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   Chapter 5 Beautiful Particles

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"Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart"

-- Kahlil Gibran

Elisa POV

The hall was dressed all in black and white. The tiles adorned with pattern and the walls plain as sheet, the hall way looked too much formal. The tiles were as clean as a hound's tooth and I could smell the freshly applied disinfectant. The doors was symmetrically aligned and marked with respective tags and there were zero chances to mistake ones classroom. The hall way was too crowded that there was no room for apples to fall. I could see many new faces and it was really suffocating.

After all the hustle and bustle, I went towards the classroom. I believed that classroom was a place of love, learning and socializing. It was to be the places which enabled a person to think freely and raise their own opinion. I supposed that it would be the excellent place to make new friends and increase my social circle. But what I saw left me high and dry and it was really a disappointment.

"Hey! Did you hear about Noah Centino?" someone asked, "He is indeed a hot person" someone replied .Laughter along with excited conversation and shouts filled up the room. It was never the silent class room that every reticent person prefers to have one.

The classroom was partitioned into two parts. One side of the room was crammed up with girls perched on the table, gossiping and complaining about all the wrong stuffs happening to them. They were engrossed in the world of makeup's, celebrity crushes and many more. Some of them were crying and presenting how distress they were. I could really tell that loads of emotion and thoughts were being shared.

On other side were those boys, their energy venting out and emotion surfing up. "English Rose, " a blonde guy shouted at me and I just gave him a blank stare. Every other noise was their laughter and they would occasionally roar out like a lion. The noises engulfed me and completely captured my brain, rendering any logical thought or conclusion impossible.

I was awestricken in illogical manner staring to the entire stranger which would possibly be my friends for the next three years as I stood fixated like an anchor scanning an empty seat. The back bench crammed up with those popular football club boys and the middle seat packed with plastic girls, there was no place that would provide some reassurance of silence in this hectic classroom.

I walked towards a chubby guy and gave him an instant smile, " Can I seat here?" I asked honey glazing my act. "Sure, " he stammered and moved his books at another new desk. The boys were all instant smiles as I turned around and the girls were scanning me top to bottom to see what kind of branded material I possessed. I was in the middle, being know-nothing.

After what I felt like an eon, the sound of door zipped up the laughter. With the same waning brown hair and lanky frame, Mr. Beaver, our homeroom teacher walked in. "Guys shut up and sit down, " he said wi

th his usual hand gesture as he motioned us to settle down.

The boy was as fragile as the ceramic dish that sits on my dining table. His limbs were too thin that it could snap at once. But he had that mop of brown hair that complimented his chiseled face and there were those blue eyes as deep as ocean that reflected his purity and innocence. He had that chocolate skin that could entice anyone to touch and feel it. In general he was a fine boy.

He looked soft and I had that sense of "need to protect him" brewing within me. His blue eyes met my brown eyes and instantly disarming me. I gave him a big smile and to my amazement he returned with a gentle smirk.

Even though I met him for the first time, I felt an emotional connection with him. I had the urged to hug him and let him know that I will be his best of friend. I pictured him as a puppy leaping onto me, swinging his tail to and fro, pawing me with his fore paw for attention and wet licking my out stretched finger. Those images made me smile inwardly.

Mr. Beaver made him seat next to me and I was excited to make a new friend. Although he looked cute and adorable he had that mimosa 'touch me not' kind of vibe. He resembled that of a child who hides behind his mother on meeting a stranger. He was that little brother that I always wished to have.

"Hello, I am Elisa and you can call me Elle, " I smiled at him; he stood silent playing with his finger. "Hey I know you are kind of introvert like me and I think we would make a great combination so let's be friends, " I said stretching my hand for a hand shake.

With a gently tint of pink adorning his cheek, it made him look vulnerable. He looked at me and gave me a beautiful smile, "Umm… I am Sam, " he said accepting my out stretched hand. I don't know what happened but we became best friends within seconds.

With the ring of the bell, we head off to the cafeteria. On the way I eyed for Jack but he was nowhere to be seen. With the hope of meeting him, after ordering my lunch I went towards the place where we usually hang out and he was there basking in his glory.

With that kind of face that stops you in your track, he leaned on the bench with that nonchalant gaze and a weak smile. He was handsome externally, but he was dazzling inwardly. His faced marked with slight frown and lips drawn into thin line, something was wrong today. I couldn't decipher him but I could really tell that it was haunting him. "Jack, are you good?" I asked eyeing him intensely.

Even before I could go near him, I felt his hand on my waist. His skin was as cold as ice and it sent shiver down my spine. There was hint of admiration and love in his eyes and it really confused me. I had that doubt that he liked me as how I liked him but that thought was totally absurd. His pinkish lips presented an artistic smile which made my legs give away and swoon over him. I felt his hand tighten around my waist and slowly engulfing me in a tight hug.

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