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   Chapter 7 Beautiful Mistakes

From Me to You By Rintato Characters: 6832

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"We're the song inside the tune full of beautiful mistakes"

-Christina Aguilera

Elisa POV

The warmth that emitted from his embrace was unexplainable. It was filled with love and compassion. His skin was patched up with me and I could hear his fast beating heart. It was tepid and comfy with "Lub" and "Dub" resonating into a melodious diapason. His beautiful hand held me and made my stomach tingle with excitement. Time had begun to dissolve into itself, and everything stopped at that moment. I gazed up to be held down by those stares which directed me with those golden rays, warming my cold persona. It consigned me with those emotions that I never felt.

"Hermoso, " he mumbled near my ear making my stomach to somersault. His deep rich voice caroled deep into my system dissolving everything near us. I could just see him and his loving composure and nothing matter to me anymore than him.

His gesture held that thousand emotions he wanted me to know. I was held captive and there was no way to be freed. He was ideal to be true and I couldn't believe that he was here holding me as if I was his prized possession.

Blush embraced my cheek with its usual pinkish tint. That tint held that excitement that I felt being with him and my expectations for a bright future together. This intimacy was amazing but it was too much for a friendship. I loved him but I couldn't decipher how he felt about me.

While thinking about the future that can never be true, I failed to notice someone behind me. I was suddenly yanked behind. Those warm feeling that moderated my cold heart left me instantly, and I somehow felt disappointed. Being deprived with warmness, I looked up to him for his sudden action.

I don't know what happened but sensing Sam near me I gave Jack the best smile and introduced him. "Hey Jack! He is Sam and my newly made best friend, " I said trying to dissolve the tense situation which was brewing.

His muscle tensed immensely, lips pressed into thin line and red crawling into his face, I could sense his

ead, " I said loudly but he was far away to hear it.

I wanted to go to him and ask him if he was okay but I couldn't. I just couldn't go and face him after leaving him all alone and bruised but I knew he would always have someone to help him unlike Sam. That pain in those deep eyes still held me back. I could see Jack occasionally in the hall way as he passed by my locker. He still looked dashing even though he had some minor bruises on his face. I really missed him, his voice, his warmth and especially his company.

The night was dark and shining. The dark curtain draped the sky completely. The hues of dark all mingled together to create a beautiful loneliness. The star peeked through the curtain and shiningly blushed with its golden tint; it was beautiful yet lonely.

The phone ringed and disturbed my serenity. I was welcomed by that familiar sound which I craved every single day. "Hello Elle it's me, Jack, and I am sorry for calling you so late, " he said with His voice which was like that of dark chocolate, bitter yet refreshing. His voice had that richness which could keep you wake and alive. It had the perfect moderation between soft and hard. It was flowing and harmonious to listen.

I held my phone tightly and waited for him to continue. After what felt an eon, he spoke. Those words were something that I could never forget.

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