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   Chapter 9 Lurking Danger

From Me to You By Rintato Characters: 6727

Updated: 2019-05-25 00:54

"We age not by years, but by stories"

- Unknown

Elisa POV

I have always felt the need to be independent without allowing any one to suffer or feel burdened due to my incompetence. When I was with my parents I didn't know the crude reality of the world. I thought everything was soft and smooth, but as I traveled further away to this new world, tough reality crashed me hard; I knew I had to pull myself up and strive harder.

I believed that no one would be there for me and I should be my own shoulder to lean to. I have always held my tears whenever things became tougher. I would open the tap and let the water gush harder so that people wouldn't hear me sobbing. I have learnt to become myself and had accepted the truth that I should strive for myself. I had no one to embrace me and soothe me alike my mom and when nightmare haunted my dreams, there was no one to wake me up and calm me. Those days were difficult but that difficulties shaped me into what I had to be.

It was that night when the neighbors house had a burglary and how they came running and banging my door just to remind me to be careful. I really appreciate for their care and warning but all those banging and shouting had me stiff and scared. I called my mom to pacify myself but seeing how worried she was, I couldn't bring forth the topic of burglary.

I have considered myself a warrior fearless and fierce, piercing through any hindrances lay in front but after I met him and had the most blissful times of my life, every cemented wall crumbled down to ashes. That fearless and fierce fiasco shed down and allowed me to show my vulnerability to him. Those self control which I had been proud of broke apart, emotion rained down and I knew how much foolish I was to make myself believe that I didn't need anyone. He was that only person who opened the deep insecurity within me and softly healed it. Every single cell within me screamed of him and I knew I had to keep him for myself.

It's been a week after that faith

n came out of it and lined up. They stood straight as if they were in military and held that arrogant gaze. After Sometime a man came out of another car and headed towards the Maserati .His well polished leather shoes made a rhythmical noise against the causeway, solid and regular like a soldier. His face was stern, yet peaceful as he swung the gun from his pocket. Smooth metal glimmered as his callused fingers wiped its surface, feeling the cold. He stood in front of the car and looked in every direction.

His face was as cold as ice and fierceness was written all over when he came out of the Maserati. All of those sturdy men bowed to him with respect and deference. "Holy above, " The usual coward, soft and cute person whom I always wanted as a brother was nowhere to be found. He was stoic in his expression and swept his gaze around those guys. "Oh my good grace, " the word went out and I had to cover my mouth to muffle the voice. I wouldn't want to give them an impression of stalker.

Surprisingly, those men quivered with fear as he commanded something to them. Those cars left one by one and Sam headed towards the college. I ran as fast I could before I he saw me. Those images lingered in my mind and I really had to ask him about it. I knew he wouldn't easily give me the answer but I was always up for challenges

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