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   Chapter 4 This is Where I die

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Meanwhile, Lord Origen is not the only one having a terrible night, Princess Kallias' night was even more worse. Immediately she entered the water, she tried swimming by the side of the rocks so that the rocks can hide her from the view of the soldiers. But the wind was so strong, the wave hit her and she slam her back against the rock sending waves of pain all over her body. As she try to swim and fight the wave another wave came again, pushing her under the water. Her thigh and hands where bruise from the cut of the rock. She struggled and swam upwards and gasp for air. She almost fainted from lack of energy. Immediately she was up, she started swimming again. She needs to go back on shore to hide herself. She can no longer see the soldiers that means she is far off now. The waves have pushed her far off from the sea shore and she tried to look around to see where she is. She strained her eyes looking for a way out. Then she saw something like trees far to her left. She decided to swim towards that direction.

"You can do this Kallias just keep swimming very soon you will be fine and you too little one." She assures herself. As she struggle to beat the current and swim to her destination, the waves kept on pushing her under the water and she cut her leg on a rock, she started bleeding but she didn't know. She got to the place but to her disappointment its a cliff. She can't climb it up not in this storm anyways. She tried to hold on to the rough edges of the rock to balance herself. Water were pouring down from the cliff downward like water fall. " Not only is the sea angry but its raining heavily. Who did I offend? Why can't you just pity a pregnant woman and HELP? Why make it WORSE?" She screamed angrily for the first time tonight, talking to no one in particular. She tried to survey her surrounding and look for another solution. She let go of the rock and try to see if their is another way out of the sea. Panting heavily she immediately removed her hand and try to swim away from the cliff, a log of wood fell down from the top of the cliff to the bottom hitting her already submerge back in the water pushing her under the water. She was shocked from the sudden impact. Though the wood didn't hit her too hard because she was already in the water but it did push her into the sea making her to drink the sea water. She was drowning. She tried to push herself from the wood but to no avail. She twisted her body, and with one hand holding on to a little branch of the wood, she tried to push it off her. But the wood didn't budge. She tried swimming upwards instead of pushing the wood. She used the wood that is on her, holding the branch to twist her body that she is straddling the wood. Then she gasp. " Oh, my

world! I'm floating !" She screamed in surprise terror. All this while she never knew that as she held on to the wood, the wood was floating. She was so preoccupied with pushing the wood from her that she never noticed that the wood was floating. When she staddles the wood it went under the water and made her roll over she fell off, but quick hold on to the wood again. She pushed only her upper body on top of the wood with the other part still in the water.

Princess Kallias tried to see where she is but she is so far from the cliff now. She couldn't even see the cliff anymore. The waves kept on hitting her but she never let go of the wood. When another thunder stroke, the lightening that followed brightened the sea for a moment. She looked around her, the only thing she can see was water. " So this is it? This is where I die. My child, I love you from the very day you were conceived. Your father said you are a boy but I know deep down you are a girl. And I have chosen the best name for you my beauty. My only care is to take you to your father, not even for myself. But it seems even nature is keeping us away from him. I have great plans for you. I wanted you to be the best warrior the world has ever known. Oh! My child, the plans I have are too many. Your father would have fought hard for me to treat you like a proper princess, but I would have won anyway." She sniffed and try to calm her aching heart, crying and breathing heavily at the same time. " its so unfair, that you can't even see this world, not to even talk of my plans. Maybe I should have waited for another day to escape but I was scared you would come soon and that monster will kill y..." She stopped herself from uttering the unspeakable. "Kallias!" She screamed and shook her head to ward off her lack of faith. " How can a mother wish the death of her child before she is born? No, no Kallias this is not who you are. She has been calm all this time because you told her to bear with you, now you have to fight for her survival. If not for yourself but for your child. Fight Kallias, fight for your child." Immediately she said this she became determined to survive. She hold on to the wood and never let go. She let the wave carry her to whatever destination it sees fit.

It didn't take long before she began feeling the effect of the cold sea, the heavy down pour, the wind and the raging waves did not make things easy. She felt heavy with her feet and hands numb. And a very strong desire to sleep lurk in the darkness around her. She still try to fight and to opened her eyes wide. The wind is becoming more and more stronger, so are the waves. She try hard to open her eyes but it kept closing on it's own accord. She gave up the struggle and gave in.

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