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   Chapter 3 Berry Beautiful

From Me to You By Rintato Characters: 5698

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"The best thing to hold onto in life is each other."

- Audrey Hepburn

Elisa POV

People say that Math is not about numbers, equations and computation but it's about understanding the logical relation which binds them together. As I sat lifelessly listening Mrs. Grace, I really doubted that wise word. My mind wandered aimlessly to him. That eyes which melts at the slightest bit of the heat from happiness but can also grow hard from the cold harsh reality, it haunted me.

I walked through the hall way towards the locker room. Having stacks of Algebra textbooks in the bag and assignment in my hand, I felt like a high school kid once again. I sensed someone near me and it literally quaked up in my boots as I screamed aloud and ran fast. My nonexistent athletic side was once again alive and hyping up.

It was the most embarrassing thing that happened to me. My not so sophisticated body tumbled down towards the exit gate once again. As I rolled down like a pebble, I failed to see that person. With a loud thud I fell. My assignment colored the courtyard white and my body with black bruise. I indeed cursed myself and as I really put my foot in my mouth. Someone called me and that voice was the least voice I wanted to hear in this situation.

He came near me and held me up. I couldn't judge his reaction to my dramatic fall but I could see those pinkish lip quirking up. We found a bench nearby and sat down. It was bit of awkward conversing with someone whom you started to crush on. I just sat there and smiled like a fool.

We sat there talking about random stuffs like our hobbies and interest. My bum was still in pain but I had to act as if I was perfectly alright. He was a fun guy and was a vivid fan of tennis. "Do you know Maria Sharapova?" he asked me. I was about to answer his question when he interjected my about to answer state. "She is just amazing, her charm, her personality and she is ace on, " he continued showering her with compliments which made my tummy green.

Even though I was still a bit jealous, there was nothing to him that I could dislike about. We shared our thoughts on becoming independent and how one should view oneself. He was indeed wise beyond is 23 of age. Between our conversations he asked me about my interest and without an inch of hesitation I blabbered. "I love reading books and it just makes me come alive and obstruct me from all the negativity surrounding me. And I don't really need to befriend and fake around people." he remained silent absorbing my words.

After much absorption he said, "When life puts you in tough situations, don't say why me, say try me. And always remember that even though books provide you timely solace it won't give you the memories of being alive with people around." Life has always been a marathon to me. I have always kept ignorin

g things and regarded them as unfit. Never did I realize that I was fooling myself. That word touched the deepest doubt within me and made me doubt my existence.

With that dramatic encounter we became best of friends and I felt really happy. We started to hang out and discover each other. We shared that deep connection which was more than friends but less than being lover.

People say Love is a bridge to something much brighter or something which really brings our inner self out. It has always been that tingling, odd feeling yet beautiful one. It is the oldest feeling in the world yet new to everyone. It is as fragile as tofu and requires relentless dedication and hard work. It is at once our most comforting support and the thing that makes us lose our balance. And that was the thing I felt with him.

Early in the morning, the golden sun shone with its vigor and casted his rays upon my curtains. He peeked through my curtain, disturbing my tranquility. And I swear I felt really grumpy about it. The bright looking milky clouds got up from sleep and dragged his fluffy around the sky. The atmosphere filled with freshly baked croissant and aroma of coffee.

I woke up wrapped in the bed sheets messily and stretched my legs. I hurried up and washed my face and brushed my teeth. I took of my clothes and grabbed my towel and placed it on top of the shower curtain holder. Gently, I stepped into the shower as I twisted the knob to let out the water.

I tested the water with my hand then gently stepped in the shower. The water cascaded down my body and it felt refreshing. I applied my darling lavender scented body soap and turned around so that my black hair could be damped.

I stepped outside the shower and wrapped the cotton white towel around my waist. Once I dried myself, I held my hair into a turban style with the towel. Walking over to my closet I scanned what was inside to see and what I should wear today.

After searching for some time I decided to a blue denim shorts and a sleeveless baby pink crop top and grabbed my black converse. I gently combed through my thick straight hair and put it to a low ponytail.

"Hello! Mom are you there?" I skyped my mom. Net was always slow in Alaska and it had really pissed me off in various occasion. Luckily the internet was good here in England and this was one plus point flying thousand miles from home.

"I am so sorry dear, I was busy with dishes and hope you are doing okay, " my mom replied. "Yes I am doing dope Mrs. Ava Dawson and how is my handsome Mr. Ethan Dawson?" I asked laughingly. "You dear girl is totally screwed when you reach here and yes he is good and working as usual, " my mom replied. After some mild conversation I headed off for the breakfast. With a brief "Hello" and "Good day" with Susan, I was off to a new refreshing day.

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