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   Chapter 14 The Fight Part Two

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Helena walks in on Princess Kallias nervously pacing in her room. She was oblivious of her presence till she touch her gently on the shoulder bringing her back to the present

"Ah! You're here. Is everything ready? Did you see him?"

"Yes my lady, I did see him and Lord Origen and Prince Syamak." Helena smiles mischievously.

"Quit playing around Helena. You know who I ask of." She was clearly irritated.

Helena quickly change her demeanor and give her the information she seek. "Your father will be going to the arena soon but you still have some few minutes to meet up with your love before the fight starts."

"Really? I can meet Alejandra?" She was so excited. "Quickly come let's go." But she was pull back by Helena even before she can take any step. "What is it now Helena, we don't have time."

"I know, but we are going to the arena to see him not his Chambers, my lady. He was leaving as I was coming here to you." She explain.

Kallias pause for sometime before moving towards the door. "I don't care Helena, I am seeing him before the fight starts not when he is fighting." She spoke has she walks quickly towards the fighting ground.

Helena smiles knowingly. "I know you will say that. Come I will take you through a secret part so no one sees you."

When they got close to the arena, Helena told her to wait so that she will not have to enter the room since it was filled with male servants preparing for the fight. And her presence will clearly be misinterpreted. Helena quickly excuse Prince Alejandra who followed her to were Kallias was waiting and left them to stand in the entrance keeping watch, in case anyone is coming.

"My Princess, you shouldn't have come. I don't want anybody seeing you and misinterpreting it. And Lord Origen will...."

"I know my lord, but I have to come. I have to see you before you enter the arena. Promise me that only you, just you will wed me." Princess Kallias cross the room to stand close to him. Looking at him loving, waiting for his answer.

"If I don't intended to make you my wife I won't come all this way, my Princess. He pause as if thinking of something. "You're worried for me?"

Kallias shake

ord Origen smiles and launched forward swiftly. While Prince Alejandra was trying to take a stance and attack his left. He was thrown into confusion when he saw him darting to the left then to his right again. Before he could focus with his one eye. Lord Origen has given his left hand a cut and was coming back for another deadly blow. That's when he swerve his body narrowly from the sword and stab him at his back. Before Lord Origen could turn to use his sword Prince Alejandra cleared him from the ground with his leg and brought him to his kneel and place the knife on his neck imploring him to surrender.

The crowd started chanting his name and the drum sound increased. Lord Origen drop his sword in defeat. Prince Alejandra turn to the ground and raise his hands up. Unknowing to him Lord Origen has secretly remove a knife from his shoe and drove it straight for his heart. He move instinctively to stop him but he couldn't. They wrestle with the knife and Lord Origen drove the knife into his shoulder. Alejandra wrestle him to the ground and he began giving him a deal on his face adeadly blow till he pass out bleeding.

The crowd cheer excitedly again as servants run into the arena to carry Lord Origen and Prince Alejandra was declared the winner. While Princess Kallias couldn't keep her fear to herself almost screaming out on two occasions. Prince Alejandra father was so calm as if he has seen his son doing this everyday his life.

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