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   Chapter 3 Don't Stop Midway In Saving Me!

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"Have you ever heard of the old saying: When you see Buddha off, don't stop when you reach West. You may as well see him all the way to Heaven. It means you don't stop midway in doing a good deed. Since you've save me, you should be responsible for me," Terence relayed smugly. He continued,"I can't sleep like this. And if I can't sleep well, I won't be able to function tomorrow." "With that said, can I please have the honor of using your bathroom?" he finally asked.

To further prove his point, Terence visibly sniffed his sweaty body. When he saw blood all over him, he grew embarrassed.

As a neat freak, he wouldn't be able to sleep this way.

"You....." Carla tried to contain her annoyance. She didn't expect that the man could become even more unreasonable. She snorted and refused him firmly,"No, I don't like strangers using my bathroom. So I guess you just have to deal with it, sorry."

"Ah, never mind. I'm not a heavy sleeper, so I guess you won't mind if I stain your sofa." The man stretched his legs and deliberately wiped them on the spotless sofa. All he had to do then was wait for Carla's response.

Carla stared at him in disbelief. Rolling her eyes, she sighed and started walking towards the bathroom. Opening the door, she said,"Fine, you can take a shower. But I'm warning you! Keep it clean!"

Terence raised his brows and smirked as he got up from the sofa. He waved for Carla to come over.

"Come and help me," he demanded.

Having just recovered from a coma, plus the wound still fresh on his skin, Terence felt worn out. He wasn't sure if he could walk into the bathroom by himself so he had to turn to Carla for help.

If looks could kill, Terence would have already died a thousand times. But even so, Carla walked towards him. With apprehension, she helped him stand up by holding him by the arm.

Terence, on the other hand, had other plans. He disregarded her hands and instead placed his arm over her shoulders, putting his weight on her. It was in this way that they slowly walked towards the bathroom.

On a normal day, it would only take Carla a few steps to reach the bathroom. But this time, with a tall man bearing her down, it felt like she's carrying the Mount Taishan. At the same time, being so close with a man for the first time was causing her heartbeat to increase by the minute.

Finally, they arrived at the bathroom. Carla removed his arm off her shoulder the second she saw it fit and immediately turned away.

A loud thud could be heard in an instant.

It was Terence who hit the wall the moment he was out of Carla's support. He would have fallen to the ground if the wall hadn't caught him first.

"Are you okay?"

Carla turned to him, her face evident with concern.

"Can't you tell?" a wry smile appeared on his face.

If he had been well-rested, there was no doubt that he could walk by himself. But right now, all he could do was bear with it.

Terence cast his eyes to the ceiling and sighed deeply. Carla assisted him in a sitting position beside the tub then went on to prepare a warm bath for him.

"I should have just left you outside if I knew you're going to be such trouble. I should have left you there to die!"

Carla complained.

She helped him take off his dirty clothes stained with blood. Inevitably, she came in contact with his firm and strong muscles. The thought made her flush.

His muscles felt smooth and tense which were very different from hers. Damn it, her heartbeat began to accelerate again.

Watching him sitting on the sofa earlier was already causing her a headache. And now, she had to take off his clothes and touch him. She tried so hard to conceal how good it felt.

"If you want to touch more, would you let me shower first. Then, I'm all yours." Terence teased her, seeing the way she was looking at his body.

"What are you talking about? Don't be so full of yourself.

I'm not interested in you or your body at all!" Carla protested. Recovering from her momentary slip of mind, she quickly looked away as she felt her cheeks get warm. She fled in a hurry after throwing the dirty clothes into the washing machine.

She shut the door heavily, leaving a loud stamp.

Upon reaching the living room, she buried her face on her palms. "Don't be such a fool!" she lectured herself.

Knowing that Terence was incapable of taking care of himself, Carla decided to stay on the sofa. She thought it would be better to wait and help him when he came out, instead of being woken up by the impudent guy if she fell asleep.

It was about 20 minutes later when

she heard noises coming from the bathroom.

Carla yawned and stood up with unsteady legs. Still dazed from sleep or the lack of it, she naturally walked towards the bathroom and opened the door without much thought.

Her drowsiness was knocked out of her in a second. As if she was suddenly splashed with cold water, her senses woke up, and her eyes went wide as she took in what was in front of her.

The next heartbeat, a red flush started to spread from her cheeks to her whole face and even to her neck. Abruptly, she shut the door with an even louder thud than earlier.

Terence did not expect that she would open the door without knocking. Needless to say, he wasn't wearing a single thread of clothing when she saw him. Looking at himself in the mirror, he smiled bitterly. It was the first time that a woman saw him naked but he couldn't do anything. How unfortunate!

He covered himself with a light pink towel from the shelf and opened the door.

"Ah! That was refreshing!" Terence exclaimed as he walked towards Carla.

"Where do you think you're going?" Terence asked. "The gauze got wet. Please help me deal with the wound again." Terence stopped Carla who was about to run away and hide in her room.

She was so embarrassed and yet she was also feeling so exhilarated. She had lived her life for 20 whole years and that was the first time that she saw a man without clothes on. It was too much for her, to say the least. If she were being honest with herself, she was stunned, and all she could think about was to leave the room as soon as she could.

"Why aren't you still standing there?" Terence looked at her with confusion. "I can't reach the wound on my back. Can you please bind it up again for me?"

Terence asked, making her jump. She was so consumed by her thoughts that she hadn't noticed he was already standing behind her.

Carla closed her eyes to calm herself for a few seconds. Then, she turned to him,"Are you playing with me? Why can you walk by yourself now? I didn't know taking a shower could do that."

'How naive of me! I'm not his maid that needs to wait on hand and foot. Why should I treat him well?' Carla thought to herself.

Terence grounded his arm on the wall beside her head. Trapped against his body and the wall, he started to tease her,"A shower does refresh me like that. Besides, I was just exhausted, so of course, I can walk now. Or am I right in guessing that the reason why you're complaining is that I didn't invite you in assisting me out of the bathroom?"

"You...Shame on you!" Carla raised her voice.

Biting her lips, she stared at him with contempt,"Fine, since your limbs are healthy, bind up your wound by yourself. Don't bother me!

Get out of the way. It's my room and I'm going to sleep. Leave me alone."

She added,"Also, get out of my house tomorrow morning. We are even now. Goodbye!"

Carla pushed him back and slammed the door.

Terence did not move an inch. He smiled and said nothing.

'Who knows what will happen tomorrow?' he uttered to himself.

The next day, Carla was still sleeping on her bed. Sean who was supposedly on his way to school shouted in the living room,"Carla! Carla! Hurry up! Come to the living room!"

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