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   Chapter 20 The Wedding Night

Destined By itssanjh Characters: 6098

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How easily Kevin said, the girl he loved the most. If this was love then I didn't know the meaning of love. Kevin Wright was a force to be reckoned with. All I ever wanted a simple life. A husband who would love me to no end, children with whom I would grow old.

Kevin said that he loved me. Not once, but may be for million times. But whenever I had tried to stay with him he had pushed me away. Even now I would have left everything, all he had to say that he wanted to be with me. But no. He had to do the inevitable. He had to take the path that ultimately made me hate him. I was not a commodity that he could own. He just threatened me to get married to him just like Eddy did.

"Mrs Wright?" I jumped at my new name, and turned around to look at him. He was holding the door wide opened, "I know you are probably hating me but I am afraid you have to come with me."

Mrs Wright. That stung. Why couldn't he just made it simpler? Why?!

"Yes Mr Wright. Now that I have no option left. I have to go with you." His face hardened hearing the venom in my voice. I strutted towards the door, looking at his eyes. Eyes which once were filled with unconditional love for me. Eyes which still held love for me as well as something else that made me lightheaded.

After collecting my belongings from my small rented one room flat, it took more or less half an hour to reach Bristol from Nailsea considering the traffic. "I couldn't believe you were this close. Wish I could tell you in this one month, what I had gone through." He murmured softly.

Kaden had to stay behind in Nailsea as he couldn't abandon both the offices there. I chose to stay quiet. I was thinking hard, now that I was married, I had to live with Kevin, that too in his house, in his room. But somehow the idea of being in his room made me agitate

d and wife.

Kevin sighed out loudly. "I know. I didn't know that rule applies to my wife's things too. Whatever I am sorry that I touched your things."

"I was just saying. All I am saying was you could have asked. But of course that's something you are not used to. Isn't it?"

Kevin looked at me, with a raised eyebrow. "Fine then." Suddenly he grabbed all the clothes that he had placed in his closet and started to throw them all over the room.

"What the hell are you doing?" I tried to stop him by holding his hand but he jerked his hand away from me.

"Arrange your own bloody things." With that he went into the bathroom.

After almost half an hour he came out, looking fresh. He went straight towards the bed. "If you are thinking I am going to sleep on the couch like any B-graded romantic cinema, then be my guest, go and sleep there." Kevin removed the quilt and slanted in it.

I shook my head, he could be a child sometimes. I had been on this bed more than once. I might be a little angry with him but I trusted him with my life. He would never stoop so low. I sat on the bed, and I could feel his shoulders stiffened. "Goodnight Me Wright." I smiled.

All I could hear was a "Hmmph."

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