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   Chapter 13 The Fight (Part One)

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Princess Kallias walk to her room dejected. She fell on her bed with her head facing down. Her servant who is more like an elder sister look at her smiling.

"He said no, didn't he?" She said smiling.

"You already know that's what he will say, why ask? Princess Kallias pouted.

"You are only making it worse by going there with your absurd request." She shake her head.

"How? I choose the best of them all." She stood up from the bed and walk up to her. "Please don't tell me you think Lord Origen is way better than my Alejandra." She rolls her eye.

"Oh my" Helena laughs. "Your Alejandra? Really? Come my Princess." She hold her hands and they went to the balcony to seat.

"He is the one I love, I don't like Lord Origen. When I saw him, his eyes. No no." She shakes her head in fear as though he his here. "His eyes send shills all over my body. There is something about him I don't just like."

"Maybe its because you know he is as strong as 'your Alejandra' and you're scared he will win him in the ring." Helena tease her.

"Don't joke with something like that." Kallias warn her.

"Calm down, my princess. You see why your father didn't listen to you. You will shamelessly throw yourself on him. Shaming your father the king and all of your people."

"How is it shameless? He will be the one I will marry. I just hope he wins this fight." Kallias look heavenward and made a gesture of prayer.

"Ah! Even you're scared. If you don't have con

t been a warrior would have helped, now I know nothing about fighting. That's what my first child will be, a girl and in the whole world, everybody will know her as the great conqueror.. She will bring great and powerful nation to nothing. The proud she will humble and the unjust she will bring to justice." She spoke excitedly as one possess.

"People pray for their first child to be a male and you wish for the opposite." She shake her head exasperatedly. "You better pray for something else."

"No, I won't, you will see how wrong people her about women. Don't worry you will see how she will turn out to be."

"Try not to fatansize too much." Helena stood up to leave. "The palace will be hosting great dignitaries soon. I need to go help wherever I can. Pray that the Lord found you favour and grant you, your heart request." Helena patted her head and left.

Kallias sat down there daydreaming of her life with prince Alejandra and how their daughter will look like.

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