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   Chapter 6 Now She Will Die For Sure

Pelagios ( Princess Callidora) By Daniella Samuel Characters: 4217

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"Kadmos! Speak up, what is it?" An old man asked. He was once a fisherman but since his boys are old enough to tend to the fishing business, they took over the business. They don't let their father fish anymore since he's no longer as strong as he use to. But he love to sea too much to be aparted from it, so he is always at the sea shore waiting for his boys to return. He was the last to reach the scene. He has been silent watching what Kadmos was doing but couldn't bear to keep quiet anymore. He was as anxious as the rest of the men. "I think we need to take her to meet Paeon now!" Why? What happened? "I can feel a very faint pulse. Its so weak that you will hardly notice it." The men were surprised. They doubted what he just said because mere looking at this woman and how pale she looks, with all the debris and injuries on her body, she looks more dead than alive. The old man shouted at them. "Now, she will really die for sure if you all keep standing there and looking at her! Someone carry this woman and let's start taking her to the village." Kadmos immediately squatted down, the men helped to lift her on his back. But that was a bad idea the woman quickly slipped from his back. The men rush to hold her so that she will not hit the grou

as I am, am meeting up with you boys. We have a life to save!" The men turned and look at the old man who is far behind and wonder why he is so worried and even tries to push himself to run faster. Kadmos and the other man carrying the woman, increased their pace immediately as the old man shouted at them.

On reaching the entrance of the village they were shock to see the crowd that has gathered. The children has already run to the village to inform everybody that they are bringing a deaf woman that had drowned in the sea. Even Paeon has heard about it and was on her way out when she collided with Heli. Kadmos' wife was among the onlookers. They were all worried and wondering who could the dead woman be? And why are they bringing her into the village? Since it's their custom to bury those who die in the sea by the sea shore.

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