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   Chapter 6 I Am The Boss In This House

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After closing the door, Carla tousled her hair, seeming to be so frustrated. She couldn't help but let out an audible sigh as she walked toward the couch.

She stared blankly at the wall while five minutes had passed.

And then ten minutes...

Twenty minutes...

Subconsciously, Carla took a glance at the door.

But everything was still the same, and the door just remained shut. The silence was so deafening that she somewhat yearned to hear even just a single knock on that door.

After getting a whiff of the delicious sparerib soup that Terence had left for her in the kitchen, the guilt Carla felt toward him crept up more and more into her gut.

Although he just came around out of the blue and didn't even bother telling her who he really was, he might have had a good reason to keep it from her.

Besides, they stayed almost a day in the hospital, and it was actually already close to dusk now.

'Where could he have possibly gone? He doesn't even have any money with him, '

Carla contemplated for most of the next hour as she couldn't stop herself from feeling sorry for throwing Terrence out.

All of a sudden, the door was flung open from the outside. Sean put away his key and noticed that his sister was curled up on the couch in fetal position.

Carla didn't bother looking up because she knew it was just Sean, who had just gotten home from school.

"Sis, how could you ask Terence to pick me up from school? He had a fever this morning and still hasn't fully recovered from his earlier injuries yet. But I have to say, he is really an awesome guy. Jeremy invited me to play basketball with him after school and Terence came to look for me. It was so amazing when he did a slam dunk!"

With the look of admiration in his bright eyes so crystal clear, Sean sat down beside his sister on the couch.

As soon as Sean was done talking, Carla lifted her head up and saw the man who had just walked into the house carrying some onions.

"Terence, you're back."

Seeing as Terence just got there, Sean stood up immediately and welcomed him after taking the onions from his hand. Then he added with an excited voice, looking up to Terence,"Terence, could you please teach me how to pull off that slam dunk so I can be just as awesome as you are?"

After checking up on Carla first, who, at the moment, still looked so surprised at his sudden appearance, Terence patted Sean on the shoulder and replied,"Sure. as soon as I can get my strength back, we can practice it after you're done with school. The basketball court in the neighborhood would do just fine.

I'll take care of these onions for you. The soup is almost done. Let me just go check it."

Finishing his words, Terence walked into the kitchen with graceful strides just as usual.

Acting as if nothing had happened, he proceeded cooking in the kitchen. Carla, on the other hand, could not be just as composed as he was.

She sprung up from the couch and turned to Sean as she said,"Sean, go back to your room first and take care of your homework. I'll call you when the dinner is served."


Nodding his head, Sean grabbed his schoolbag and headed toward his bedroom.

Step by step, Carla walked into the kitchen and then leaned against the door with her eyes almost piercing through the back of the man. The man, who was busy with kitchen work at the time, seemed so tall and somewhat reliable.

"Why did you come back? And how did you find out which school Sean goes to?"

When he heard Carla's questions, Terence was still in the middle of washing the vegetables. He turned to take a look at the woman standing behind him, then gave a soft smile and answered,"The soup wasn't done yet. I can't just leave it like that for too long.

As for what school Sean goes to, I found out from the awards in his room when I was cleaning the house. It wasn't that hard."

In contrast to Terence's apparent calmness, Carla was actually struggling silently. She had thrown him out earlier, and yet there they were standing under that same roof again.

He was even preparing their dinner in the kitchen without any complaint.

"I told you I'd pay you back.

If I leave you now, I won't be able to forgive myself. So I chose to stay and help you and your brother in whichever way I can.

All I want is to pay you back, nothing else. If I upset you in any way, then I'm sorry about that."

With all sincerity in his voice, Terence explained while chopping up the vegetables.

She might've been a little too furious with him before he explained things to her, but now, she felt much better and was no longer in a mood where she wanted to throw him out again.

After he was done with cooking, Carla was quite astonished to see the fine and fabulous dinner on the table, four dishes and a soup as well. It was such a fancy dinner. Because of this she co

uldn't control herself from staring at the man who was sitting right next to Sean at the opposite side of the table.

