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   Chapter 2 Panic

Pelagios ( Princess Callidora) By Daniella Samuel Characters: 2792

Updated: 2019-04-08 18:05

Lord Origen can't believe his eyes, all he wanted to do today was to spend a beautiful day with the woman he love. He quickly dismissed the court early today. As they were babbling on about the issue of taking down the iron nation who have prove to be a torn in their flesh, constantly terrorizing their travelling merchant on the way, Lord Origen's mind is on the beautiful godlike princess. He tried his best not to go to the castle as often as possible so that he won't raise suspicion. He has placed his most trusted soldiers on guard in the castle and his soldiers know better than to blab about what they see and hear.

Everything seems to be going well as planned. She is gradually falling in love with him. All that is left is for her to give birth to that bastard in her womb and kill the child. Then impregnate her before bringing her to his palace. Then everything is now being threatened because she chose to escape. No way is he letting her go. She is his' to keep. Lord Origen couldn't stop his wandering mind. He rides faster than usual. He is one of the fastest rider but today was different. He was ridding more than he used to and he was exerting the beautiful black Stallion more than he could take but the horse did not relent. He could feel the restlessness of his rider and he tries to run as fast as he could.

" My Lord! We can see her now." one of his soldier shouted

, bringing him to reality. " Then ride faster! 100 pieces of gold to anyone who gets to her first." Immediately he said it the soldiers all went crazy and started ridding faster. This is now more than just getting back the princess but a sport that will not only prove who is the best rider among them and the owner of 100 pieces of gold. The soldiers taking the lead saw that she was standing. And they mistake that for her waiting to be captured probably because she is tired and increase their pace. The next thing they saw is that she fell and there was no sight of her. Because of the speed they were ridding the were barely able to halt their horses when the came to the shore of the sea. Then they understood what just happened. Princess Kallias just entered the sea." Where is she?" Lord Origen asked, the obvious question, not wanting to believe what just happened. "My lord she entered the sea". " No, no no no, that can't be it." Lord Origen shook is head not wanting to believe it. He held is head in his hand covering his face and knelt down in the water in anguish. He let out an agonizing shout. The soldiers just stood looking at him helplessly. They have never seen their lord showing any emotions before. His commander try to hold him but hesitated. He just stood close to him looking at the water. Lord Origen stood up and the next thing he said shocked the troop to death.

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