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   Chapter 16 Pelagios

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"We don't have time anymore, the babies are ready to come out and her fever has not break. Come here hold her legs in place, let me check on the babies."

Alena was not listening to Paeon she was pacing in the small room. Speaking fervently in an undertone.

"Alena, will you snap out of it!" Alena then turn and give paeon her attention. "Come and help me hold her legs. Be quick." Alena did as she was told and watch Paeon as she deep her head down and began checking on the babies.

"What are we going to do? She will die if she doesn't wake up to push this baby. Can she really push the baby. She is so weak." Alena went on blabbing as Paeon worked.

"Yes she will die. And it will be mostly from the healer's lack of faith in her not from her condition."

"Really? You don't believe she will do it? Oh! I knew it." She began panicking again

"I am talking about you not me. You're in a more worse condition than she is. Stop talking and put yourself together." Alena nod her head in agreement and start to compose herself. " We need to push this baby out ourselves. The babies are ready to come out and one of them is becoming weaker so we need to act fast or their lives will be lost."

" Tell me what to do." Alena became alert and ready to work. All her nervous breakdown earlier were no where to be seen.

"Go and call your husband we need someone to hold her leg upright." Alena was out the door already. "Wait, bring more clean clothes and hot water."

Alena dash out of the house and did as she was instructed. Kadmus quickly entered the room and Paeon who has already positioned Kallias instructed him to hold her legs open and upright. While she bend down to look at the position of the baby with her hand. Alena entered with the hot water and clean cloth.

"Alena come here now, massage her stomach. Her muscles is contracting. Just keep massaging it, let's see if the baby will come out." Immediately Alena began massaging her stomach.

It was so difficult. The first baby is already in position but since there is no help from the mother, it was as if all that Alena was doing was fruitless. Kadmus was sweating profusely as if he was the one in labour. Holding her legs in place while she was unconscious is not easy. But he was not the only one having a hard time. They are all struggling in vain.

"Alena, open my bag you will see a brown container with a black cover bring it here quickly. She is bleeding badly, if she dies so will her childr

Let me see that ornament." She stretch her hand and collected it from Alena. "She is not an ordinary woman. This is a rare stone used only by royalty."

"Really? Kadmus collected the necklace and look at it. "What did she tell you Alena."

"She said without the necklace they won't know who she is. So I should wear it on her." She became worried. "What are we going to do Kadmus? She said the father must be looking for them."

"Then we wait. We can't just go wandering about with a new born baby with no direction. Maybe the father will come here. Maybe they had a ship wreck close by. They will come here first."

"Kadmus is right. Put the necklace on her neck. We will see what will happened to this Pelagios."

"What did you call her?" Alena ask.

"Pelagios. After all she came from the sea didn't she?" Paeon smiled. "I am tired, I need to rest."

"You are leaving her with me?"

"Yes, you are a mother. Who else do you want to give her to?" Paeon shook her head in disbelief as if Alena asked the most absurd question ever.

"OK, I will look after her." Paeon did not respond she began clearing her things. Alena look at the sleeping form of the baby and her heart warm up "Pelagios." She murmur to herself. When she saw the dead baby and Kallias she felt a sharp pain in her heart.

"I will go make preparation for her burial." Kadmus walk out of the room.

Paeon packs her things to get ready to leave. She look at Alena and the baby and smiled. She glance at the dead woman with a frown on her face, then looked back at Alena and the baby, and smiled again. To her, something beautiful has happened in the midst of pain.

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