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   Chapter 4 My Beautiful Girl

From Me to You By Rintato Characters: 7309

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"When I saw you, I fell in love and you smiled because you knew"

Jack pov

"She lay lifelessly on the limestone tiles, blood seeping from her mouth. Her body dyed with red, her disheveled hair and her clothes torn apart, she looked grotesque. He was there. He was complaining about how we ruined his career. Taking a puff from his favorite cigarette, he went towards the kitchen. As he emerged out with the knife, he approached me and I was too terrified to breath. It was until I heard a scream"

Sweat layered my skin filling each of my terrified pores as it continued to haunt me further. My bed soaked wet, blanket scattered away and my disheveled state, I knew I had that nightmare. That memory was awful, it was eating me emotionally yet I couldn't do anything. I thought that I was able to move on but it was just an illusion.

My mouth without any moisture and throat as dry as sand, I made my way to the kitchen. As I poured some water to drink, everything came to me. I know that no matter how much I revisit my past, there is nothing new but I couldn't stop myself. "Will you stop haunting me?" I spoke to the empty air and silence embraced me making me remember that I was lonely.

I still remember those beautiful merry-go-around, where he would turn me around as I screamed with delight. "Papa, Faster" I said with that innocent, childish and fun voice unaware of the danger creeping soon. "Alright my lord, " he replied exactly mimicking my childish voice.

The sweet aroma of cotton candies and the warm comforting hands holding me, I still remember. I remember that apple fragrance wafting from my mom as her black hair danced with the wind. And that light brown eyes that could speak thousand of comforting word while I was distressed. "What would you like for breakfast my apple pie?" she would ask me nuzzling her head towards mine and that mere touch would make my day. "Pan cake with maple pie mama, " I would always reply giving her a toothless grin.

I could hear those clicking of her heels with added rhythm to the soft jazz music that played as she danced with my dad. "Always, " he will whisper to my mom and "Forever" she would reply.

My dad was a fine man too. He was few inches taller than the present me. He was slim, muscular and had almost perfect symmetrical face. He had that brown skins Adonis look with dark eyes that made every women turn their head. No wonder my mom fell for him. Everything was perfect until that day.

Everything changed from that day; in that moment of loss, my happiness collapsed. My perfect dad became a drunkard and my cheerful mom cried every day. Those Adonis look that everyone admired was no more admirable. With those tuft of beard bushing around his face, he looked much older than his year. Those dark eyes lost its warmth and the light that was my guide became shadow and left me. The once treasured memory was now a shadow beneath my mind. "You guys are my curse and how I wish to get rid of both of you, " he would sneer while me and mom would cower and cry.

I washed my face and brushed my teeth. I took of my sweat soaked clothes and placed it in the basket. Placing the new set of clothes near the bathtub, I turned the knob. The warm water was the only thing that felt warm in my life. Everything felt desolated and vague. Wearing a denim jean with stripped T-shirt, I went to get my black boot.

Our college seemed old but it was the only place which filled the void within me. As I was walking by the hall way, I bumped onto someone, "I am so sorry and I didn't mean to stumble over you, " I said. I looked down see whether she was okay or not an

d that's when I swear I saw an angel.

I was awestricken. Her black pupil held such an intelligence and grace that it was impossible for me to not to be held captive. Her cheekbones weren't especially high and her nose was small and way far from perfect but there was undeniable symmetry to her feature. She wore her long black hair in pony tail but in my mind it was long and fluid, lying beautifully over her shoulder. And those irresistible lips were too much. It was pale pink that reminded me of a rose bud and the top lip was thinner, but not too thin, the bottom was larger and plusher.

As I approach her I could hear her silent cruses and her anger, she looked up and I expected some raspy scolding but she seemed to be checking me out. "Excuse me! Are you really okay?" I asked her but she stood still and silent gawking at me.

I waited for her further reaction and what happened next made me laugh out loud and lord knows it's been years since I laughed heartedly. People were looking at us if were mentally ill but it didn't mind me at all.

"I am okay" she said giving me an awkward smile. She was too much to be true. She gave me an awkward smile yet God knows how that smile turned me on. I could tell that she was fascinated by looks. That really swelled my pride. At one point I was thankful to my biological parents for gracing me with this looks yet I hated them for leaving me behind.

I wore a dark rimmed spectacle that perfectly hid my brown eyes. Eyes are indeed the window to ones soul and alike my eyes it revealed too much about my past. But I felt that with or without them she could read me. And after sometime she said she was okay.

I didn't know she felt that much uncomfortable with me until she was about to run away, either it was my reflex or my heart working I held her smooth wrist and asked her to wait. As soon as I held her slim wrist my body shuddered with sparks and scintilla.

I was lost in those feeling when I felt her body stiffened, sensing that it was inappropriate for me to hold hands, I released it immediately. "I am sorry and I didn't mean to touch you. I just wanted to know your name and I would love to be friends with you, " mumbled out of my mouth realizing and I knew that I had screwed up.

I felt nervous and waited her answer and I could see that she was nervous too, "Umm... I am Elisa Dawson and a sophomore in this college and I am 20 years old and it's my first time here and I am utterly lost and confused…"she said. I would really love to hear that blabber continuously but I had to stop her.

She was just amazing and I knew I had to know her more. I tried my best to act cool with a fake British accent. "Hey calm down, I won't bite you and Nice to meet you Elisa. I am Jack Xavier and a final year student, " I said. She was so cute in those "Love Yourself" printed shirt and skinny jeans and I knew I had to remind her to love herself like her shirt because she was too adorable to not love. Her cheeks redden and her small appearance made me love her more.

No one believes in love at first sight until that special person comes and steals your heart. And you get that tingling feeling rising within you which strengthen your perspective of life and makes you to see the world from beautiful angle. And you also feel like you could give up everything for her and that she will always be your world.

I knew nothing about her but it was such amazement that a chance encounter could evoke thousand of feeling within me. People say love is not only something you feel, it is something you do. And I knew I couldn't let her off without a proper confession.

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