Before she could begin to say anything, Sean asked instead,"Terence, where did you learn to cook such delicious food? Are you a cook?"

Sean was so overly astounded by the delicious food as it tasted much better than the simple dishes his sister could make.

"No, I'm not. But I have an aunt who is a famous chef. I used to live with her, and I learned a few things while I was there, so preparing dinner is not too hard of a task for me."

Saying that, Terence gently put down a bowl of soup in front of Carla.

It was hard for her to admit it, but Carla was so deeply touched by the hot soup served in front of her. It was the first time that another man had cooked for her besides her father. Her feelings were a bit conflicted.

It had been such a long time since she, along with Sean, had a meal with others after their parents passed away.

Their relatives only saw them as an inconvenience and wouldn't spend so much time with them. And even if some of them would go out of their way to come to pay a visit, they'd leave as soon as possible and wouldn't even bother staying to have a meal with her and Sean.

After the dinner, a problem suddenly came up.

How were the three of them going to sleep in that tiny house which only had two bedrooms?

Aside from that, Sean had to do his homework in the evening so he needed a quiet room in order to focus. And also, his bed was only 1.2 meters wide. It's barely enough to fit two persons to sleep on it.

"Sis, Terence can be your boyfriend. Then he can stay with you in your bedroom,"

Sean advised as he always saw such similar plots in the TV series that he watched.

And above all else, Terence cooked good food and was also good at playing basketball. Due to that, Sean was 100% pleased with the idea of Terence living with them.

However, before he could even finish his words, a cushion with a picture of a cute dog was thrown directly into his face.

"Shut up! And go back to your bedroom now. This isn't a problem for you to take care of."

Carla rolled her eyes at Sean and sat back to the couch when she saw him go back to his room. She turned her gaze toward Terence, who was sitting opposite to her on the couch, and said,"Our house is way too small. We don't have any spare place where you can stay."

Fixing the broken laptop which he had found from a corner of the house, Terence didn't raise his head and replied,"I can just sleep on the couch."

Upon hearing his answer, Carla pursed her lips and said,"All right. But you're not allowed to move around in the evening, especially not without any clothes on.

And you need to take care of the breakfast and the dinner every day, in addition to being in charge of the housework. Furthermore, don't bring anyone else home and don't you dare enter my bedroom without my permission."

"No problem,"

Terence replied without even raising his head because he was still preoccupied with fixing the laptop with the help of a screwdriver at the moment.

Noticing that he didn't even bother to take a look at her after all the things she said, Carla couldn't help but feel like she had been disrespected. So she raised her eyebrows and stepped in front of him. She lifted his chin up with her hand and warned,"Terence, look into my eyes whenever I'm talking to you. You hear me?"

She was the boss in this house, who earned money for their living expenses. Hence, she surely needed to be respected, especially by him.

Terence was a bit surprised at the moment since it was the first time for him to have his chin lifted up that way by a woman. He was caught in a daze for a second there, but soon let a gentle smile slip from his lips and put down the laptop.

"Yes, my queen. Whatever you say."

Terence looked into Carla's eyes with a glimmer of amusement in his deep eyes.

Carla got lost in his eyes for an instant before she could process what had just happened, then she suddenly felt embarrassed and quickly let go of his chin.

"All right. It's already late. I need to go to bed now."

Carla mumbled and slightly shook her shoulders, trying to shake off her embarrassment, then headed toward her bedroom.

The bathroom was located in the other end of the living room. When she changed into her pajamas in her room and tried to take a bath, she had no choice but to walk past Terence.

She looked up and saw him looking at her as she walked by.

It was summer now, and that being the case, the pajamas she was wearing were pretty thin.

Terence's eyes were fixated on her body in that moment, showing a hint of amusement.

He gave her a look from head to toe without so much as an attempt to even try hiding his gaze. This, without a doubt, drove Carla mad immediately.

"Terence An!"

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