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   Chapter 5 No Trace of Life

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"Why can't you do as you are told Urias? Just get more water from the well. I need to clean this fish now." Urias stood for a while looked at his mother before taking the water container and Left. Urias is a young boy of twelve years old with blond hair and brown eyes. He is taller than most boys his age and he has the wisdom of an old man. Of all his brothers he is the most respectful and obedient child. All of the Kadmos boys are well behaved but non can be compared to Urias, the eldest of the three boys. Their father has caught lots of fish today and he has been working since the dawn of day to help his mother with the water but he is tired and his mother does not understand. His two other brothers though hardworking, are not pressured to work as much as he does. He is four years older than his second brother, Timaios and Onesimos is just six years old. So little is expected from the both of them. They've gone to the beach to wait for their father who has gone into the sea again. And that's where his mind and soul is, not here fetching water. He quickly began drawing water from the well to fill his container. He saw the other boys playing around but he is not in the mood to play. They called out to him but he just wave them off and carried the water home. Immediately he dropped the water he looked at his mother eagerly with pleading eyes. "Mother can I go to the sea shore and wait for father now?" His mother looked up from where she was squatting and cleaning the fish. "I know you can't wait to leave here and go. You rather stand idle in the sea shore than help your poor mother." "Mother you know that's not true, I wouldn't leave you at all if you still need my help" as he was speaking he squatted down to to show he is ready to help wherever he could. "What do you want me to do mother?" Alena burst into laugh. Oh! My sweet boy, am only playing with you. You've been up all morning getting more woods and fetching water and you think that's not help enough? I'm almost done and soon the meal will be ready. Just go and see to your brothers. I told Timaios not to swim in the sea with the other children but you know him, no telling of what he can do. If your father is not back after a while come back with your brothers I don't want you boys eating cold food." As she was speaking she was busy taking care of the fish. "Yes mother." Urias ran off to the sea side. He pass through a bushy part instead of the normal part to the sea so that he can get there on time. As he was running down, he was singing. In no time he appeared in the sea shore but a little further from where the others are. Since this part is mostly bushy and rocky the villagers hardly come to this part. He was so focus on where he was go

ing that he did not know when he hit his foot on something and fell down flat on his face. Hitting his stomach hard on the ground. He yelp in pain and sat down. Nursing is stomach, he tried to see if he has injury anywhere but there was non. He stood up and as he was leaving he turn to see what has caused his fall. He screamed so loud that one will think is vocal cord will burst. He started running. He ran to the other side and saw his father and brothers looking at him. His screaming has alerted everyone in the beach to him.

When his father saw him as he ran closer and saw that he was terrified. He quickly jump down from the boat and started running towards him. " Urias!! What is it?" His father ask as he run closer to him opening his hand wide for him to run into. Urias on reaching is father he collapse into his father hands with so much force that his father fell to his knee with him in his hand. Urias is still screaming as his father try to calm him down. "Son! Look at me. Am not letting go of you. I am here. What is it?" Everyone in the beach has gather around them. The fishermen left there boats and ran down. Those just coming back to shore who saw what was happening quickly abandoned their boat and also ran down to see what's going on. It's so unlike Urias to be screaming or terrified. "Urias talk to me what is it?" He was a bit calm now. He was breathing heavily and his chest hurt from the race and screaming. "Father. There is. A dead Woman. On. The. Other side. Of. The beach." He managed to finish his speech while gasping for air. On hearing this his father and the other men stated running to where he pointed to, to see who the woman was. Everyone was wandering who could the woman be. They were all praying silently that it shouldn't be any of their family member.

When they got there they saw a pregnant woman. She look so white. No trace of life in her. Her face was covered with some of her hair and debris all over her hair. "Oh My God! She is dead. She must have been on a ship wreck." One of the men said. Kadmos, Urias' father knelt down and looked at the woman. He touch her hand to see if she is dead. But felt no pulse. "Kadmos look at how white she looks, she is dead. Its no use." Another fisherman equipped. "There is no harm in trying, at least let's satisfy our conscience". He moved his hand to check for pulse in her neck but there was no sign of life. As he was about moving his hand away his hand felt something, he stopped and looked at the woman closely again. He looked at the men with a surprise look on his face. The fisherman who spoke earlier asked him. "Kadmos what is it?" Kadmos looked at the woman again before replying the men. "I may be wrong, let me check very well."

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