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   Chapter 7 A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing

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Terence gripped the slipper Carla threw at him and chuckled. He continued to tease her,"Didn't you tell me that I need to look into your eyes when I talk to you? Look, I've thought about what you said and you're absolutely right. I need to give you more respect.

As long as I am with you and you can see me, I will only be looking at you."

With her arms folded across her chest, Carla shot him daggers with her eyes before she sneered at him. Since she only had one slipper, she dangled on one leg with the slipper-less foot perched behind it.

"Terence, you are such a flirt! You are truly a wolf in sheep's clothing. Why do I even know you?"

'You were so mean to me the first time we met. And then you suddenly kiss me. On the streets! And now, you even stare at me in that creepy way!

I know your true colors, Terence!' Carla said to herself in her mind.

"You may think you can win over me but I don't give up and I will not be bullied. I know exactly how to handle wolves like you!" she reminded him.

Carla sneered at Terence. She stomped over to him and grabbed her slipper. She wore the slipper on her bare foot before she retreated to the bathroom.

Terence jumped when Carla slammed the bathroom door closed. He saw a small mirror on the desk and studied his face in it.

'Do I look like a creepy pervert? No one has ever said that to me.

Well, not to my face anyway.

I can't believe a tiny, defenseless woman like her can make me tremble like that! What is wrong with me?

Well, no. She's not a defenseless woman.

She knows how to fight against me. And talk about mean, she was so mean to me yesterday when I was defenseless!' Terence remembered.

Soon, the clock struck midnight.

But there was still a sliver of light shining through the living room.

The light came from Terence and his repaired laptop. The light beamed from the screen and onto his face as he quickly tapped the keys. The dizzy white light reflected the solemn expression his face now carried.

He decided that this time, he would let go of that man once more. He wasn't going to take any actions against him this time. But he'd better be careful. He had almost reached the end of his life with Terence.

They had a lot of good times in the past. And he didn't want to ruin those good memories by declaring a battle against that man.

But, he had put up with his rude behavior for far too long. He wasn't sure how he long he could tolerate that behavior anymore.

Before long, the sun had risen to a new morning.

Carla was fast asleep in her bed but her senses were woken up when she felt the other side of her bed collapse under another body's weight. She still had her eyes closed when she rolled up the quilt off her body and placed her leg on the other person's leg.

"Sean, it's Saturday today. Why are you up so early? You can still sleep. Go on, get some more sleep," Carla asked, with her eyes still closed.

Terence tried to stifle his laughter. He lay on his side and propped his head up on his hand. With his mouth firmly closed to hide his laughter, he stared at this tiny strong woman who held him tightly.

He brushed a strand of hair off her face and stared at her small, slim face with closed tiny eyes and pouting mouth.


She wore white pajamas with one of her long legs hung over his leg.

Carla wanted to sleep in, even though Sean was beside her. Or at least she thought it was Sean beside her. But then, her eyebrows furrowed and met each other in the middle.

She still didn't want to open her eyes but realized at that moment that Sean was growing up too fast. She reached out to grab his waist when her eyes flew wide open. She wasn't grabbing a young boy's waist but a full grown man's!

She lifted her leg off the man's body and kicked him as hard as she could off her bed!

Sean was seven years old when their mother died. And because Sean wasn't used to sleeping by himself, Carla accompanied him in his sleep every single night. She was used to sleeping with Sean beside her and she didn't expect there would be anyone else.

Terence rubbed his hip where Carla kicked him and sat up on the floor where he fell to face Carla. His lips curled up to a teasing smile and he got up quickly to join her on the bed before she could protest. Carla raised her hand to hit him but Terence anticipated the move and caught it in his hand. He pressed her down to stop her from hitting him again.

"Why are you hitting me already? You just woke up!

I wanted to wake you up for breakfast. And this is how you treat me? I am shocked. Sean thought it was a nice day and he wants to take a walk. Shouldn't you, as his only guardian, go with him?"

Terence continued to tease her as he kept her pinned down under him.

