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   Chapter 8 Who Told You I am Scared

Pelagios ( Princess Callidora) By Daniella Samuel Characters: 3950

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"What? You've not answered my question." The old man queried. "Gaius if she dies it will be on you. And the reason is because instead of you doing as you are told, you are here asking me question." Paeon retorted. "You can just simply say she is alive instead of this long talk." The old man complains as they drag him outside. Immediately they left, Paeon looked at Alena. "Do you have any hot water?" "Yes." "Good. Don't stop boiling. I need as many as you got. I need to clean her up." Alena quickly rush out to get the hot water. She instructed the men to help her refill the pot with more water. She collects a towel and went inside to meet Paeon.

"There's no sea water in her lungs, if there's any, her body will be swollen now." She spoke as she work. She use the hot water to clean her cuts and massage her body. "We need to let her body warm up and her blood to start flowing very well before she can wake up. Open that bag Alena, you will see different tree barks bring them out." Alena began doing as she was told. "Do you know how the Astragalus bark looks like?" "No Paeon. Here they are. Which of them is it?" "That one." Paeon pointed at one of the plants. Alena

ed in shock. "Yes boy she is. Now come on let's go. You all must be hungry." "Yes father, my stomach hurt." Onesimus whine. "Me too father." Tamaios added. Urias never said anything he just walk with them back to the house. Kadmos looked at Urias, he couldn't help but wonder why he thinks he need to act so grown up when he is just a child.

Inside the house, Alena and Paeon are busy. Alena brought the powdered herb to Paeon. "Good, good Alena. Now heat this in a tea pot for ten minutes and serve it. Please come along with a spoon." Alena left. Paeon took the woman's hand from under the blanket to feel for a pulse. A faint smile appeas at the corner of her mouth and left quickly as it came. The woman's hand is now warm and the pulse though still weak but slightly stronger.

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