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   Chapter 7 Dead or Alive

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"Heli why are you running so fast? You almost hit me to the ground! Are you scared of the dead too?" Paeon a woman in her early fifties asked. She almost fell down when Heli collided with her if not for the quick save by Heli who held her hand. Everyone calls her Paeon which means healer because of her gift of healing and her name Eirene gradually died a natural death. She never got married. Nobody knows what happened, but merely looking at her you will know that she is quite the charm when she was young. She has a very black shiny hair that flows to her back with high cheek bones. Her nose is well structured. Even her lips is full and sensual but because of advancing age, wrinkles are gradually appearing in her face.

"I am sorry. Paeon. I...l Don't mean.. To hit you." He spoke has he tries to catch his breath. "Calm down young man. Breath, just breath. That's it my boy. You don't want to hurt you lungs, do you?" Heli shake his head to answer. He did as Paeon instructed when he could now speak without gasping for air he gave her the message. "My father said you should hurry and come to Kadmos house with your medicine bag. A pregnant woman almost drowned in the sea. She is barely alive. They are bringing her to the village now as we speak." Heli finish in one breath. "But they said she is dead? That's what I heard the children say." "She look dead to me too, but Kadmos checked her and said he felt a weak pulse." "Really? Wait here." She turn and quickly r

to. You know that right?" She apologize. "Alena, I know. Now shut up."

Paeon dropped her bag down, sat on the bed close to her then she brings her hand from under the blanket to feel for pulse. She was stun at how cold her hand was. She was so quiet as she try to feel for any pulse. She place the hand back and went for her neck. She did the same thing and remained very still. She moved her hand to her stomach. As Paeon was carrying out her examination, everyone in the room held their breath without knowing. They are so anxious that they wants to ask Paeon if she's alive but they are too scared to disturb her or else they get her mouth lash.

The old man rolled his eyes and spoke up. He couldn't bear the torture anymore. "So? Is she dead or alive?" Peaon did not respond she just continue with what she was doing as though he never spoke. After some minutes she turned and look at the men and said. "I have never seen anything like this before. Now all of you go outside."

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