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   Chapter 10 Commander Kronos is no Fool

Pelagios ( Princess Callidora) By Daniella Samuel Characters: 4925

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While Kallias is battling for her life, the soldiers of Lord Origen have been in the sea all day searching for her. More than twenty boat can been seen in different locations looking for Princess Kallias. The men look exhausted but they couldn't stop searching. One of the soldiers a close friend of the new commander mustered up courage to speak to the commander since they are on the same boat. "My Lord. How long are we going to search the sea? We've been searching for miles now. You and I both know that she is dead." The commander just turn and looked at him sternly, then turn back to look at the sea. The soldier hesitated for a moment. He was about to say something when the commander spoke. "You should be searching with the other men instead of standing idle doing nothing. Go back to your duty." Th soldier look at him surprise with his indifferent attitude towards their predicament. He wonders if he even knows that whatever the outcome they are dead men. He left immediately to his post and continue the futile search.

Commander Kronos is no fool, his predecessor may be, but not him. When his predecessor came to him with this assignment from the start he knew nothing good will come out from it. Their king has always been a brutal man, who does not believe in mercy. He is a respecter of no man, neither their rules nor their norms. Even the law of nature he stupidly tries to go against. If a mountain is on his way instead of climbing it or go round

ng to die. Her body is no where to be found. We can't go back with a dead body too. We are stuck Kronos. Save us." He whispered his worries out. His fear so evident in his voice. "Control yourself this minute! Why do you speak like a weakling. Twenty-five years we've been together and you've not learn anything up till now?" Kronos expresses his anger. Clearly disapproved of his friends action. "I am sorry I sound weak to you. I really wish to die in the boundary fighting for a great course than die a meaningless death." "Andronicus!" He whispered a shout. "You will die for sure now if you don't stop talking! We are not alone. Be wise! Go back to sleep. Go!" He urge him. "I will not lose any more of my brothers. Just remember this. Now go to sleep we have a long day tomorrow." Kronos pushed him away. Andronicus went back quietly to his place and lie down. He is now relieve that the Kronos he knows is still there. "There is hope." He whisper before drifting to sleep.

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