't be enough to fit two people, especially if one of the two was as big of a man as Terence was, so Carla knew that letting Terence sleep there was out of the question.

Although her bed wasn't really that big, it was still much bigger than Sean's. Carla believed it could fit Terence well.

"What are you doing? Where are you going with that quilt of yours? It's already late now. Aren't you going to go to bed?"

Terence looked puzzled when he noticed Carla carrying her quilt to the living room.

Carla intensely glared at Terence.

It was clear as day what she was planning to do, but he still asked her anyway. The cheeky devil was on purpose!

Gnashing her teeth in anger, she thought that she really shouldn't have pitied him and gone back to find him. She sh

ould have just left him there to die on the street.

Was this what she got for being softhearted? At the end, she had even lost her precious bed!

Carla had never thought that a time would come where she would have no choice but to act nice and be so generous to Terence.

"What am I doing?" she rhetorically asked him back. "Was it not enough that I let you stay in my house and take up my bed? Now, you want me to sleep with you, too?" Carla screamed angrily. She glared intensely at Terence, turned around, and walked away.


Terence called out, sitting up on the bed. "You don't have to sleep in the couch. It's too hard, and you won't be able to fall asleep. Come on. Look at me! What can I do to you when I'm in this condition? We can sleep together on the bed."

If it was a couch of decent quality, it could be enough to sleep on. But that cheap couch was not comfortable at all.

Who knew that his kind gesture would get Carla so furious?

"My couch is too hard? Are you kidding me? It's your couch that is hard. All of your couches are as hard as rocks!"

Carla bolted toward the door, her thundering steps shaking the floor, and then strode out of the room, walking to the couch.

But as fate would have it, it turned out what Terence had said was actually true.

Carla really had a hard time trying to find a comfortable position and couldn't fall asleep at all.

She had never experienced sleeping on the couch before. But who in their right mind would sleep on the couch when it was much more comfortable to sleep in the bedroom anyway?

The couch was truly hard. Even after turning over for like a thousand times, she still couldn't find sleep. And even though she was lying on her quilt, her back and hips still felt so sore. Why hadn't she ever felt how hard it was to sit on at other times?

After tossing and turning countless times, Carla finally fell into a deep slumber.

The morning after...

Because of staying up late last night, Carla slept like a log that she couldn't hear her phone alarm ringing.

Besides, it only rang for a few seconds because

Terence turned it off as soon as it had started ringing.

So Carla just slept for one more hour after that.

"Hello, Carla? She's still sleeping,"

Terence picked up Carla's phone and answered it for her. It had been ringing for quite some time.

"Me? I'm her boyfriend. Carla's still sleeping right now because she stayed up way too late last night.

Is it okay if she goes back to work in the afternoon? Thank you," Terence took a glance at Carla who was sound asleep, lowered his voice, and went on.

Terence chuckled when he hung up the phone. 'What an easygoing boss Karen was!'

When she found out that he was Carla's boyfriend, she didn't sound angry. In fact, it even seemed like she was quite pleased.

Terence put down the phone, turned to check up on Carla, and pulled the quilt to cover her well.

Just like a log, Carla slept for two more hours, and then opened her eyes, seeming to be in a daze.

"What time is it?" Carla asked, yawning.

Shit! She had to come to work today. Looking outside the window and seeing the sun high up in the sky, she knew she must have been so late for work!

"It's only 10 o'clock. It's still early to have lunch,"

Terence, lying on the other side of the bed, checked the time and answered slowly.

"Now, it's all over for me. I remember setting an alarm on my phone! And you! Why didn't you wake me up?" Carla hurriedly got up from the bed, and ran toward the wardrobe to find clothes to wear. But suddenly, she noticed that something was quite amiss.

"Why was I in the bed?"

Terence put down the book he was reading and explained,"Yesterday, you kept turning over and over on the couch, and you fell on the floor as soon as you dozed off, so I brought you here."

Carla rubbed her eyes, and stared at Terence skeptically. She couldn't remember anything!

"Are you joking? You carried me here from the couch?" she questioned him doubtedly.

Terence raised his eyebrows, and said,"Joking? Apart from me, who else in this house could possibly lift you up and move you over here from the couch?"

His legs might've been injured, but he wasn't disabled. And besides, Carla wasn't very heavy anyway, and it was only a short distance between the living room and the bedroom. He could still manage something like that.

Terence had his eyes fixated on her. It seemed that she was extremely doubtful about his strength. It made a man feel bad when a woman doubted something about him, no matter what it might be.

"I thought that after two people sleep together on the same bed for a night, a woman would ask something else instead of questioning his ability to walk,"

Terence teased, gazing upon her body, which was in a loose and a bit transparent nightgown.

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