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   Chapter 13 Thirteen

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As if I didn't have enough troubles on my plate, now I might possibly be stuck in the middle of a sibling love triangle.

Before, I couldn't even get one guy to look at me. This isn't exactly what I asked for. They always say, careful what you wish for.

"I don't really know what to say to that, " I say, when Reece's intense gaze almost tears me down.

"Tell me you don't feel the same way."

"Of course, I don't. I've never thought of Thomas in that way, and now I definitely don't because he's your brother, and I have feelings for you." I reach out and grasp his hand, giving it a light reassuring squeeze.

"That's exactly it, he's my brother. Why would he do this to me?"

I try not to roll my eyes at how dramatic he is being. I thought I was supposed to be the drama queen.

"We can't help who we have feelings for, and he's never acted on them because I had no idea until now, so he is still trying to respect you as a brother, " I try and reason with him, but I can see it isn't working.

"He blatantly told Athena that he likes you, and she has the biggest mouth out of all of us. The whole crew is going to know by tomorrow, it's going to cause tons of issues–"

"I think the crew has bigger things to deal with, like the secret you've been keeping from them."

Reece instantly shuts his mouth and looks away, ashamed.

"Yeah, you're probably right, " he mutters.

"Look, we can deal with this Thomas thing later. Right now, I think you and Nathan owe everyone and explanation, and soon."

He lets out a frustrated breath, pulling out his phone to hopefully text Nathan. "He should be on his way soon, " he says, letting his head fall into his hands. I touch his arm lightly, running my fingers up and down soothingly.

Reece turns, looking at me with so much emotion, it literally takes my breath away, I almost choke. Never has anyone looked at me with so much amazement, love and hope, it feels like a ball of warm light is bouncing around my stomach.

The words bubble out of my mouth, like word-vomit.

"I love you." The words rush out so fast, even I can barely understand myself.

But by the look on Reece's face; he heard me loud and clear.

"Say it again, " he says, grabbing a hold of my legs and lifting me onto his lap with little effort.

"W-what, are you serious?" My face is now completely red, my cheeks feel like they're on fire and I'm about to explode from embarrassment.

"Yes, I am, " he says and nuzzles his nose against my neck, sending pleasurable shivers down my spine. "Say it again."

"I love you, Reece, " I whisper. He captures my lips before I can even finish speaking, his kiss feverish and hungry.

I feel his hands travel all over my body, unable to stay still, resting on my legs, my hips, trailing up the front of my shirt. I'm too lost in his kiss to keep track, running my fingers through his silky short hair.

I barely notice when he lifts me up and carries me over to the bed, until I feel the soft mattress underneath me. He breaks the kiss to push me further onto the bed and crawl on top, resuming his kisses down my neck and collarbone.

A moan escapes my lips, loving the feeling his lips leave on my skin. I have never felt so aroused before, and it feels amazing. Reece knows what he is doing, and I don't care to think about how that can be a bad thing.

For right now, he's all mine.

His lips find mine again and his fingers trail down to the hem of my shirt, tugging on it gently. He pulls away to look at me, his eyes asking me the obvious question.

Do I want to go further? Am I ready?

A warm feeling spreads through my body, starting in the pit of my stomach, urging me to keep going. I want this, whether I'm ready or not.

I grasp the front of his shirt and pull him back down, answering with an equally feverish kiss then before. I hear Reece growl against my lips before he breaks the kiss again to remove my shirt, then his. Before I know it, our pants go flying after them.

He stops and stares down at me, his golden eyes roaming my body, glazed over with lust. My body tingles just at the look he is giving me, so much desire and hunger, I feel like I'm on top of the world.

"You are the most beautiful sight I have ever seen, " he whispers against my neck, sending shivers down my spine, despite how hot my body feels.

He kisses me again, cutting off any thought I have. His hands expertly wrap around to unhook my bra, the straps coming loose around my shoulders allowing me to slip them off without moving, too entranced in his lips and touch.

"Tell me to stop if you want me too, " he says, slipping my panties off and hovering above me. I nod slowly, biting my lip to brace for the pain. I've talked about sex many times, with friends and in class, and they always say the first-time hurts, you actually even bleed.

Reece plants a soft kiss on my cheek, before I feel him press against my thigh, and I feel for the first time how large he really is. My heart starts beating rapidly in my chest, both from excitement a


"What about Angel?" Athena asks. I almost forgot all about her, having only met her once at the shop.

Nathan frowns, looking to Reece, who looks just as lost.

"I haven't seen her in a while, not since everything hit the fan, " Nathan says. I look around at everyone else, and they all seem to be thinking the same thing.

No one has seen her.

Since when?

She might be missing, or in trouble, but no one else seems all the concerned. Just confused.

"Regardless, if we see her, we will tell her and let her make her own decision, " Reece says, snapping everyone out of their thoughts.

"Well, I don't know about you guys, but I would say things are pretty resolved, so I'm heading back to bed, " Kyle says and gives he a peace sign with both hands, before waddling back towards his room.

Athena scoffs and follows after him, slamming the door as much as she can. I see Thomas shuffle out of few from the corner of my eye, slipping out the door before I can make eye contact with him.

Ethan and Nathan start whispering about something, leaving just Reece and I. I turn towards him, noticing how exhausted he looks, his eyes bloodshot and his body swaying slightly, but I know he isn't drunk.

"You should go back to bed, " I say, pushing him towards the door.

"What about you?" he asks groggily.

I smile softly at him. "I'm a little awake right now, I think I'm just going to get some fresh air, " I say, hoping he didn't see Thomas slip out the back door.

He nods and kisses me on the cheek, before turning to go back. I let out a low breath, glancing briefly at Ethan and Nathan, then shuffle towards the door. My eyes scan the dark alley behind the shop, looking for any sign of life.

I see someone standing off to the side, looking up at the sky, and recognize their slightly tall frame as Thomas. I carefully walk up behind him, trying not to frighten him, but he hears the scuff of my shoes against the gravel and turns.

"What are you doing out here?" he asks, but doesn't sound surprised.

"I saw you come out here, and was wondering the same thing, " I say. He turns his eyes back to the sky and I do the same, taken back by how beautiful the stars look, and how clearly you can see them.

"I like to go outside sometimes, when I need to think. Looking up at the sky, knowing we're just a dot in this vast system, it reminds me of how much more to life there is, than the moment we find ourselves in, " he says.

"That's really beautiful, " I whisper.

Thomas looks down at me, his eyes barely visible through the dark moonlight. He remains silent, his gaze unwavering.

"Do you have any idea the affect you have on people?" he suddenly asks.

"W-what?" I ask, unable to think of anything to say to that.

Thomas frowns and shakes his head. "Nothing, never mind. I haven't been able to think lately, " he mutters.

"I came out here, because I also wanted to tell you that I'm not mad at you, for the way you feel. Reece told me, and I saw the way he had reacted, but I don't feel that way, " I say, taking a step closer to him.

He moves away. "You should, my feelings aren't right."

"We can't help the way we feel." I try and smile encouragingly at him, reassuring him that he hasn't done anything wrong.

He lifts his gaze to me again, and crosses the small distance between us –

And kisses me.

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