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   Chapter 8 Wild Beauty

From Me to You By Rintato Characters: 9917

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"Beauty is power; a smile is its sword."

- John Ray

Jack POV

Love is a beautiful word which gives strength to a withering soul. It is an invisible force which enables a person to respire and live. It is that kind of tingling feeling which keeps on urging one to move forward. It keeps on cheering and pushing us to that extreme of no turning back. It shoulders your pain and walk in hand to hand with you. It takes every ounce of breathe from your lungs and fills it with comfort.

It has always been my wish to come back to a home filled with sweet aroma of freshly cooked dinner, my wife singing beautifully as she sets up the table and my sweet darlings clinging onto me. I would smooch them and spoil them rotten. How I wish them to call me, "Papa, " those words would be the cream and most delectable things I would want to hear for the rest of my life.

I know that everything I wish can never come true and everything I say can never be true, those fantasies are a mere mirage clinging and surrounding me in a state of euphoria and no matter what happens I don't wish to get out of it.

My fantasies included her and me, envisioning ourselves a healthy and beautiful family together. There has always been that feeling that I might built my forever with her and even if I did end up with her there would never be a single ounce of regret. This thought existed a jamais vu experience, familiar yet unfamiliar and there was some uncertainty to it when she decided to choose him before the bloody me, all the created images and fantasies came tumbling down. I couldn't hold it anymore.

My limbs felt weak and frail as I crouched down. I put my head between my thigh and I cried hard. Everything came crashing as I saw her walking away with him and I just couldn't stop it. My body painted with hues of black and blue, it screamed lonesomeness. Heart break are the funniest thing and we all know it's going to happen, yet we are never prepared for it. "How could you, "was the only thing I could mumble.

I wanted to scream and let her hear my inner agony but when she turned her back to me there was nothing I could say. I just gawked and appreciated her shadow and even in that period of anger and betrayal she still managed to make my heart skip its beat.

Heart break isn't just metamorphosis and it is not only a phrase too. We see it as a mere depression and underestimate its power but we are never aware how malicious and hard it can be. It's like standing near a tiger and expecting and believing that it won't hurt us but in reality being ignorant about the danger lurking beneath it.

The initial lovey dovey stages are honey glazed but the after match of break up is the bitterest thing one could wish to experience. The soft mattress felt hard beneath me. I stared at the ceiling laying pensive about my fault and what possible reason could cause for our mini fight. Actually I really felt shameful for being depressed about her decis

un, it was nerve wrecking.

She approached me with the aura of gorgeousness surrounding her. Her fair skin was completely flawless. She was all about simplicity, making things easy, helping those around her to relax and be in peace. It was not only her skin that glowed with beauty, it was also her inner beauty that lit her eyes and softened her features. When she smiled I couldn't help but smile along and that smile was what I could die for. To be with her was a blessing and grace a person could always wish for.

"You look breathtaking, "I said still admiring the beauty before me. She looked up at me gave me the most charming smile and I bravely held her hand and dragged her around the park. It was beautiful to be with someone who could completely fill you up with happiness. We walked around those beautiful streets and filled up our self with various street foods.

We went by those ponds and fed those koi, it was really amazing. We posed for pictures and played various games. As we were passing by a small pond, a cycle came rushing towards us and we barely missed hitting it. I pulled her near me and she tightly held onto me. "Hey!" I shouted behind that careless cyclist. "This people are just too selfish to care for others, " I added further. Still rumbling and pointing out the problems, I looked at her.

Her eyes reflected the amazement she felt for me and those lips was just too tempting. Her soft glow beneath those street lamp and being complemented by her light primer and BB cream on her face, she looked fantastic. I gently leaned against her and kissed those warm lips and it felt wonderful. I held her head in my hand and pulled her into a deep and passionate kiss. I held her body feeling every inch of it. After what felt a second we pulled apart with shallow breath. I stared at her eyes which was full of wonder and love. We stood silent but we could communicate with our heart beats. Without a single word uttered, our story started.

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