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   Chapter 6 Tout Ira Bien

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"No one ever told me that grief felt so like fear"

-C.S Lewis

Jack POV

The sun brimmed with its might and the clouds flossed its buoyancy. The birds relished its wings and flew higher until it was out of sight. The flora's emitted their scent to present their elegance to the nature. This sky was one of the things which I loved the most. It was the most beautiful picture painted with different hues of colors, speaking their own stories.

But my emotion was in full force today. Anger boiled deep in my system, as hot as geyser. It churned within, greedy for destruction and mayhem. That anger was raging hot and deep, it was too much to handle. With the sound of "bang, " the window shattered into millions pieces. Shards of glasses flew unrented and I felt nothing, neither pain nor hurt.

One moment I knew she could be mine but the very next minute she just disappeared. My brain cells had been randomized and I couldn't think straight. My hands throbbed, I peeked at my finger and it was doing fine with some minor bruises.

Her smiles that seems too genuine with just right touch of elegance; her sweet gestures with which she would explain her thought and that charisma surrounding her and could light up the whole universe, I saw her showing to other guy.

All of those qualities were never to be shown to others, those were clearly mine. I seemed too possessive but she was worth of it. That guy who seemed nineteen with slim limbs and mopped hair was no contender to me, yet she was their genuinely socializing to him. The thought of her being with other man ate me alive.

It was lunch and I was heading to that place where we hang out occasionally. That pla

ght him towards me. "Hey Jack! He is Sam and my newly made best friend, " she said with her usual wonderful smile. I showed my stoic face to him because he was nothing to me and will never be. If he ever wanted to compete with me, I was always ready for it because I just couldn't lose her.

Elisa gave me that deadly glare urging me to say something to him and I knew she was unaware of his feeling. I couldn't blame her innocence because my girl was never into those love stuffs. "Hi, I am Jack and you can call me senior Jack, " I said stressing my seniority. I tried to look cool and domineering as I raised my chins up and gave me "Don't you dare take her away, " glare.

Life has been too rude to me. It has taken every beautiful thing I had and lived for. Life has been merciless; it crushed and made me hopeless. It was until then she came to me. She was there when I felt angry, hurt and pain; everything had no meaning until those smiling and lovingly comforting her came to me. And I will not allow any person to take her away from me even though he was his best friend or not. She is mine and will always be.

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