Carla had a hard time breathing with Terence pressing down on her. She often woke up on the

wrong side of the bed every morning. But today, because of him, she was burning with extra fire in her eyes, which she tried to direct at him so he could burn.

"Didn't your mother teach you to knock on the door before you enter someone else's room?"

Before Carla could protest, even more, she realized Terence's face was just inches away from her. She was so shocked that she couldn't move, let alone protest against him.

"I am your creditor and you are the debtor. Have you forgotten that? Our relationship didn't evolve to one that allowed you to come into my room and on my bed without my permission!"

Terence stared into her eyes and down to her lips and his smirk widened.

"Didn't evolve? But we've already kissed! Or have you already forgotten that magical moment? If you have already forgotten, then I'd be happy to remind you of that memorable moment!"

Terence teased. He lowered his head and puckered his lip to meet Carla's.

Carla was too shocked and frozen to fight Terence back. Her jaw dropped and she couldn't move her face. She could only stare at his face as it inched closer and closer to her.

But at the last minute, Terence lifted his lips and placed a gentle kiss on her forehead instead.

Terence let go of Carla and pushed himself off the bed. He collected himself and smoothed down his clothes before he faced Carla.

"Come on. Get dressed and come down for breakfast. I did knock on the door but you didn't answer. And I was worried something had happened to you. When I tried the door, it was unlocked so I came in," Terence said before he left her.

Carla unfroze as soon as Terence left and she felt herself warm up. She felt her forehead and her cheek and stared at the closed door while she fanned herself with her hands.

'Why does it happen every time?

Every time he comes any close to me, I freeze up.


Did he really knock before he came in?

Was he telling the truth? Why didn't I hear anything?' Carla debated with herself.

She shook the thoughts and Terence off her head. She finally pushed herself off the bed to wash her face before she went for breakfast.

When she arrived at the dining room, she saw the fried eggs, vegetable pies and steaming porridge on the table. She inhaled the smell and ignited her appetite.

"Carla, are you going to your work today? It's such a beautiful day, perfect for the amusement park! I really want to go. We haven't been there in months. Can we go there today?"

Sean asked. Sean had rushed to her when he saw her enter the dining room.

Carla had been so busy with work lately and she wasn't able to spend a lot of time with Sean. He was always either stuck at home or only went out to go to his classmates' house.

Carla sat down to eat her porridge before she faced Sean. Sean joined her at the table but kept his eyes on her instead of eating. Terence was also at the table but he had his eyes on his laptop. Carla couldn't help but notice the bandage on his arm.

She had asked for a leave from work yesterday and told Karen she had to go to the hospital. And she also promised Karen that she would be back at work today.

"I'll ask Karen if I can take a leave again today. I think she'll say yes," Carla finally answered Sean.

"Really, Carla? Yay! You're the best, Carla! I love you so much!"

Sean jumped out of his chair and hugged Carla. Carla pretended to run out of breath at Sean's hug. Sean let go but held on to her arm while he jumped up and down.

"Sean! Stop! Stop the jumping, Sean! I'm getting so dizzy. Stop shaking me, okay?"

Carla glared while she pulled her sleeve out of Sean's hand.

She turned to face Terence again.

"Terence, since you can't come because of your injury, it's best you stay home to watch the house. We'll be back after lunch."

"What? Of course not!"

Carla was shocked and could not believe what she heard.

Because the protest did not come from Terence, it came from Sean who was now in his seat beside her.

"Carla, please let Terence come with us! Getting fresh air will be good for him and help him recover faster. Let him come with us! And if he's going to be with us, then he can protect us from the bullies, right?"

Even though Carla had just reprimanded Sean a few minutes earlier, it seemed nothing of the sort had just happened. Sean took Carla's hand and used the same pleading eyes earlier. "Terence has already rested for two days. He's feeling much better now," he said.

"And there's nothing worth stealing anyway in this house. We just need to lock the door. We don't need Terence to watch it.

Please, Carla, please let Terence come with us!"

Terence kept silent. When Carla glanced at him, he merely shrugged his shoulders and shook his head at Sean.

He wanted to tell Carla with his gesture, 'I don't care what you decide. It is totally up to you two.'

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