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   Chapter 3 Any Hesitation Commander

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Chapter Three: Any Hesitation Commander?

Lord Origen couldn't believed his eyes. He wished it to be a dream but he knows within himself that this is happening. How can she be here and the next thing she is gone? He wonder. He couldn't breath. He felt pains in his heart as he watched the sea in front of him. Then as one possessed by a dark force, he kept on shaking his head. "She can't get away from me, even death can not come between lovers. She is somewhere in this sea waiting for me to rescue her." He thought out loud. He then stood up abruptly and to his commander he said the most absurd thing ever. " send your soldiers into the sea and bring her back to me!" he was still in the middle of the sentence when the raging sky open his mouth and it began to rain heavily. The commander looked at the soldiers, from their expressions he knew they heard what he said. He turn to the violent sea. The sea alone is intimidating and now the storm is making things even worse. He truly feel sorry for the princess but no one can go inside Ambinoe in this night and survive it. Its difficult even when its calm and its considered a death sentence because of it's unpredictable weather not to talk about going into it when both the heavens and the sea are angry. He tried to reason with the king. "My Lord, its dangerous to enter Ambinoe at this time. Its dark we can't see anything and the wave is so violent now. Tomorrow morning we will come and search for her". " You dare disobey my oders?"." No my lord, I'm your servant I can't do that." The commander quickly knelt down on one knee with his head bent and amend his statement. "Then get inside the sea and bring her back. I don't believe in all this stupid superstition of a sea that you can't enter at night. I am Lord Origen and I don't bow to any man made ideas. Ambinoe is just a body of water." "Yes my Lord you are right but the soldiers will be going to their death just like he..." Before he could finish his statement Lord Origen removed his sword from its sheath and in one swift move he killed is commander. He look at the next in command and said " Congratulations! You have been promoted to commander. Any hesitation commander?" He tilted his hand and smirked "Nnno m... m... my lord". He stuttered. The commander looked at his subordinate, pointed randomly on seven soldiers and ordered them to get back the princess alive Though scared they obeyed. If they dare enter Ambinoe in this night with the raging waves they are dead, except they got fortunate and return which is unlikely. If they refuse the order and stay back they are dead. Whatever choice they make they are dead men. So they took their chances in sea where they can fight for their survival. Lord Origen kept on pacing back and front. He is so angry and scared he can't lose the woman he love again. He went to so much effort to get her captured, after waiting for good six months for an opportunity and sleepless night to capture her without a fight and now she is runn

ing away from him.

After waiting for a long time, there was no sign of the soldiers that was sent into the sea. Two soldiers has been sent to climb the rock close by to watch out for the soldiers and princess. The wind was so strong that one of the soldiers sent to watch out for the soldiers and princess lost his balance and fell down into the sea, hit is head on a rock and died immediately. The other soldiers was so scared that he hold on to the rock with his two hand kneeling down. Lord Origen was so restless after waiting for news but non has come."Why are they not back? They've been gone for a while now. Send in another soldiers. Be fast with it". He shouted with all the veins in his neck standing up. This send fear down the spine of the soldiers standing near by. They were soaked to their bones. And one thing is sure if they stay like this all through the night the storm will wash them into the sea. They knew the other soldiers are dead, now the king want to send more into the sea. As the commander is selecting the next seven to send into the sea. Some of them were wishing to be invincible. The commander quickly send another scared soldiers into the sea. The more Lord Origen wait for the soldiers to return and non did, the more lord Origen kept sending soldiers till it was dawn. He did not want to believe that she is dead. He still had hope that she will be returned to him alive

The rain has stopped so also is the wind. The sea is so calm as if all that happened all through the night was a dream. With the little ray of light that started to appear in the sky, the soldiers on top of the rock spotted a soldier swimming to shore. He alerted the other soldiers quickly "Look someone is swimming back". On seeing him and that he was dragging someone along with him they quickly ran into the water, swam and brought him on shore. Lord Origen walked towards them with high hope only to be disappointed. The person being dragged on shore was one of his men and the others were trying to revive him. He sustained an injury to his head probably from hitting a rock. " Where. Is. The. PRINCESS?!!" Lord Origen bellowed at his soldiers with anger clearly visible in his voice. "My lord". The tired soldiers tried to stand up but couldn't so he just kneel with his head bent to the ground he said " we looked for hours we couldn't find her neither did we see any body too my lord, it was so dar.." Shut your mouth! I ask you to bring the princess to me, you brought back this man? What's the use of keeping you alive" as he said this the man tried to plead for is life but it was too late. He was struck dead before he could say 'my lord'. He commanded them to throw the injured man into the river to die there. "Commander!" " Yes my lord". "You and your men should stay here and check the bredth and length of this sea and bring the princess to me ALIVE!. I dont care how you do it, just don't return to me without her". After saying this he entered his horse and galloped away.

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