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   Chapter 12 The Past

Pelagios ( Princess Callidora) By Daniella Samuel Characters: 4996

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Paeon and Alena did not get any sleep that night. Alena did not know what is wrong with the woman anymore. She as been saying some incoherent words all through the night. Paeon said she has a fever and if things did not get better by dawn then she doesn't know what else to do.

Paeon look at Alena for the first time since they brought the woman in, with fears in her eyes. Her hand has been examining the woman stomach all this while. She has even looked in between her legs.

"Paeon what is it? You're scaring me with that look". Alena looked at the woman on the bed who hasn't stop talking, and in so much pain.

"I think her time will be here before dawn. Its not just fever anymore. She is in labour."

"What! Oh my God, from one to another, she is not in any condition to birth a baby now." Alena rush to the woman's side and hold her hand. " I know you're fighting for your life right now but you need to wake up, your child's life will be in danger if you don't. Please I'm begging you wake up." Alena voice tremble as she pleads with her.

"Its children not child." Paeon said casually as if their situation is not even worse as it is.


"You will scare the dead with that your voice. Bring down your voice. You will not be of any help if you keep panicking like that." Paeon scold her.

"How can I keep calm, you just said its children, that means she is having twins. Alena went over the roof. She began pacing in the room in fear. "What are we going to do now

his hands to shut her up before he continue his speech.

"If he is as great as the rumors we've heard, then let him prove it to me first. I will not give my daughter to any boy who rely on his father's glory."

"But the stories her true father, their empire has truly increase. You know this don't you?" Kallias tried to reason with him one last time.

"My child, unless I see him with my eyes defeat Lord Origen Who is also famous as the world best swordsman I will not consent to your heart desires. Remember you owe it to your people to give them the best ruler when I am gone. And whomever wins have my empire and his to control I will not give my empire to a loser. He warns.

"Prince Ale...."

"Its enough now Kallias. Am not changing my mind. The fight is in three days time. Pray your Alejandro wins." Then he walk away leaving Kallias looking at him dejected.

She always have her way and she was confident that she will change her father's mind but today he turns her down.

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