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   Chapter 19 The Storm

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Eva's POV:

Next day, the office started with a long glare from Kevin. Somehow his face was abnormally calm, as if nothing had happened. I could feel the lull before the storm.

The whole day had passed without any excitement. The clock showed seven in the evening when the phone in my cabin rang, "Come in my office. NOW."

The storm had finally reached the shore, and it was the time of some destruction. I stood up from my chair while smoothing down my dress. I could feel my heartbeat in my ears, my hands clammy. I was scared was an understatement. The Kevin I knew was very much different from this new transformed Kevin.

I knocked very subtly, hoping he would not notice it and then I could say, I was here but he didn't answer. But, the minute I heard a soft "Come in." I knew this was going to be much harder than I had imagined.

"Sit." His voice was reasonably soft but his face had a typical inscrutable expression. I could feel his guards were up. I pulled a chair and sat down. Kevin was watching me with all patience through the process.

"Now spill it." When I couldn't form a single sentence he continued, "What are you hiding Eva?"

And i almost flinched. "Kevin I. . .

"I don't have all night Eva."

"Kevin. . . I am getting married. . . " I whispered.

He just looked at me, as if he couldn't understand a word I had said. After a whole minute, he blinked then got up from the chair and turned towards the glass window.

Fidgeting in my chair, I waited for him to lash out, but there was none. I knew, he was processing every word I just said, I knew this was the time when I need to get out of this cabin.

Contemplating much, I stood up stealthily, and turned toward the door. That's when he asked, "To whom?"

I again turned around, but he was still looking out of the window. "To whom Eva. . . " and suddenly he faced towards me. His eyes. . . I Took a step back.

"To whom Eva" this time his voice was an octave higher.

"Eddy. . . " I closed my eyes.

The next thing I felt was a sharp pain in my both shoulders while me going backwards pinning me on the wall, I opened my eyes. Kevin looking at me, his face was all contorted. And his hands clasping my shoulders bruisingly.

"Kevin. . . You are hurting me. . . " I wiggled.

"Really Eva, really? Am I the one who's hurting you?"

"Kevin please."

"Hey brother I wanted to ask that. . ." Kaden barged in the cabin he stood near the door flabbergasted, looking at me once and Kevin once. He slowly came towards us, and placed a hand on Kevin's shoulder, "You need to calm down Kev, you are hurting her. Please. Listen to me. Please."

Kevin looked at him over his shoulder and released me as if he was disgusted, "Congratulate her brother, she is getting married to that Eadwine Blankley."

Kaden's eyes snapped at me, "Eddy?"

"It took her a month, Kaden, a bloody month to move on. And look at me. . ." He shoved past Kaden out of the cabin while picking up his car keys from his table.

"Evs. . . Why?"

My eyes were still glued on Kevin's retreating back, his straight posture, his graceful strides. . . "Evs?" Kaden asked again, "I need to know what has changed Evs. The girl I knew is not someone who would change men like her dress. The girl I knew had always regarded her relationships like her religion." He stepped forward, "Look at me and tell me the reason Evs. What has changed?"

World turned into a haze, hot tears flooded in my eyes, "I had no option left Kaden."

"Why?" He took my hand, and sat me on a couch, "tell me everything."

And I did. "My grandpa, he used to work in a bank. But after he retired, he went to work for Mr Blankley as his account manager." I stopped, I looked at Kaden's confusion latched face, "He did some alterations in some reports as Mr Blankley wanted him to do so. Those were some very minor glitch,

His eyes narrowed, "You could have just come to me Evs. You could have just shared your problems with me." He sighed, "but you decided to flee the city Evs. I know what I said was indeed below the belt. I should be punished for saying such crude words to you. But you should have stayed to punish me. But you decided to leave me."

Kevin sprang to his feet, butting his coat. He strode towards me and knelt before me. My heartbeat doubled. "Ms Eva Jose, will you marry me?"

My gripped on the file tightened. When my heart warmed at the fact that he took all the trouble to make me his, my heart thundered with fury, he had to show me the file first so that I would never think to say him no. He could have just said that he had managed to get a solution of this problem. That I didn't need to think of my grandpa anymore. But he said it should be him whom my grandpa be worried of!

"What if I say no?" I asked levelling my voice.

Kevin smiled at me, "I knew you would say something like this." He stood up, "Then I am sorry to say my love, you left me with no choice but one." He looked at Mr Sawyer, who nodded, and placed another file in front of me.

"What is this?"

"Well, we are getting married now." He bent on the table to grab a pen. "Sign it my love."

"What?" I jumped to my feet, "what kind of rubbish is this? How is this even possible? I don't remember signing on any application to give to a register office. It at least takes twenty eight days to. . ."

Kevin's eyes were amused whereas his face was serious, "For normal people out there. Not for Kevin Wright." He uncapped the pen and handed it to me. "Sign it Evs or you have to see your grandfather to go to jail."

"What is the difference between you and Eddy then?" I snapped.

Kevin laughed, "Eddy wanted you to have you in his life. Whereas I want you to be my life. But you won't ever get this. Now sign."

With a trembling hand I signed my name on the paper, where Kevin had already signed his name before.

"Congratulations Mr and Mrs Wright. Wish you a very happy married life." Mr Sawyer took the file and stood up with a big smile, "I am going straight to submit this to register office to get a stamp on it."

I stood there rooted not knowing what to do anymore. "I know you are hating me right now Evs." Kevin said softly. My eyes journeyed towards his, which looked a bit moist, "But I couldn't just let you go. Call me selfish, call me insensitive but I am sorry Evs, I had to do this. . . I had to protect the girl I love the most, and I have no regrets for doing so."

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