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   Chapter 15 Feast

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Kallias was about rushing out when her father held her hand. He gave her a knowing look. Kallias couldn't do anything but stand by his side. She really wanted to go and see her he is doing but her father won't let her.

At the dressing room, Alejandra servant, Leto quickly sit him down to check his wound. "That was one fight my Lord. But now everyone one knows you're the best swordman in the world, no one will compare you with Lord Origen anymore." Leto spoke excitedly as he work. He started with the wound close to his eyes.

"You should quit speaking rubbish now and tend to the wound. You talk too much"

"Because, I called you the best? What am I even thinking? You're so lousy with the sword is a miracle you survived." He move to the cut in his his hand after tending to the one close to his eyes.

"Leto" Alejandra called and look at him with a mischievous smile, clearly an indication of something bad is going to happened to him soon. When Leto, saw it he tried to change is words.

"Oh! My handsome Lord, you're are the best in everything, I am so glad and honoured to be your slave."

"Really slave? Not servant anymore.?

"Is there any difference when it come to you, o clearly am your slave. Do as you please." He just worsened it with is blabbing

"Yes I will, your muscles need some workout and you will join me in the training ground when we get back home." H

to speak.

"Today, the northerners has gain a worthy suitor for my daughter". The crowd cheers in agreement. "A suitor not just by name." The crowd cheers increased. "But by strength and honour."

The crowd stood up with and began hitting their hand on the table chanting. " hey! Hey!! Hey!!!" And began stamping their feet on the ground.

" I am happy and I wish for no other worthy suitor for my daughter." The crowd cheers the more. "Drink, eat and dance to your full. Because in two days time they will wed. The north and the whole of the west and east will become one." Then he turn and face Alejandra father, they shook hand and hug. The party became wild.

Lord Origen stood up and was about leaving sometime before midnight but he stumbled on Alejandra. Alejandra shook him and walk away from him. Lord Origen face twist in disgust turn to his hand said something and they walk away, this time he smiling wickedly.

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