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   Chapter 11 It Was A Trick

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Strolling back to their table, Carla heard Terence talking to Nina and quietly walked toward them. "What are you two talking about?" Her gaze shifted from Terrence to Nina and she joked,"Are you talking about me?"

Nina got such a fright that she almost jumped out of her skin and fell off of her chair. Still in shock, she got up and dusted herself off and replied,"You startled me, Carla! Don't creep up on people like that."

Terrence arched his eyebrows in confusion and said,"What makes you say that? I'm not the kind of person that talks about other people behind their backs." Terence sprung off of his chair and pull the chair beside him for Carla to sit on. 'What a gentleman, ' she thought to herself.

Sean came running at full speed and shouted,"Look, Terence! Look what I got!"

Terence looked at Sean darting toward him and only one thing crossed his mind, 'I hope he doesn't fall.'

As he was running, Sean was actually holding a medium-sized fishbowl, and inside it was a goldfish. "Look! How cute my fish is!" Sean shouted with excitement.

"Slow down, you..." Before Terrence could even finish his words, Sean's shoes got caught on a loose block of cement causing him to trip and fall face down.

The fishbowl flew into the air, and everyone's eyes just anxiously watched it.

As it hit the ground so hard, the fish tank shattered. There were tiny glass shards scattered all over the floor.

The fish, on the other hand, went flying in the opposite direction. Sean quickly got up and looked around in shock,"Where is my fish?"

All of a sudden, a scream echoed throughout the whole building.

When the fishbowl fell, Nina went a bit hysterical as the water splashed all over her hair as well as her white sundress.

"I am soaking wet. Look at me!" Nina said furiously.

Sean couldn't say anything as he watched it all take place, so scared that he dared not to move his body.

Nina looked down on her dress,"Oh my god! It's on me! Ew, the fish is on me! Get it off of me now! Someone! Anyone! Do it quickly!"

Being severely repulsed by animals, especially a slimy fish, Nina definitely wasn't going to touch it no matter what. She tried to shake it off, but the fish was stuck to one of the flower embellishments on her dress.

Sean immediately stopped staring at Nina in shock and took the fish off of her dress.

"I am so sorry, Auntie Nina. I swear I didn't do it on purpose. Please forgive me," Sean pleaded.

He came back from shock and then remembered that the fish belonged to him and that it was obviously gasping helplessly for air. 'I better get this fish back into water before it dies.' Running around for something to put the fish in, he eventually found a glass of water, only it was on someone else's table. "Uha!" quite impressed with himself, he shouted out loud. However, the man that was sitting at the table did not seem amused watching Sean put a fish into his glass.

Nina glanced down at her dress that got completely ruined. She was so angry,"You stupid brat! You did this on purpose. I know you did, Sean!"

"No, that's not true! It wasn't my intention!" Sean widened his eyes and faked a small tear,"I swear Auntie Nina, I didn't do it on purpose."

Nina looked at him in disbelief,"How dare you lie to me?! I know all of your tricks and tactics, and that was definitely not by accident!" She looked at Carla who was trying her best not to laugh,"Your sister is probably in cahoots with you!"

Everyone began to stare at Nina, and she couldn't understand why. She glanced down at her dress and realized the white dress she was wearing was now see through. Nina was furious and embarrassed,"Sean, I'm gonna get you for this!

"You're such a rascal! I'll be giving you a hard lesson today," Nina said.

However, she failed to catch him. Terence stopped her from catching him and kept standing between them.

"Miss Nina, please calm yourself down. He's just a ten-year-old boy who has apologized for his misbehavior. You can't just go and beat him," Terence said to Nina in a cold tone before Carla could go and help Sean.

Meanwhile, Evan came to them as he had heard the commotion.

Evan took off his coat and put it on Nina as he said to her,"Nina, don't be angry. It's just a dress. I'll buy you a new one. He's just a child. There's no need for you to get mad at him. Don't be bothered by it too much."

"Evan, it's his..." Nina tried to explain to Evan.

"Evan, I'm sorry. Let me apologize to Nina on behalf of my brother. He's really just a reckless and naughty boy. As a result, he fell on the ground carelessly and got Nina's dress wet! I'm sincerely sorry about that!"

