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   Chapter 14 Fourteen

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After the kiss, Thomas quickly pulls away and runs back inside, leaving me flabbergasted in the dark. I stand there for what feels like hours, completely shocked at what just happened, unable to comprehend it.

Thomas just kissed me. Oh, god, can this get any more complicated?

I'm watching my life fall apart in front of me, and I feel like I have no control over it. Having no other choice, I slump back inside, slowly making my way back to Reece's bedroom.

Thankfully, he is already passed right back out when I get there, so I don't have to confront him right away.

I'm not sure if I even want too. I know intimate feelings for Thomas aren't there, at least right now. They might have been when I first met him, a mere attraction at most, but my feelings for Reece have always been more, despite who I met first.

Feelings I just confessed, and do truly mean. I don't want to mess that up, the one good thing I've encountered on this rollercoaster I call my life.

I slip my clothes back off, cringing a little as the pain from earlier finally settles between my legs, travelling into my stomach a little. I crawl onto the bed, cuddling up to the side of Reece, careful not to wake him.

He wraps a drowsy arm across my chest and lazily pulls me against him, as if feeling me next to him in his sleep. I peek at him to make sure he is in fact still awake, and get lost in how peaceful he looks.

How did I ever get so lucky to find a man like him?

A year ago, I would have never imagined myself meeting someone like Reece, let alone being with him. He is the kind of guy I fantasized about in magazines or books. The handsome, brooding, romantic type.

Yet, here I am, snuggled up in his bed, after having a mind blowing first time, unlike anything I imagined when I always thought about losing my virginity. I have nothing to compare it too, but something still tells me that it is amazing if I did have anything.

Unable to fight the exhaustion any longer, I drift off peacefully, though my mind still alert, in the warmth of Reece.

I have no idea what lies ahead of us, but whatever it is, I know I can fight it as long as I'm here; in the safety of his arms.

I know now, with all my heart, that it's a place I don't ever want to leave. I finally found where I belong, and exactly who I am.

I'm whoever I want to be, as long as I'm with Reece.

I just hope our bond is enough to keep him from going overboard, when he finds out that Thomas kissed me.


I'm surprised to see Nathan is still here come the morning, eating a bowl of cereal on the couch, his eyes staring straight ahead unblinking. He's the only other person up, sitting with nothing but the work table lamp on.

"Goodmorning, " I call out quietly. His eyes shift over to me, slightly surprised.

"What are you doing up so early?" he asks.

"I'm a morning person, I'm always up early."

He nods. "Same here, that and I can't really sleep either."

I'm taken back and how talkative Nathan seems. I didn't peg him as the kind, and I've also got the feeling he doesn't like me too much. Maybe it's because out of the th

ntil the tips of his shoes touch mine.

His hand goes under my chin to lift my eyes to meet his. As always, my breath is taken away, his eyes overflowing with adoration, amazement, lust and so many other unknown emotions.

"What have I done to deserve you?" he whispers, his eyes searching mine, as if they hold the answer. He pulls me into his chest, resting a hand on my hair, slowly running his hands through it.

I feel his lips at my ear, his breath fanning my face.

"I love you, so fucking much, Olivia. I don't want to remember what my life was like before you, or ever imagine it without you."

My heart melts at his words.

God damn this man is sweet!

"I love you so much too, Reece. I promise, I'm not going anywhere."

He captures my lips before I can say anything more, allowing our actions to speak for us. We quickly remember we're in a public place, and Reece wiggles his eyebrows at me, giving me a clear sign of what he wants.

I giggle like a school-girl as he picks me up in his arms and rushes back to the bedroom, closing and locking the door thankfully.

"I don't want to leave this room until we absolutely have too, " Reece mutters, before he covers my body with his, and brings me skyrocketing back to cloud nine.


It's a good three hours before the majority of everyone is awake and hanging around in the lounge room, coffee quickly brewing and being passed around; though it's almost the afternoon.

When everyone is finally up and alert, Nathan comes in and grabs everyone's attention. He opens his mouth to say something, but quickly closes it, frowning. His eyes search the room, before he turns to Reece.

"Where is Thomas? Did you wake him?" he asks.

Reece shakes his head and rushes off to his room, coming back seconds later with a confused and panicked look on his face.

"His room is empty, " he says.

"What? What do you mean?" Nathan says and runs out the door, Reece following behind him.

When we get to Thomas's room, we see exactly what he means.

The entire room is bare, except the bed.

He's gone.

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