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   Chapter 17 My father's wish

Pelagios ( Princess Callidora) By Daniella Samuel Characters: 6251

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Prince Alejandra had send spies into Lord Origen's Kingdom out of a strong feeling he couldn't just shake off. Today they return with no news after 33 days. Though they find out that Lord Origen is secretly preparing his soldiers for war and has bought a lot of warriors from a foreign land but there is no proof that the Princess is there. The servant they bribed to look for her came back with nothing. The only time Origen leaves is Palace, is once a week when he is riding on his horse. They went later on to check the area but nothing was found. It has finally done on him that whoever took his wife must have killed her. He had the most unusual feelling last night. Even the day she was taken away from him, he didn't feel this empty. But today not only was he empty, but there is so much pain in his heart and an overwhelming urge to cry. He knew she is dead, but just can't believe what his heart is telling him.

If he can't prove it that Lord Origen did this, that does not mean he shouldn't be prepared. If Lord Origen want war, he will get more than war. He will not sheath his sword nor relent till every trace of Lord Origen rule is under his foot. Any land or people that stand with him will face the same judgment. He wants to be a man of peace but a man without heart doesn't know the word 'peace.'

My father wants a conqueror for a son, at last he has one. The blood of my wife and unborn child will be paid with many more of theirs. Wait... 'What if she is alive?' My heart will not be bleeding right now, if she is. And I know Lord Origen did this.

"My Prince. You have been standing there all day, since you received the news. We need to think of another way or where to look for her." His servant Leto spoke up.

"Tell me again Leto, the men that took her what was their description from the owner of inn they were staying?"

Leto was surpri

t it.

"Where are you going to commander?" One of them ask.

"To an hideout first. Then to Prince Alejandra."

"Why go to him? He will kill us. We are involve in the princess's abduction." Another question him.

"How many of you know who we are to guide?" None if them raise their hands. After looking around and finding non he continue.

"Lord Origen never trusted us with his plan because he knows we are only needed for a short time before he kills us. If I had known his plans, I and my men, even the dead commander will never get himself involved in it. We can set this right by going to the woman's husband or live with the guilt all your life."

They were all quiet for sometime before some group of people about twenty decided to go on their own. That they can't go to their death. The remaining thirty seven look up to him for his next command.

"We sail west."

With Eight boats and their swords they made the journey to their new home within Prince Alejandra's land. When they settled down, they send a letter to prince Alejandra telling him of all that had happened and how the princess died.

Prince Alejandra though broken but with concrete proof, get set for the greatest conquest the world has ever come to know.

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