Carla apologized to them before Nina could finish her explanation.

"That's all right. As I

've said, he's just a little boy. We don't blame him. Well, you can go ahead and enjoy your dinner by yourselves. I'm going to take Nina to get changed,"

Evan said as he gave a slight nod to Terence, then he turned to help Nina and left with her.

Watching them leave, Sean let out a heavy sigh, turned around, and winked at Carla happily.

Moments later, Terence noticed that Carla and Sean had sat down, humming a song with their legs crossed. It seemed like they were in such a good mood. They were having macarons.

"Here you are, Carla. Have a taste. It's really delicious!" said Sean.

"Yeah, it's really delicious. And it's really expensive. Sean, let's eat as much as we can!" said Carla.

Terence couldn't help but shake his head as he watched them enjoying the macarons. 'They're funny!

It was a trick just now. They just really didn't want Nina to be around. Therefore, they set a trap and made Nina leave, so they could enjoy the dinner by themselves, ' thought Terence, observing them with a smile on his face.

Soon later, they left the Michelin-starred restaurant.

After paying the bill, Carla felt so distressed as she put her credit card back in her bag. It was too expensive, Carla almost couldn't bear it. She turned to Terence and stared at him angrily,"Terence, do not act on your own next time. Else, get out of my home!"

"Did you hear me?" Carla asked.

Terence heaved a deep sigh and nodded, then smiled at her and answered,"Yes, I did. But I don't think it's a good idea to play tricks with your brother. He's just a little boy. You might be misguiding him," Terence said.

Carla glanced at her brother and pursed her lips,"How could you say that? I'm not a villainous woman. Of course, I'll make sure not to misguide him.

I can discern what's right or wrong, but I also have to give a lesson to bad people if it's necessary. Do you understand?"

At the same time, Sean walked toward him and said,"Terence, your arm's still injured. Let me hold the fish."

He was such a cute and polite boy. The fish was a gift he had received from the manager. Since the fishbowl was broken, he had to put it in a plastic bag for the time being.

Terence took the fish in one hand and placed his arm around Sean's shoulder as he heard the little one. Then, he replied to him with a reassuring smile,"Never mind that. My injury would be just fine. I can take care of the fish. You, on the other hand, should be more careful. Don't fall on the ground next time! Take better care of yourself."

Although the injury might not seem obvious because it was covered by his clothes, the bandage on his arm and the band-aid on his head was exposed.

"Terence, you don't have to worry about me. I won't fall again. That woman is too despicable. How dare she curse my sister so badly before? That's why I splashed the water on her!"

Sean curled up his lips and complained. In fact, he had sworn before that he would protect his sister well when he grew up. There was no way he'd allow anyone to bully her.

Listening closely, Terence gave him a tender look. He messed with his hair and said,"Okay, I get it."

'Sean might be a cute and clever boy, just a small child, but he already knows how to protect his own sister. I'm really glad to hear that, ' Terence thought.

At around nightfall, they had finally left the amusement park.

Since Carla had already spent a lot today, Terence dared not ask her to hail a taxi. There was no way she would ever agree to spend more on it. She would definitely feel heartbroken at the thought of such a huge expense.

As a result, Terence didn't say a word as he followed them to the bus station. They decided to just take a bus.

It was a typical Saturday night. A lot of people had spent their weekend there, therefore, a big crowd gathered waiting for the bus, and there even was a traffic jam nearby at the moment.

Carla couldn't get on the bus at all. Lots of people were trying to squeeze in!

Carla angrily watched the bus leave. Then, she turned around and looked at her little brother and Terence who was injured.

"Well, I've had enough of this! Let's take a taxi," said Carla.

Terence put his hand on Sean's shoulder and smiled at him after hearing her. In fact, he was not planning to take the bus at all. Knowing Carla, he thought she would choose to take a taxi in the end. It seemed that he had just been patiently waiting for her to make the decision on her own.

Since the bus station was surrounded by too many people, they decided to walk along the road for a few minutes and ride a taxi home.

All of a sudden, a black van pulled over across the road, and the door quickly flung open. About eight people got off and charged at them aggressively.

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