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   Chapter 1 The Escape

Pelagios ( Princess Callidora) By Daniella Samuel Characters: 4638

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She turn back anxiously as she run. She tried very hard to make little noise but the rustling sounds of the dry leaves in the forest make it difficult for her to be quiet as she want. Its as if the moon is against her, the night is unusually dark tonight. Crown princess Kallias can hardly see in the dark forest but she couldn't stop running. She can hear the barking of the dogs and the hooves of the horses faintly but she knows it wouldn't take long before they get close to her. She has missed the part she is suppose to take, now she is lost and the only thing keeping her going is the child in her womb. "I can't get captured again. I have come too far to go back".

For weeks she have been planning her escape after she noticed an abandoned tunnel that was used to channel dirty water out of the castle. She knows no one will come to her rescue. No one will ever suspect that her captor will be him and even if they do, he has been clever enough not to bring her to his palace. She has no other choice but to plan her own escape. For the past weeks she has been pretending to be calm and receiving his affection so when she requested that she will love to take a walk outside the castle he was so happy to grant her, her wish because this is the first time the woman he loved has asked anything from him. When they got outside the castle, she requested to go outside the wall and that has raised his suspicion but when she explain that the wall is making her too difficult to breath but want to feel some fresh air by walking in the forest he then agreed. He wasn't bother because the place is well secured and what can an heavily pregnant woman do? As they walk she looked at her surrounding though not enough to fully make her plans solid but what choice does she have?. She notice a pathway that horses and foots must have frequented, she took note of it, when no one was watching, she quickly dropped her handkerchief there to mark it. Everything has been carefully planned. Today she has told her accompany servant that she has left her handkerchief inside the castle and she wants her to bring it. Immediately her servant left she ran to the tunnel and crawled inside. It wasn't easy with her pregnancy and how small the tunnel was but after some time she made it to the other side.

What she didn't k

now is that when the servant returned and didn't see her she thought she is in the orchards since she has taken a liken to that place. After carefully looking for her for 30minutes without any trace she alerted the gaurds. The guards went through the castle over and over again without any trace of her. Panic arose, some of them even went into the pond in the far east of the castle to check if she fell inside. It was in the midst of this commotion that Lord Origen came for his weekly visit to the castle and notice that his beloved is missing. It was one of the soldiers who came with Lord Origen that noticed the ear ring close to the tunnel. After investigation they knew the Princess crawled through the tunnel and escaped.

After running for an hour she couldn't find the path she has marked, and its getting dark already She will do anything to protect her child from him. And here she is running away from her captors. She felt a sharp pain in her stomach she look down and touch her big stomach " please just bear with me, after now you will be fine. Just a little while my child, you've been good, so please bear with your mother this once " she begged her child as she run. As if the baby heard her the pain subsided. She almost bumped into a tree if not for her outstretched arm that held her from colliding with the tree. " They are close " she panicked. The barking of the dogs are so close now. The touch that the soldiers are holding is no longer faint but very bright now. She ran faster, breathing heavily " No I can't get caught, I won't go back, I rather die". immediately She said this the sky roared and thunder strikes. "Oh! Not tonight please don't rain, pleassse." she begged. Then to worsened it, it started blowing heavily making it even more difficult to run. She came to a clearing. She began feeling the breeze even more. She heard it before seeing it. She is at the beach. She stepped into the sea and turn around breathing heavily and watch her captors draw nearer. One will think she is waiting for them to come and capture her. As she stood the only noise that can be heard is her heavy breathing. Its as though time stopped. She can see the riders and their horses now and can hear their shout. She took one more glance at them then she turn and threw herself into the water.

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