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   Chapter 2 The best is yet to come

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"Nothing in the universe can stop you from letting go and starting over"

Guy Finley

Elisa POV

The design of the college building was quite unexpected; it was a four-walled structure with a pentagonal turret at each corner. The entrance to the tower was via a drawbridge – just like you see in old castles. It was literally surrounded by large trees and small bushes. Birds were chirping everywhere and people were swarming like bees. I could smell the moist earth and fresh dew on the leaves.

It was just too beautiful to be true and everything was perfect, the ambience was relaxing. A turquoise-blue manmade stream wounded around the corner of the building. And with babbling and burbling, it sprung over the limestone rocks in its way. Pebbles whisked about in the under wash like pieces of glitter. The stream was the liquid soul of this area and it was glowing.

Chords of soft light speared down from above, bathing its surface in gold. It was glinting with little sparkles, like a thousand diamonds blessed with an inner fire. It was amazing. "Wow!" I gasped imprinting everything in my mind and the phone as I continued to snap tons of pictures.

The scenario presented before me was just alluring that I really had to snap everything. With a click I took the picture and forwarded to my mom who was a huge fan of intricate architecture and with a speed of lightening she replied with me a simile and heart emoticon. Serendipitously my expression resembled to that of the simile as I continued to discover the new wonder.

Alike a lone adventurer in a desert, I was searching for the main academic building aimlessly. I straighten my bag straight and made sure my appearance was good. I slowly walked towards the academic office; the office was filled with new students filling up their joining form. I slowly walked towards the clerk who was immersed in a news paper.

"Excuse me sir, Can you tell me where I would find Mr. James Perkins?" I asked. His eyes hovered around my appearance as he examined me from head to toe. "I know I am pretty so stop checking me out, "I screamed internally but I had to fake smile externally. I felt a bit uncomfortable at his gaze but I stayed silent.

My patience was running thin as I impatiently tapped the floor and on top of it my feet begged me to give him some rest. After his careful examination and internal judgment I was directed to a room that had "Principal" tagged on the door.

Everything went smoothly, I was introduced to other sophomore and moreover I could communicate freely with them and was also orientated about the field which I was pursuing in. After sometime with no close friends around, boredom crept beneath my skin.

The campus was large and students filled each and every corner of the campus. I felt restless and couldn't concentrate as I dragged my lazy bum to my allocated locker. I was busy complaining about how to survive my next three years in this college and I was too unfocused when I crashed onto someone.

"Oh crap!" I cursed in a low voice. "I am so sorry and I didn't mean to stumble over you, " I heard. Restlessness pending within my system and anger circulating my veins I was about to lecture him on being attentive and considering the surrounding when I was still in my Naruto Sage mode until I saw

those charming eyes.

The eyes as rich as the earth's soil; stained with the color of hot chocolate on a cold, winter night that wraps around you like a blanket; engulfs you in its warmth and makes you feel at home. Those deep pools of dark-cinnamon swirls seized the depth and heaviness of one thousand untold stories, which imprisoned the sweetness of saccharine chocolate and the bitterness of strong coffee. And they consisted of raw emotion and if you observe closely, they will reveal to you the exact perfectness.

On the other side, his brown-mahogany orbs scintillated with a mischievous glint that could be noticed next to the umber that rimmed his iris. They glowed with humor and playfulness. Nevertheless, his eyes held that curiosity and comfort that welcomed me. And I knew he was one of a kind.

Those deep oases held me captive and refuse to let me free, my hands and legs stood fixated on the door while my eyes gazed deeply into it; I was checking out him thoroughly. " Hey! Are you okay?" he asked me while I was still ogling and appreciating his mother for birthing a Greek beauty and blessing my eyes with this spectacular view. He screamed of intense sexual appeal and he was the epitome of heavenly beauty.

He was wearing that limited edition Calvin Klein jeans with a dark shirt which covered his well toned body. And how I wished to run down my finger through that well developed six packs. His hair styled messily made him dazzling than he already was.

"Excuse me! Are you really okay?" he asked me again with mirth of humor lingering in his expression. I slapped hard at my cheek and mentally scolded myself which brought me back to the reality. He stood shocked at my action and burst into a hearty laugh that filled up the lone hallway. All heads turned towards us as I tried my best to hide my redden cheek.

"I am okay, " I said as I turned away trying to escape the embarrassing situation. I was never an athletic person but in this situation I had to run faster ignoring all the stares directed to me. "Hey wait, " he exclaimed as he reached to grip my wrist. My body stiffed under his touch as electric sparks moved towards my brain making me numb and dumb. Sensing my stiffness he immediately let go of my hand and a sense of longing for his warmth filled my belly.

"I am sorry and I didn't mean to touch you. I just wanted to know your name and I would love to be friends with you, " with firmness evident in his eye he spoke to me.

"Umm... I am Elisa Dawson and a sophomore in this college and I am 20 years old and it's my first time here and I am utterly lost and confused…" I continued to babble when he suddenly stopped me.

"Hey calm down, I won't bite you and Nice to meet you Elisa. I am Jack Xavier and a final year student." he spoke with clear English accent as he stretched his hand for a handshake. I was never a shy person even though I speak less and have some social interaction problem but with him I couldn't stop blushing.

My heart was drumming wildly and my hand pooled with sweat I accepted his warm hand shake. My brain was frozen and I couldn't process anything, I was looking again at him as if he was the only person I wanted to be with and it felt like an illusion but I was sure I saw a cute dimple popping on his right cheek.

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